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Press Release - 31st January 2014,

As Barotseland National League, we wish to contend that since the actions of our Leaders in the struggle for independence of our nation Barotseland do affect us in a very big and sometimes personal way, where not only are we arrested severally, but also that death has occurred, we have cause and every right to challenge and probe our leaders’ conduct, more so when we sense 'double dealings' and suspicious fraternizing with our very enemy and colonizer Zambia.

And this we will continue to do across the board regardless of who these irresponsible and careless leaders may be to avoid any further needless loss of both time and life.

Recently, such actions which have caused us great concern emerged when we intercepted confidential correspondence written by one of our leaders, Hon. Sinyinda W, leader of the Barotse Freedom Alliance BNFA, in which correspondence he was thanking our captors and tormentors, Zambia, through the prison services commandant Percy Chato, for what he termed as 'good care' whilst in Mwembeshi maximum prison. Naturally, this shocked us, as the truth about the stay of some and many of our colleagues in detention, without trial, was no where near pleasurable. At the very least Mr. Sinyinda should have condemned Zambia for the senseless arrests of innocent Barotse nationals, but instead Zambia got his praises.

To start with, many of our colleagues were never accorded trial, and yet they were severely tortured physically, mentally and treated like common criminals, with their families subjected to un told misery, at the end of it all only to be released from three months senseless detention without compensation. So what good care is Mr. Sinyinda talking about?

As can be seen from the letter which is herewith attached: http://barotsepost.com/images/sinyinda_letter_to_chato.pdf, Mr. Sinyinda undertakes to thank the Zambian prison commissioner for the 'nice' time they all, 84 in total, had in prison?

Our Contention:

1. At which point did Mr. Sinyinda consult us and many of our colleagues who suffered in Zambian jails for him to come up with that sweeping thank you letter, assuring our captor that our stay in their horrible prisons were pleasurable?

2. If his, Mr. Sinyinda's, incarceration was pleasurable, it may be because he had a constant supply of fresh and good food with refrigeration facilities, and this we know he did. It is very wrong for him to thank the commissioners on our behalf as such similar facilities were never accorded to us, and many of our colleagues were never accorded the same pleasure.

We, therefore, wish to assume that his time in Zambian prisons was just a relaxing picnic

3. Why did he chose to send the letter 'confidentially' rather than sending it openly so that the families of all those who were tortured and persecuted in Zambian jails can appreciate how well their poor sons and husbands, as the case may be, were kept while in prison? This would have been the honest thing to do if he believed that prison care was good. We suspect that this was a safe stand for him, pleasing his Zambian masters secretly betraying his Lozi sons and daughters. 'Kabemba mucha habeli' is correct term for such treachery.

4. We consider this very irresponsible and insulting to our intelligence. He should just have thanked his Zambian friends for taken good care of him in his personal capacity without poring contempt on our very last dignity

5. Noting this we felt so grossly offended that we now need to challenge and probe him to give us honest answers to these and many other  of our questions

Secondly, while in prison, Mr. Sinyinda forbade our comrades from singing their Barotseland National anthem. He further scolded those that chose to fearlessly denounce their Zambian citizenship, because they now know that they are not Zambians but Barotseland nationals.

As a youth liberation movement we found that abhorring for a man of Mr. Sinyinda’s stature to do. Remembering that it was he, in his tenure as Ngambela, the one that was tasked with the responsibility of chairing the March BNC 2012 council that resolved to declare independence from Zambia. It was he who read out the unanimous resolutions of the people of Barotseland as they put forth in clear terms their aspirations for Self-Rule? So what had changed now?

Our Questions:

1. Does Mr. Sinyinda think that the people of Barotseland are jokers? If he and his BNFA are, let him know that we in the Barotseland National Youth league, and many others, take matters of Barotseland Independence very seriously. Our people have lost both time and life over this quest for self-rule, and therefore, we will not allow the careless irresponsible and selfish egotism of the very few privileged individuals, masquerading as saviors of Barotseland to slow us down or try to veer us our from our common target of independence. We have infant taken note of these wolves in sheep skins, and so far our discovery is that their every action is clearly aimed at frustrating the common aspirations of our good and patient people of Barotseland.

2. How can he, Mr. Sinyinda, not allow fellow combatants in this peaceful struggle for independence, express their freedom even by through singing of their national anthem in the face of the oppressor? To us it proves that Mr. Sinyinda is not decided on what he wants.

He is just an opportunist who still delights in double dealing, a double agent or 'Kabemba much habeli' (one who 'eats' from both sides of the enemy divide)

3. We saw the gallant men and women of Linyungandambo persuasion face our tormentor Zambia right in their face to fearlessly declare that they are not afraid to denounce Zambia right in their courts of authority, declaring that they belonged to another free state of Barotseland, while he, Sinyinda played good boy to the colonizers appealing for quick release as a good citizen of Zambia that had done no crime, through  his team of Zambian lawyers using archaic Zambian treason laws. All he needed to do, in our view, was simply offer leadership and agree with the other Barotseland nationals who to us are the real heroes that deserved the Heroes' welcome that was wasted on Mr. Sinyinda on his return from Lusaka after prison release.

4. We want and demand to know once and for all whether Mr. Sinyinda  and his BNFA are really in the struggle for total independence?

5. Our challenge to them is; can they be clear to all Barotseland on what they stand for? Is it Total Independence or is it Federation or is it Restoration of the nullified BA64 that they really want Barotseland to achieve?

6. Although we are an independent movement our hearts have inclined to support the Afumba led road map, as it appears clear on where they intend to lead Barotseland. There intentions for Barotseland are very clearly put in Black and White, as it were, so much that we have no choice but to be won over to their road map, and we will do anything and everything within our youthful power to attain independence for Barotseland through that road map.

7. To the contrary, however, Mr. Sinyinda is on public record saying that he does not believe in Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI). Again this confuses us. What are his exact intentions for Barotseland? Why is his BNFA road map to Barotseland so hazy? Why is he so full of inconsistencies? Why cant he clearly put his road map in Black and White so that those that see the vision will run with it? Does he really have a plan, vision or road map for Barotseland at all or is he just trying to copy and paste what Afumba Mombotwa and his team have already done?

8. We are aware that when he was Ngambela of Barotseland he was espoused by the Afumba Mombotwa government in waiting to be the Lord Chancellor of Barotseland, a position second only to the Litunga, King, in conformity with the Barotseland transitional constitution endorsed by over 20,000 people in signatures?

9. We also understand that he refused that role in preference to being a Politician because he believes that is where real power is?

10. Why did his BNFA not want to be part of or work with and support the Afumba led transitional government which has already shown such great promise? Why did these key leaders in the BNFA refuse to be named in the transitional Cabinet, but chose rather to call Hon Afumba a ‘Lunatic’ who was 'endangering' their lives? Or did they fear that announcing them on a the cabinet of Barotseland government  would expose and unmask their double dealing since some of them are still members of some political parties in Zambia, just in case the Barotseland independence dream did not materialize?

Why would a freedom fighter be afraid to take up public leadership role and so be named publicly so that the Barotse and international public may know what to expect of them? Is it not that they did not want to be exposed as double agents, therefore, endangering them from their Zambian government sponsors.

Thirdly, when we wrote to challenge our BNFA leader, Mr. Sinyinda, probing him of what we have found out about him through a letter, in stead of him putting up a reasonable defense or clarification, what do we see next? Arrests of our Four BNYL Officials! Obviously, it was he, Mr. Sinyinda, who called his Zambian 'Bull Dogs' on us, resulting in the arrest of Mr. Boris Muziba Muziba, our Deputy Chairman General, Mr. Nayoto Mwenda, our Secretary General, Sikwibele Wasilota, our National Coordinator, and Mr. Mubuta

The question that begs for answers though is, WHAT BUSINESS DOES MR. SINYINDA STILL HAVE WITH ZAMBIA POLICE, to the extent that he can command them to arrest Barotse nationals, in their own country, and a country which he claims to have liberated from the same wicked Zambian regime? 

Can Mr. Sinyinda tell us and the public by answering clearly this other simple question; Does the presence of Zambia security personnel around his house and every where he goes mean he is under house arrest or are they not in fact there for his personal security? If he is under house arrest why has he not condemned or complained publicly about that clear injustice inflicted upon him by Zambia? We are sure that our colleagues at Barotsepost and other friendly media globally would have been mobilized to draw attention to his arrest until he was free? However, he does not seem bothered! To the contrary, he now seems to be using the same police and Zambian state agents to hunt down other Barotseland nationals considered enemy-cal to him and his secret causes


We are, therefore, here by compelled to publicly challenge and probe our BNFA Leader, Mr. Sinyinda, to come out in the open, and defend or clarify the following matters that have also emerged recently:

1. Does he really stand for Barotseland independence or is he instead working on a PLANC which might see him emerge as Vice president of the 'Unitary State' of Zambia, whatever that means, under current Zambian dictator Michael Sata? Can Mr. Sinyinda deny whether or not he has been approached by Lusaka to steer Barotseland back to a federated or Unitary State of Zambia with him as Vice president?

2. We understand that Mr. Sinyinda still has some un-finished business with the government of Zambia involving some K200,000.00 public money alleged to have been misappropriated by him while he served in the Zambian government as CDF (Constituency Development Fund). Can he deny that in fact this is the 'black mail' that Lusaka throws at him now and again for him to do their every whim, making him Zambia's perfect stooge?

3. If PLAN C is a fictitious work of our youthful imaginations can Mr. Sinyinda then publicly renounce his Zambian citizenship? We know and appreciate the fact that logistics are still been put in place by the transitional government to formalize Barotseland citizenship, however, we expect our leaders to show leadership by their actions and declarations. We in the BNYL would gladly sponsor a public radio forum on either Radio Barotseland or indeed any other channel that would agree where both he and Afumba Mombotwa would connect together and for once boldly declare together that they are Barotseland citizens and not Zambians? Let them reassure our nation that they are indeed true to their call for leadership of a free and independent Barotseland.

4. Can Mr. Sinyinda and his BNFA leadership tell us exactly what their main agenda and road map to independence is, if it is different from that which has already been laid down by the Afumba Mombotwa led transitional government, as we have no time or need for cheap imitations and duplications of ideals.

5. If in fact their agenda and road map are the same, can Mr. Sinyinda and his BNFA work together with the Afumba led transitional government, adding and perfecting what has already shown great promise? We are sure that their efforts together will be for the common good of Barotseland - that is if they really stand for Barotseland. We understand the BNFA was intended to be the mother body of all liberation movements in Barotseland, a concept we find misleading because a new baby born can not claim to be a mother to her own mother. If it was unity we sought to achieve we could have achieved it without placing an unfair demand that others discard their working program that has shown and achieved so much already, and claim the new to be better only because now top leadership positions will be held by the people we prefere, when in fact there is nothing we have put down to show how this new program is better.

6. Who is Mr. Sinyinda afraid of and why, that he has to have Zambian state agents by his every side? Does he fear his own Barotse people or is this part of the plan, in the scheme of things, fearing that his next move of taking back Barotseland to Zambia might not go too well, and so they figured he would need that protection?

Finally, as Barotseland National Youth League, we believe that we have every right to challenge and probe all our leaders, so that we don’t die as useful idiots. Those that don’t want to be probed should not aspire for public office. Days of Blind followers are all over. Maybe they should try such style of leadership somewhere else, but definitely not in Barotseland.

Tukongote, Litunga Nilyetu!

Find attached:

1. Mr. Sinyinda’s letter to Commissioner Chato, Zambia prison Service http://barotsepost.com/images/sinyinda_letter_to_chato.pdf

2. BNYL ‘s letter to Mr. Sinyinda that made them arrested after Mr. Sinyinda instructed Zambia police to arrest them. http://barotsepost.com/images/attention_mr_sinyinda.pdf

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We, Barotseland National Youth League, wish to implore all patriotic people of Barotseland to be more vigilant now more than ever before and protect their right for self-determination, as we have credible information that, in view of our imminent international recognition as an independent state, Zambia has now, through its President, hatched a plan to water-down our resolve and demand for total independence of Barotseland by bribing our royals, chiefs and indunas to hold a meeting where they (the royals) will declare that what we want is merely the restoration of the Barotseland Agreement 1964 within the state of Zambia, and not total independence.

However, we wish to remind the people of Barotseland that we have been there before, and that together as a nation we unanimously, this time round, resolved to nullify the failed agreement, through the Barotse National Council (BNC) of March 2012, as Zambia did not honor it and were the first to unilaterally abrogate and repudiate the same agreement in 1969.

We also know that Barotseland belongs to all of us (Litunga Ni Lyetu) and not only to the royals, chiefs and indunas, therefore, we will not allow anyone, and anyone for that matter, to perpetuate our domination by Zambia in exchange for their selfish and individual enrichment.

It is on record that as Barotseland National Youth League, we have often called on the Barotseland Royal Establishment (BRE) to consistently stand with the people of Barotseland in our struggle for self-determination. We are, however, saddened that some of our royals have fallen by the wayside, if accusations and allegations of bribery and corruption that have been leveled against them recently are anything to go by, and have fallen prey to the corrupt and perverse Zambian syndrome of “more money in their individual pockets” in exchange for their souls and that of the nation of Barotseland.

We, therefore, hereby wish to advise that if the planned and sponsored meeting by the corrupt Zambian government ever takes place, at which our royals, chiefs and indunas, will be made to declare that Barotseland seek to merely have the Barotseland Agreement 1964 restored within the state of Zambia and not “secession”, these royals, chiefs and indunas must know that they will stand alone and without the blessing of the people of Barotseland!

Barotseland on the other hand will march on to total independence – and this we know is very soon as we have privileged information that Barotseland's international recognition is imminent, and any royal, chief or induna that seeks to keep Barotseland under perpetual domination of Zambia, by collaborating with every scheme devised by Zambia, should know that they have no place in Barotseland and their titles risk not only being irrelevant but also being obsolete. They should, therefore, consider relocating to the new Muchinga Province of Zambia or anywhere else but not in Barotseland.

This is not an empty threat but a reality in history as precedence abound where a people stood at variance with their royals and the people have won and stood for self-determination leaving their unpatriotic and corrupt royals obsolete.

We do not desire this to happen in Barotseland but if our royals, chiefs and indunas wish to dare the people of Barotseland, that may become the reality they themselves will have created. We, the people, have constantly put our lives in danger at the hands of the repressive and oppressive successive Zambian regimes for the love of our nation Barotseland. The least we expect from our royals is support through the BRE and not being sold out to our tormentors. After all it will be for their pride and that of all the people of Barotseland that Barotseland will be free. How many ordinary citizens of Barotseland must die in cold blood at the hands of the repressive Zambians before BRE will speak out in support of her people?

We know that while the common people of Barotseland die in hunger, disease and poverty due to deliberate neglect by the Zambians, our royals wax in riches. If you went to some of their palaces right now, you will find new Prado's and cars that have been bought in the recent weeks – all allegedly from the bribes they have received from the Zambian government for their collaboration and co-operation in the continued arrests and disappearance of our activists in Barotseland!

We, the people of Barotseland have spoken and our voice has not changed and will not be sold for any price. What we want is total self-determination. No one single person or group of selfish individuals, no matter how powerful they believe they are, will change our voice. Our total freedom is imminent. We don't seek war, as we know that we have done enough peaceful and reasonable lobbying and the response is just what we hoped for. All people of Barotseland MUST know this, and very soon some of this international support and response will be made public. You will be notified of these development as soon as it enters public domain.

Keep hope alive Barotseland! Litunga Ni Lyetu! Barotseland, land of our fore fathers!


Barotseland National Youth League:

  • Ikacana Muyunda - chairman-general
  • Boris Muziba Muziba - Deputy chairman-general
  • Masiyaleti Masiyaleti - Deputy Secretary-general
  • Brian Mubita - Deputy Vice secretary-general
  • Derrick Itwi - International relations/communications officer
  • Sikwibele Wasilota - National coordinator/Deputy international relations officer
  • Etambuyu Nyambe - Deputy National coordinator/communications officer
  • Nawa Luyanga - International relations secretary
  • Likando Likando - operations and mobilization officer
  • Jacob M. Mashwelo - finance controller
  • Mulonda Akatumwa - communications secretary
  • Nayoto Mwenda - Secretary General
  • Mulonda Akatumwa - Secretary Communications
  • Paul Aongola - committee member
  • Liywali Mukela - committee member
  • Mubiana Simasiku - committee member
  • Sibeso Katete - Trustee
  • Inonge Wakumelo - Trustee
  • Legal Advisor – (Name withheld)
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The Barotseland National Youth League are incest for what they have termed as credible information that Mr. Sata and his Cabinet are scheduled to travel to Royal Barotseland on 28th and 29th December, 2012 where he and his entourage are supposed to discuss and appoint new chiefs to be put in the 'illegal' districts that Mr. Sata recently created in Barotseland.

In a letter of protest they have written and delivered to the BRE  through the office of the Lord Chancellor (Ngambela),  and copied to various palaces and Kutas of Barotseland, the BNYL have emphasized, among other things, that;

"What bound us (Barotseland and Zambia) is destroyed and hence there is no relationship between us and Zambians. However, we advise you NOT TO ATTEND that meeting because it is not in our interest as Malozi but for the Zambian interest. Those to attend to attend it should attend it at their own risk."

Here below is the protest reproduced.

18th December, 2012

Office of the Lord Chancellor
Royal Barotseland

Your Lordship,


Reference is made to the above subject matter.

We the Barotseland National Youth League, would like to find out why you as the Barotse Royal Establishment are quiet about the pronouncements made by Mr. Sata the Zambian Republican President to sub-divide the Royal Kingdom of Barotseland into districts, because Barotseland is a sovereign state and nation different from Zambia?

It is on record that you the BRE were both on electronic and print media where you publicly consolidated the Barotseland National Council (BNC) resolutions of 27th March, 2012 that they are irresistible and irreversible.

This was after the allegations that were on both electronic and print media that the Litunga was not for total independence of the Royal Kingdom Barotseland but is for development of the Royal Kingdom of Barotseland from Zambia.

Your quietness is worrying us and the people of Royal Barotseland in general, because in international law silence means consent.


We the Barotseland National Youth League and the general populace of the Royal Barotseland believe that Royal Kingdom of Barotseland is an independent and sovereign state with her own legal rights to pursue her own political, social, economic and cultural development separate from Zambia.

We shall not tolerate anyone within and outside Barotseland regardless of his/her status in society to undermine our sovereignty and our resolve to self – determination.

Anybody who is thirsty and salivating for the Zambian development in Royal Barotseland Kingdom must shift to Muchinga Province of Northern Rhodesia where there is massive development, because all activities of Zambian nature are illegal in Royal Barotseland contrary to the United Nations Security Council Resolution 276 of 1970. Barotseland will be developed by her indigenous people and not aliens.


We have credible information that Mr. Sata and his Cabinet are scheduled to travel to Royal Barotseland on 28th and 29th December, 2012 where you are supposed to discuss and appoint new chiefs to be put in the illegal districts. What bound us is destroyed and hence there is no relationship between us and Zambians. However, we advise you NOT TO ATTEND that meeting because it is not in our interest as Malozi but for the Zambian interest. Those to attend to attend it should attend it at their own risk.

Our timely advise to you our parents is that you must desist from aiding Sata’s Zambian Government from performing illegal activities in Royal Barotseland, because by so doing we may consider you as our enemies due to the fact that Mr. Sata is on record of declaring war against Royal Barotseland and he went on to order his army to kill us the Barotseland Liberation Movement members.


We shall urge you as BRE to urgently and publicly state your position on whether you support Mr. Sata’s illegal creation of districts in Royal Barotseland or not.

Yours, BNYL

  • Luyanga Nawa
  • Sikwibele Wasilota
  • Derrick Itwi
  • Nayoto Mwenda
  • Jacob Mashwelo
  • Masiyaleti Masiyaleti
  • Etambuyu Nyambe
  • Sibeso Katete
  • Inonge Wakumelo
  • Sibongile Munyandi
  • Paul Aongola

cc. Sambi – Nalolo Palace
cc. Lyashimba – Mwandi Palace
cc. Muleta – Libonda Palace
cc. Imangambwa – Naliele Palace
cc. Yutanga – Namayula Palace
cc. Mutundwalo – Kaungamashi palace

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File: Barotseland Nationals are often arrested and dragged to Zambian Courts over Barotseland Statehood related charges.

Nayoto Mwenda, Boris Muziba and Sikwibele Wasilota who were arrested on the 26th of January 2014 six months ago, and have been in Zambian jail since then on the charge and offense of ‘publishing of false news with intent to alarm and cause fear contrary to the laws of Zambia’ all because of publications related to the statehood of Barotseland the trio are alleged to have authored, have implored the United Nations to quickly intervene in their case as they believe that they have been jailed illegally.

The letter is here below reproduced for public records only:

22nd July 2014

The United Nations Secretary General
New York
United States of America


Reference is hereby made to the above subject matter, in which we the three persons who are indigenous citizens of Barotseland Kingdom namely; Nayoto Mwenda, Boris Muziba and Sikwibele Wasilota are currently detained in Kaoma state prison by the Zambian government illegally occupying Barotseland kingdom, thereby contravening the UN Security Council Resolution number 2625 of 1970 of which Zambia is a signatory to.

We were arrested on the 26th of January 2014, six months ago, and we have been in Zambian jail since then, on the charge and offense of ‘publishing of false news with intent to alarm and cause fear contrary to the laws of Zambia’ all because of publications related to the statehood of Barotseland we are alleged to have authored.

Although we would rather be tried by a neutral court over this matter, as Zambia cannot be both complainant and judge in her own courts, this particular trial has been adjourned severally mainly due to non attendance of consecutive  court sessions by the magistrate assigned to it, thereby keeping us in detention without trial for six months now.

We therefore wish to appeal to the United Nations and other international organizations to pressure the wicked Zambian government to immediately release us because seeking freedom of our country Barotseland is not crime but a right according to the international law, the UN General Assembly Resolution number 1514 (xv) of 1960 as well as the African charter on human and peoples rights article 20 respectively. We believe that we are been illegally detained by the Zambian Government.

In court we have told the Zambian government that if they are aggrieved about our beloved country Barotseland, then they should transfer the matter to the commonwealth court rather than them adjudicating over the matter because that is against natural justice, but their magistrate by the name of Julius Malata said that Zambia is not bound by international law.

To us, this confirms that the Zambian government keeps on detaining us illegally with intent to commit genocide, and it further confirms that Zambia is now above international laws as well as international organization such as the United Nations; moreover they can use jungle and draconian laws against Barotseland nationals with impunity since they think they are beyond the reach of any world bodies.

We, further, wish to submit that since Zambia thinks they are above the international law, they should be de-registered as a United Nations member because even the sovereignty of state that Zambia is currently enjoying is found in and supported by the same international law it is now not only defying but also denying.

Finally, Your Excellency, we appeal to the United Nations to intervene over our illegal detention by the Zambian government without delay, as we believe that the Zambian president Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata and his predecessors before him have already committed crimes against humanity, as well as genocide, against the people of Barotseland contrary to the genocide act 1948. Therefore we request the UN to immediately curtail Zambia’s further commission of atrocities against the peaceful and law abiding citizens of Barotseland who believe in the peaceful liberation of their country, Barotseland, from the bonds of slavery of Northern Rhodesia, now Zambia, using only ‘pen and paper’ through citation of international law.

We believe in the legal adage which states that “pen and paper is mightier than the barrel of the gun” end of quote. We have hope, faith and trust in the United Nations over our release from the hands of our sworn enemies, the Zambia government and its laws.

Yours Sincerely from Kaoma State Prison,
Barotseland National Youth (BNYL) League illegally detained Executive Members,

Boris Muzibe Muziba – Deputy Chairman
Nayoto Mwenda – National Secretary
Sikwibele Wasilota – National Coordinator

Cc: Common wealth
Cc: Amnesty International
Cc: Union of Free States
Cc: Federation of Free States of Africa
Cc: AU
Cc: International Criminal Court
Cc: International Court of Justice
Cc: All Embassies Accredited to Zambia
Cc: Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata President of Zambia
Cc: Head of State, the Royal Barotseland Kingdom
Cc: Head Government, the Royal Barotseland Kingdom
Cc: All Citizens of Barotseland Kingdom
Cc: Mr. Julius Malata, Zambian Magistrate illegally operating in Barotseland
Cc: Ms. Mwakalombe Susan, Zambian Magistrate illegally operating in Barotseland
Cc:  Mr. Mwala Zambian Magistrate illegally operating in Barotseland 

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Final portrait: The last known photo of Nelson Mandela, taken in May, sees him with his great-grandson, three-year-old Lewanika, holding his hand and smiling

The royal Barotseland government wishes to join the rest of the world to extend their heartfelt condolence message from the people of Barotseland to the bereaved family of the late Mr. Nelson Mandela and to the people of South Africa for the loss of the great son of Africa

The late Madiba Mandela has left a legacy of being visionary and adamant (firm in purpose.) We the people of Barotseland have learnt a lot from him, among other things, what has been engraved in our hearts are these words:

“I have fought against white domination and I have fought against black domination…….”

We too shall not entertain domination.

As Lozis and Barotseland, we feel particularly connected with the Mandela legacy, especially that his second son, Magkatho Lewanika Mandela - now late, and his three year old great grandson, are named ‘Lewanika’ - the same name of the great King of Barotseland of long ago who restored and united our great Kingdom from Kololo domination, and also was one of the earliest African monarchs to abolish slave trade in Barotseland early in the 20th century!

May the good lord be with people of South Africa in this moment of sorrow?

Afumba Mombotwa
Administrator general - Royal Barotseland

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Guy Scott - Zambia's Vice President

To - Dr. Guy Scot, Zambia's Vice President

From- Administrator General, Barotseland


6TH December 2013

Mr. Vice President,

The issue of Barotseland self rule is not similar to that of Southern Sudan that broke away from Northern Sudan. Barotseland has been a country on its own. History is there to prove this.

Anything concerning the destruction of Barotseland revolves around Mr. Kaunda in his capacity as President of Zambia. Doubtless by decree Mr. Kaunda blotted out the name of Barotseland; and introduced his detestable name of his dreams.

His ambition was to be a life President (wamuyayaya.) Secondly he wanted to be a semi god (lesa ku mulu Kaunda panshi) viz God in heaven, Kaunda on earth became oratory in Zambia during his tenure of office.

Unlike Sudan that was one country and one Nation, Barotseland is a Nation, whose only misfortune was that she was betrayed by Britain that wanted to avoid the issue of subsidy, if Barotseland were to stand on her own. Subsequently Barotseland (Nation) entered into Agreement with Northern Rhodesia Government under Mr. Kaunda.

South Sudan and Northern Sudan did not sign Agreement at the time colonists left because it was one entity. Mr. Kaunda was disturbed by the fact that Barotseland was a Nation and that they only signed an Agreement to establish relationship between Barotseland and Northern Rhodesia (Zambia).

As semi god Mr. Kaunda proclaimed: “We cannot have a Nation within a Nation” the literal meaning here is that there could be no Nation near Zambia referring to Barotseland. Consequently it became a policy by which Zambia ruled Barotseland; and intended to swallow Barotseland and it is a policy that has been adopted by any political party that came to power in Zambia. A policy of not only subjugating Barotseland, but also of trying to make Barotseland cease to exist.

That policy was put into slogan, one Zambia one Nation; and Mr. Kaunda made sure that the policy became an internalized norm. The policy that could have worked in Sudan but failed, could not obviously work in Zambia an artificial Nation.

Surely there is no law that allows Zambia to rule Barotseland. Mr. Kaunda said “the Litunga is just like any other chief,” that was another policy. Barotseland is to be western province; that was a policy as well. It was not law. That any person who talks about Barotseland should be arrested by Zambia Police and released on nolle prosqui was made a policy too since 1969

If the police were wise enough they could not be arresting people of Barotseland on matters of policy.
The issue of self rule and decolonization is under the auspices of international law.

If secession was bad, how could the president of Zambia and his security men go to witness the celebration of what was evil in South Sudan? Hypocrites do not have sound and fair judgment.

Because self rule is a necessity, and a good thing, today out of one country there are now two viz South Sudan and Northern Sudan.

Finally we demand respect from Zambia as a sister state. Do not even refer to the Barotseland Agreement, which is a dead issue.

N.B Every Nation has symbols of identity. So do we!!

Afumba Mombotwa

C.C   U.N
C.C.  A.U
C.C.  Amnesty International
C.C.  Human rights watch
C.C.  Commonwealth

Editor's Note: This letter is here reproduced for public record only

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Dear Editor,

We the people of Southern Barotseland (Sesheke) as we appreciate the warm kind international relations with our neighbour Zambia we notice with our intelligent eye the intentions of sub dividing Barotseland to make new chiefdoms, and create employment for PF carders.

I reaffirm the BNYL reasoning. Therefore, if the BRE are with the people, we give them 3 days in which to state their position.

Why should BRE keep quiet on such an important issue. Don't force us to think otherwise of BRE.

With due respect and upholding tradition our parents should protect our land.

This land has been protected for such a long time and God new why. But why the BRE now allow the Zambian Government to make pronouncements without consultations.

All Lilalos and the people of Sesheke can not be mocked and insulted.


  • BRE has more to lose because Chiefdoms will be created and chiefs will be appointed by the Zambian Govt.
  • The PF is just creating jobs for its own people. Watch the newly appointed officers for so called Mulobezi district - only foreigners will occupy senior positions- wake up!
  • The plan is to erode our tradition and the royal house.


BRE and BNC must convene a meeting and make a documented position statement.

We remain committed to Barotseland freedom.


The Autor: WAMU WA NAMUSUNGA is an independent contributor whose opinions are not necessarily representative of or endorsed by us at Barotsepost.

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11th October, 2013.

Rt. Hon Ban Ki Moon
The Secretary General
United Nation
NY 17, USA

Your Excellency, Sir,


We wish to concur with the Barotseland government that our tranquility has been interpreted by both Zambia and the United Nations as stupidity.

We are left to wonder why the United Nations have remained mute over the  continued kidnapping, killing, torturing of Barotseland Nationals, and the continued illegal occupation of Barotseland by the Zambian government criminals, despite we the Barotzish, having appealed to you, the  United Nations, for intervention on this matter.

We further wish to submit that you at the United Nations equally do not seem to have respect for the laws that you have formulated to govern your member states and the world, just like Zambia has no respect even over her own constitution.

We have constantly cited and quoted your laws and various international laws over the matter of Barotseland's statehood in all our letters addressed to you sir, but the United Nations seem to have opted to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the serious issues that we have been raising.

We are now left wondering as to why the United Nations seem to have put a policy that you can only intervene when human blood has been shed, as though you are satanists?

Therefore, We have elected to endorse that our new Barotseland government hire militia from anywhere in the world to help us deal with the illegal forces of Zambia that are currently occupying Barotseland, since you at the United Nations seem to have failed to prevail over the Zambian law breakers to leave Barotseland peacefully. Who knows, maybe you have elected to side with Zambia, you member state, over us in this matter!

We do not want to hear the United Nations talk about peace when our soon to be hired militias shall commence their overt and covert operations to help us because your pronouncements  clearly contradict your demeanor.

Disappointed youths,

Barotseland National Youth League (BNYL)

Editor's Note: The foregoing correspondence has already been delivered to the intended recipient, and is here reproduced for public record only.

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7th September 2014 Interview with Rt. Hon. Afumba Mombotwa on Current State of Barotseland Kingdom – by Sibeta Mundia

Sibeta: Your Excellency, it’s a rare privilege to catch up with you and solicit your answers to some pertinent questions of interest to the nation and people of Barotseland.

Hon. Afumba: The honor is mine, Sibeta. And I would like, through you, to convey not only my gratitude but also my warm greetings to the resilient and great people of Barotseland home and abroad.

Sibeta: Sir, you took Oath of office as Administrator General of Barotseland on the 14th of August, 2013 and consequently publicly announced the team that would help you administers Barotseland in the transitional term on the 15th of August, slightly over a year ago. What have you and your team been up to and how would you describe your one year as a transitional government?

Hon. Afumba: Firstly I would like to say thank you to the people of Barotseland but also in particular the team that agreed to take the ‘bull by its horns’ if you like. As you know immediately after the public announcement of my team, we all became targets of the foreign occupying forces of Zambia with their uncivilized acts of brutality using their military and police. It is not a secret that Bulozi is currently under siege by the Zambian forces. Over hundred of our people were arrested, tortured, detained and tried for treason under Zambian laws. However, we were glad that those that were arrested did not flinch but kept on singing our own independence song until their release many months later. For this we wish to commend their bravery and heroism. We are, however, saddened that these arrests have continued and that right now 3 officials of the Barotseland National Youth League in the name of Boris Muziba, Nayoto Mwenda and Sikwibele Wasilota are on a three year jail sentence imposed on them by the foreign Zambian unjust court system.

Further, our own Secretary of State for Home Affairs, Hon. Mubita Waluka is also erroneously jailed under similar unjust Zambian laws. Other than that, we are on track and so far so good. Their arrests will not be in vain.

Sibeta: Would you, Sir, cite any real achievements that your government has scored over the past one year?

Hon. Afumba: Sibeta, it is important to emphasize here that ours is a government in transition, bearing in mind that we are coming from a background that just declared independence. Government cannot exist in a vacuum and the Zambian structures left in Barotseland are very undesirable to us. Therefore one of the major responsibilities of our team is that together with the people of Barotseland we endeavor to establish a strong foundation upon which total governance of Barotseland would be based.

Sibeta: Your Honor, could you be more specific on what your achievements are so far?

Hon. Afumba: Yes, Please! Specifically I would tabulate our achievement so far as follows:

1. Two months after our interim government was announced, Barotseland’s sovereignty was recognized by the Federation of Free States of Africa (FFSA) on the 3rd of October 2013.

2. A day later, the Union of Free States, UNFS, General Assembly also recognized our sovereignty, while

3. The membership of Barotseland in The Unrepresented Nations & Peoples Organizations (UNPO) was effected on the 22nd of November 2013 in accordance with the UNPO covenant. (Any one country or people group striving for recognition as a sovereign state will tell you that admittance to these bodies is very important and does not come easily).

4. Fourthly, bilateral outreach efforts have already been made to several countries of the world, some of which have begun the processes of formalizing these ties. As soon as these ties become formalized, we would notify the nation.

5. Outreaches to potential strategic investors, home and abroad have been initiated too, but as you know, this involves meticulous packaging of our country in a manner that inspires confidence. Again we can confidently say here that these efforts are progressing well and the response is overwhelming. We have since compiled a strategic 10 year development plan upon which we base our search for co-operation with willing partners

6. Logistics and resource mobilization is another matter that is still ongoing, and in this regard we have extensively approached every, and anyone we know will be able to help us. A lot of commitments have already been made in that regard. At the moment, however, we cannot say how much has been raised and from who but we will do so as soon as certain other factors have been fully set in motion.

On the home front, like earlier said, government cannot exist in a vacuum. All these processes and efforts being made for bilateral and or investment/business relationships will and must be established and supported under some legal framework. These are serious ties that cannot be established casually. To this effect we have so far established:

1. The Executive (cabinet)

2. The legislature (the constituent assembly has been constituted)

3. The judiciary which is currently under formation

These institutions are very important. Laws and legal frame work under which every other institution must be established has to be formed. We need laws and by-laws to regulate the conduct of government and all government institutions. There must be investment laws, criminal laws, civil laws, electoral laws and other laws by which our politics will be regulated. It was for this reason that the constituent assembly had to be constituted to formalize and make these laws. As we speak the assembly has already started their work although facing extreme challenges.

We also have to make investment policies and several other ACTS to ensure that government after the transition will have a very firm legal foundation upon which to govern our great kingdom in a modern and democratic manner.

Sibeta: Your honor, that sounds like a lot of work. However, recently some people have felt that you are not moving fast enough as they can still not see anything tangible achieved so far. What would you say to both your critics and skeptics alike?

Hon. Afumba: Sibeta, their impatience is understandable because we all anxiously want to move as quickly as possible so that this Zambian nightmare will be over and behind us. However, practically and realistically speaking things are not that simple. Remember Barotseland is an emerging state. It is for this reason that the transition period was projected to last up to three (3) years. This was a fair projection, and we have just done the first year amid extreme difficulty. Initially there may not be visible milestones but surely there will be visible ones too and very soon.

In fact some of the successes made so far are just awaiting certain other things to be in place before we can publicly report on them. So all we can ask is continued patience and cooperation.

Sibeta: But sir, Zambia is still in control of Barotseland making some people think we are still not independent and therefore must fight Zambian forces using other means such as military action, for example.

Hon. Afumba: Bo Sibeta, we have been dealing with uncivilized and barbaric people; moreover the presence of security men who do not even understand the formation of their country; who are not sincere, who hate justice and above all who do not even know the basic principles, especially of international law and international politics, created the greatest challenge. If Zambian security and Zambian courts who are trying to use discretional power of intervention, with a color to deny our existence and independence; understood international law and politics, there would have been tremendous progress in the Barotseland’s political independence.

Bo Sibeta, the use of force to deprive people of their national identity as prohibited by the declaration on the in-admissibility of intervention in the domestic affairs of states and the protection of their independence and sovereignty contained in General Assembly Resolution 2131 (XX) constitutes a violation of their inalienable rights and principle of non-intervention.

However, people have to understand that we have already declared our independence. Independence declaration is a firm statement of intent that the oppressed or dependant person makes to his master saying they no longer desire his rule, therefore will no longer allow subjugation. That is what we have done. We the people that have declared independence must compel Zambia to let go. Our chosen methods are both political and legal. I wish to appeal to all royal citizens of Barotseland to believe me when I say very soon Zambia’s control over Barotseland will be completely broken and removed. We have instituted very decisive measures that I will not say for now until a short while later in the near future. However, we are confident that when these measures begin to be implemented the whole world will know and Zambia will be compelled to leave whether they like it or not.

Sibeta: Are you able to give timelines, your honor, as to when you think this will happen?

Hon. Afumba: Unfortunately it will be premature for us to put time lines about this specific matter, but suffice to say that it is within the three year transitional period. Please, let all Barotse nationals know that there is a reason why we have put the 3 years as a transitional period. It is the projected time in which we are confident that Zambia’s control over Barotseland will be broken completely. We have just covered the first year so far. The sooner Zambia leaves the better for them and us. The more they delay the worse the consequences they will incur. It is always said that a word is enough for the wise!

Hon. Afumba: You also asked about military action?

Sibeta: Yes sir.

Hon. Afumba: Military action has been used by some people to drive the occupier from their territory. This approach by international law falls under “belligerence”; suffice to say is that existence of legal order of an entity or at-least its basic rules is a useful criterion of the existence of a state.

Bo Sibeta, the Governmental authorities may be driven into exile or silenced, but powers themselves continue to exist, this is the legal exception, and this is the beauty of international law, civilized people use international law. After all, international law that we applied to achieve our liberty is regarded as the law existing between civilized nations like (Barotseland), Eritrea was engaged in guerrilla warfare for 41 years; after laying down arms they achieved what they wanted. We have already achieved what we desired, what is remaining is for the Almighty God to pump some sense into the villains devoid of understanding.

Sibeta: But sir people say the international community only pays attention when they see military incursions, and in fact your critics say your letters to the world and your peaceful means are yielding no responses. Is the international community really hearing you? Do you ever get answers to your letters?

Hon. Afumba: That is an interesting question, Sibeta. To start with we have confidence in the international processes, as our case thrives on both international law and politics. However, I must also state that our independence will not be given to us by anyone. Remember I said that it is the oppressed that declares independence. The rest of the world including the ‘master’ is only invited to acknowledge or recognize that independence. However, even if they did not, the one who has declared independence can still grow it by asserting themselves to a level where the rest of the world would have no choice but to acknowledge and start dealing with that individual as a truly independent entity.

So to answer your question more specifically allow me to state the following;

The letters we write have different objectives. But as you have seen none of these letters is intended to seek independence from anyone as independence has been already declared by us. This is why it is called Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI). Therefore, some of these letters are merely intended to update these bodies and the world on what is going on here in Barotseland. Others are meant to solicit some kind of assistance to entrench our independence further while others are actually meant to provoke appropriate actions within the different international frame work that exist. Yes some go unanswered and yet others are answered. We are confident that those that are not answered are noted still. Some answers given are not for public consumption momentarily as some of them are commitments and assurances to future actions. Yet other letters are for public records only so that when future actions take place in future, no one will claim they were not served with notice. So you see we will continue to write these letters. However, this is not the only thing we have done. Some of these letters are followed by formal invitations to meetings, and therefore we make officers available for these meetings. And again we will not report on who we are meeting and for what purposes, or under what terms, as we have to protect our some of our processes. When certain achievements made enter the public domain, and we know that we will not risk destroying our ongoing mobilization of resources and relationships already fostered, then we will announce. Therefore, we will continue to write these letters because we know we are achieving a lot through them. In fact with modern technologies some of our correspondence does get answered faster than if they had to be sent the old fashion way.

Sibeta: Why don’t you stop Zambian electioneering in Barotseland? Is it that you are just a government on electronic media platforms as some of your critics have accused you to be?

Hon. Afumba: As already alluded to! It is clear that legal order is an important element of government and hence an indication of statehood. Only those unschooled or slow learners, will not be able to visualize that we are not a government on the electronic media only, but an actual one. We are a government in a transitional period that has taken full advantage of modern technological advancement. Imagine if we didn’t have the internet? We would not have the Barotseland Post or Radio Barotseland. Look at how Face book, Twitter or You Tube has helped us?

However, to answer your question, we cannot actually compel anyone at this moment because, like I said, we are still in the process of building institutional and legal frame work for people to, for example, register and apply for Barotseland citizenship. So how do you compel anyone to stop being Zambian? We can only educate and encourage our people that Bulozi ki Naha (Barotseland is a separate nation from Zambia), and that people can now look to Barotseland without thinking of Zambia. When our own laws relating to citizenship, peace and security, and logistics are in place then we can now ask people to apply for Barotseland citizenship and renounce previously held citizenships if necessary. For now, however, those of us who have already seen the ‘light’ have already renounced our Zambian citizenship publicly, and I know that many others are just waiting for the opportunity that they will carry Barotseland Zibahazo, as our Barotseland national identity shall be called, and Barotseland passports. They look forward to proudly carry and trade with the Barotseland Mupu - our own currency. All these are some of the logistics that we are talking about. They don’t come overnight, neither are they cheap. We are working on having all these within the transitional period.

We are in the process of establishing a professional civil service, police, military and other security forces, indeed many other issues, all which are covered in our ten year development program. We are formulating all these, and mobilizing resources for all these matters, and as you know, Sibeta, these cannot be done overnight. Those who are talking of ‘action’, let them know that this is where action is currently directed to, and with the cooperation of all royal citizens of Barotseland, we are confident that by the end of this three year transitional period all these things shall be in place.

Our appeal is that all those who call themselves royal citizens or those who wish to be royal citizens of Barotseland can right away begin to assert themselves as Barotzish citizens. Position yourself for your life in Barotseland. When we start calling for human resources in the civil service or in our security wings please, be ready to serve your country, Barotseland. Do not allow skeptics to take you back! Barotseland has definitely reached a point of no return!

Sibeta: The BRE and the Litungaship has come under fire lately for not stating clearly their position over this matter. Do you share the view that the two institutions need to do more?

Hon. Afumba: Bo Sibeta, firstly allow me to state out rightly some facts that some may not know. The Litungaship in Barotseland is Kaongolo wa Nyambe translated as the innocent creature of God. This means the Litungaship cannot and does not play politics one way or the other. The idea is to shield, insulate and protect the Litungaship from unwarranted attacks. As such the Litunga Lubosi Imwiko II as head of state of Barotseland performs ceremonial functions only, just like many other monarchs of the world. However, the Litunga is of the people. His voice is that of the people. As such his voice is that we his people unanimously decided and declared independence at the last Barotse National Council (BNC) of March 2012. His Majesty Lubosi Imwiko II signed those resolutions, which were then read out publicly through his Ngambela. So, what is it that these people want the Litunga to say? There is nothing else that the Litunga can say other than that which the people have already said. This has been our Sizo (traditions & culture) for centuries. In our system of governance, which is the democratic constitutional monarch, the Litunga has ceremonial functions which he will be performing as and when these arise. So we should all rest assured that the Litunga Ni Lyetu! (the Litungaship - Land is of the people)

For the BRE, we have said time and again that this institution will be revitalized and modernized to play critical roles in our democracy, in that they will have roles similar to the House of Lords of the United Kingdom, under the headship of the Lord Chancellor or Minyualuyi also known as Sope, on one hand while the elective post of Prime minister will now head the Katengo similar to the House of Commons on the other hand. Our appeal to the Barotse Royal Establishment is that may they continue to facilitate for all these transitions that the Royal Kingdom of Barotseland is going through?

Sibeta: Your concluding remarks, sir?

Hon. Afumba: Sibeta, I know that there are many questions that the people of Barotseland may have. Therefore, I wish to say, in conclusion, that we are addressing and are still working on so many things. Please, let them continue sending their questions or observations through to us. We will do our best to answer them individually if and where possible, but they should also make it a habit to read and check our official media and news outlets that we have so far provided, The Barotseland Post, Radio Barotseland and soon to be Barotseland Television. These will also be expanded and fully operated to reach even a wider audience, possibly as far as the rural communities, somehow. Someday soon, all this will be a reality so that all our people can know exactly what is going on.

For now we are also working with the Royal kutas to disseminate this information. Let every royal citizen of Barotseland jump on board so that our task can be achieved as soon as possible, especially in this transitional period when foundational activities are going on. After the transition we will want to be ready to hold our first democratic general elections to elect members of parliament who will carry on the work of governance. Shake your neighbor and let us educate one another!

It has been a great pleasure, Bo Sibeta. I look forward to answering more questions in the near future. Be sure to also get more information from any member of our government on what is happening in their sector ministries. Thank you for now, and Tukongote, Litunga ni Lyetu!

May God bless Barotseland!

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Some of the 59 Baroste activists who have now been charged with treason surprised the Mongu magistrate’s courts when they applied to have their citizenship changed on their details before court claiming they are not Zambians as they belong to another State (Barotse).

The activists who are have no legal representation and appeared for mention, told the court that they wanted their citizenship details on court records changed because they were “foreigners” as they hail from a different State.

The activists appeared in different Mongu courts before different magistrates for mention while waiting for instructions from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to have them committed to the High Court where their case is triable.

Those from Mongu were 10, Senanga nine, Sesheke four and 36 were from Kalabo. The State earlier applied to have the charge of seditious practices substituted with a new charge of treason which the court granted.

The activists later applied to the courts to have their citizenship changed claiming there were not Zambians but belonged to another State of Barotse.

The State objected to the application saying the accused were appearing in court on a charge of treason and not the issue of citizenship.

The magistrates adjourned the case to September 17, 2013 when the accused would appear for another mention and possible committal of the matter to the High Court for trial.

On August 14, this year, Linyunga Ndambo chairperson, Afumba Mombotwa was sworn-in as administrator general of Barotseland - Zambian Watchdog

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The case in which over 60 Barotse activists are being charged with treason came up for mention in the Mongu subordinate court this morning.

Meanwhile, some accused persons from Mongu, Senanga and Kalabo today told the different magistrates handling the cases that it is illegal for them to be tried in the Zambian courts because they are not Zambians by nationality but Barotse citizens as it was declared by the Barotse National Council (BNC) in March 2012.

Some of them who were given time to say something after the adjournment of the matter for yet another mention, said the matter at hand is supposed to be handled by an independent court or tribunal under the Commonwealth, African Union and Southern Africa Development Council (SADC) as it is an international one.

But presiding over the cases for Kalabo and Senanga accused persons Mongu Magistrate Benson Mwanandiwa told the accused persons who were giving such applications to hold the issues they were raising for trial as they were merely appearing for mention.

The matter has since been adjourned to 2nd October, 2013 for another mention as the state still awaits further instructions from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).…

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Our willingness to renounce a foreign nationality does not mean we are tribalists. We are not. In fact we have never been victims of a tribal system, but we are agitating for our human rights.

Building our country, Barotseland, is our responsibility and not the government of Zambia’s. This is the reason Zambia never bothered developing it in almost half a century. It was not their responsibility to do so in the first place. It is our duty, we who truly belong there. It is the reason why someone who carries the nationality "Barotzish" cannot be president of Zambia because his nationality is "Barotzish" and not Zambian. That is why Silozi cannot be spoken on the streets of Lusaka or Copperbelt because it is considered as a foreign language and not one of the Zambian languages. It is also the reason that, the noble citizens of Barotseland who contributed to the well being of Zambia are not honoured. King Sir Mwanawina III, KBE who signed for the independence of Zambia is not even known in Zambian history. Nalumino Mundia a Lozi noble who spent 21 days without food because of his dear love for Zambians not even recognized.

For those Malozi who think they are Zambians by assimilation, it is now time to wake up, open your eyes and start thinking of going back to develop our home where we truly belong, than wishing to be in other people’s countries. Let us secure and build our country so that its beautiful for us. It is our duty to secure, defend and establish the rightful status of Barotseland, because if we fail to do so God will judge us harshly for failing to cherish our land which was secured for us by our fore-fathers.

Malozi we did not choose to be who and what we are, but it pleased God who created all things to also create us and so we shall be. BULOZI KI BWA LUNA KAUFELA "Barotseland is jointly ours"

By humble citizen of Barotseland Muyunda Makala

The Barotseland Post, also known as The Barotsepost, is an online media platform, for now, that is dedicated to reporting stories and news around Barotseland and beyond, giving exclusive coverage and access to the people and the nation of Barotseland to fully express themselves in their aspirations for self- determination.