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Mongu Stadium

THE Zambia Public Procurement Authority has reversed the intended award of the 20,000 capacity ultra Mongu Stadium construction tender to China’s Sogecao Zambia Limited after noting defects in the tender documents.

And the consortium of local consultants that challenged the potential award of the KR291 million project tender to Sogecao Zambia Limited following its linkages to former president Rupiah Banda's alleged corrupt activities, has welcomed the decision.

Highly- placed government sources told The Post yesterday that following a complaint by Kuomboka Consortium, the ZPPA had decided to cancel the award of the tender to Sogecao Zambia and that it would be re- advertised. " Zambia Public Procurement Authority detected anomalies in the manner the tender document was done. There were irregularities in the tender document because this was a design and build contract," the source said. " There were certain specifications that were not there that should have been there."

The sources said the re- tendering process, evaluation and ultimate award of the contract would be done within a short time so as not to delay the commencement of the project.

Efforts to get a comment from ZPPA director general Danies Chisenda proved futile by press time but he said during a recent interview with The Post that his office was handling the issue raised by Kuomboka Consortium.

And one of the members of the consortium, Walusiku Lisulo of Lisulo and Bwalya Architects, said the decision was welcome and that the consortium would re- submit its bid on the project.

" We are satisfied that we have been given a second chance. The first time we were not happy with the outcome. We welcome the move," said Lisulo. " If the playing field is level, we will play without any grudge."

Ministry of Transport, Works, Supply and Communication permanent secretary Julius Shawa said yesterday that he would have to get the details on the cancellation and readvertising of the Mongu Stadium project from his officers.

Kuomboka Consortium comprises Lisulo and Bwalya - Architects, Civilstruts Consulting Engineers, Tradesouth Engineering Ltd, A Urban Technics, CM Architects, North Atlantic Engineering Consultants and Nkonki & Associates Zambia Ltd, as the consulting group and Yangts Jiang Enterprises Ltd as the main contractor.

And on April 17, 2013, Sogecoa through its director Li Ren Fu confirmed that the firm donated nine motor vehicles to State House in the Rupiah Banda administration.

Li said through an interpreter that as far as the donation was concerned, it was an expression of goodwill and that all its deeds in Zambia could withstand juristic investigations if required – PostZambia.com

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Robert Mugabe pictured during a rally to mark his birthday in February 2012

Harare, Zimbabwe (CNN) -- Police in Zimbabwe on Tuesday confirmed that one person was killed and 15 injured in an accident involving President Robert Mugabe's motorcade on Sunday.

Zimbabwe's police spokesman Wayne Bvudzijena confirmed to CNN that an accident had been reported by state media.

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Obvious Mwaliteta the alleged organizer of the PF thugs in Mangango

More than 15 cadres have been driven into Mangango constituency in addition to the other thugs already in the constituency to disrupt the 19th August elections according to the Zambian Watchdog.

The thugs being organized by former bus conductor who is now Central province minister Obvious Mwaliteta were ferried into Mangango yesterday and went to lodge at Kweleka lodge. Records from the lodge indicate that 15 male youths checked in yesterday and were signed for by a Kaoma based businessman a Mr. Maseka.

Today at about 07:00hrs the thugs were ferried from Kaoma to Mangango using a Toyota Landcruiser pick registration number ALD 7577 belonging to Chiseke Taundi who was recently stripped of the parliamentary seat for breaching the electoral code. Chiseke Taundi, whom Sata called a refugee from Angola was duped into joining the PF and given a ministerial position.

The thugs were heavily armed with all sorts of weapons ranging from axes, guns and were spotted in Kaoma buying bows and arrows to be used in their dirty scheme.

The thugs have been spread into the constituency with full knowledge of the police who have declined to act on the reports from opposition parties. Police in Kaoma are incapable of arresting the thugs because they have the blessings of Western province police commissioner Lombe Kamukoshi, who is a niece to ailing dictator Michael Sata.

It will not be strange if we hear reports of deaths in Kaoma because Mwaliteta who was the cause of death during the Livingstone by election is campaign manager there and PF, sensing a loss have schemed up to create violence so that ECZ (Electoral Commission of Zambia) cancels the election - ZambianWatchdog.com

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File: Wynter Kabimba

The Zambia Reports media web site has reported that Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba was yesterday pushed in the corner in the Zambian parliament as he sought to ward off a barrage of questions over the touchy subject of the Barotseland Agreement of 1964. Kabimba is reported to have initially taken a casually dismissive stance but later had to dig in deeper as the questions kept coming until he gave in some ground.

Below are excerpts from the debate in parliament according to Zambia Report:

Question: Misheck Mutelo (Lukulu West MP): Mr Speaker I want to find out from the Minister, when the PF came into power they appointed a commission to look into the affairs of Barotseland Agreement and that is still gathering dust in the Minister’s office, when will the government publish the findings

Answer: Wynter Kabimba (Nominated MP): Mr Speaker that is a totally different question.

Question: Michael Kaingu (Mwandi MP): Let me declare interest Mr Speaker, Honourable Kabimba is my friend and I want (I don’t hate him). Honourable Minister, do you know the importance of the Barotse Agreement to One Zambia, One Nation? If you do may you please tell this house and the nation at large?

Answer: Kabimba: Mr Speaker I am being taken into the parameters that are not the domain of the question.

Question: Cornelius Mweetwa (Choma Central MP): In view of the question by the Honourable Member of Parliament for Lukulu West, and indeed in understanding of the fact that the issue of the Barotseland Agreement continues to nag this nation, and as we speak I am reliably informed that we have Barotse activists in prison, what is the PF administration doing to bring this issue to an amicable and conclusive end as opposed to leaving it the way it is subject to speculation?

Answer: Wynter Kabimba: Thank you Mr Speaker, any matters that relates to the breach of our laws will be dealt with by the authorities, that is the police and the national prosecution authority so that is not the area I am dealing with in this question.

Question: Mundia Ndalamei (Sikongo MP): Thank you Mr Speaker when you were campaigning, you promised the people that you will restore the Barotse Agreement (Point of Order).

Question: Mweetwa (Choma Central MP): Sir my question is given the controversy surrounding the Barotse Agreement of 1964, what is the PF administration doing to bring this whole debate to a conclusive and amicable end and not the people who are in prison but the whole debate of the Barotse Agreement upon which you set a very formidable platform for your campaign but that aside what are doing to bring this debate to an end? Is he in order therefore to have misunderstood my question?

(Point of order by Micheal Kaingu Mwandi MP): Mr Speaker you know that me I am a very humble man and I don’t usually rise on point of orders. Sir the Barotse Agreement is fundamental to the unity of this country and therefore I find it appalling for the minister of justice who is my friend to underplay the importance of the Barotse Agreement. Sir is he is order despite his knowledge in order to underplay this agreement which has brought unity to this country?

Question: Mundia Ndalamei (Sikongo MP) continues: when the PF government was campaigning in 2011, they promised the people of Barotseland that they will restore the Barotseland Agreement, when people are reminding them, they are arresting them, is that what you call good governance in PF?

Answer: Kabimba: Mr Speaker I do not know of any citizen of this country that has been arrested for reminding the government about the Barotse Agreement of 1964. Secondly, coming back to the question of my friend, we are not underplaying the issue of Barotse Agreement and that is why His Excellency set up the commission in 2012 of inquiry on this very issue and the findings of this inquiry are still pending consideration by cabinet and soon as that has been concluded we shall inform members of the public accordingly.

Question: Derrick Livune (Katomobora MP): Mr Speaker (Point of Order by Lukulu West MP mischeck Mutelo) Sir I don’t know what this day is today because my two questions on the order paper, the first one was not answered neither is the second one being answered, no wonder the other question that the MP for Katomobora when it was again answered in that manner he got angry, was the executive in order to be answering the way they are answering to frustrate the motion at hand more especially the Barotse people?

Question: Derrick Livune (Katombora): Based on the knowledge that the Minister of Justice is aware on the issue of the Barotse Agreement also Mr Speaker the question raised by Honourable Mutelo I would like to find out from the Honourable Minister himself based on his good judgment is he aware of any problem between the Barotseland and the government of the Republic of Zambia or the people of Barotseland versus himself and his government?

Answer: Kabimba: Mr Speaker I do not come to this house to exercise my judgment I come here to represent the government of the Republic of Zambia. Therefore the answers I give are a representation of the position of the republic of Zambia. (END)

The Barotseland Agreement 1964 was signed between the Barotse Government of the Litunga and Kenneth Kaunda then prime minister of Northern Rhodesia, and witnessed by and at the proposition of Her Majesty’s United Kingdom government who facilitated that the two regions, Barotseland Protectorate and Northern Rhodesia British colony proceeded to independence as one nation, to be called The Republic of Zambia. Under the agreement the self governance of Barotseland was to be guaranteed within the new independent state of Zambia. However, soon after in 1965, Kenneth Kaunda’s Zambian government, started to institute constitutional legal reforms that frustrated the Barotseland Agreement 1964 terms, completely abrogating and nullifying it in 1969. With this nullification the Litunga, king of Barotseland was stripped off all his political powers over Barotseland making him just like other chiefs in Zambia, while Barotseland was split up and reduced to the province Kenneth Kaunda called Western Province. This abrogation have led to periodic discontent and calls for the restoration of the agreement by both Barotse traditional authorities and individuals alike, with successive Zambian governments responding in heavy handed manner, often arresting all those involved. Fatalities have occasionally occurred in some such crackdowns.

On Tuesday 27th March 2012, however, the Barotse National Council, BNC, (the highest and most representative decision making body in Barotse governance system) unanimously resolved to accept the unilateral nullification of the Barotseland Agreement of 1964 by Zambia, and also resolved that Barotseland immediately initiate all formal and necessary procedures and acts for the re-establishment of Barotseland Sovereignty and Independence, a de facto break away from its current underlying status within the Republic of Zambia. This event was not only held in public but was also beamed via satellite to the whole world, with major world broadcasting networks such as CNN,VOA, BBC, Aljazeera, to mention but a few, reporting on the matter.

Zambia has never accepted this position and have continued to arrest and imprison any one they suspect to be involved in the pursuit of Barotseland self determination.

On 14th August, 2013, Administrator General Afumba Mombotwa took oath of Office to head a provisional government that he publicly named on the 15th of November, 2013, which government is currently mobilizing resources for complete take over of governance as well seeking international recognition. So far three (3) international institutions; Union of Free States (UNFS), Federation of Free States of Africa (FFSA) and Unrepresented Nations and Peoples’ Organization (UNPO) have recognized Barotseland's sovereignty as well as recognized the transitional government, while local Barotseland organizations such as the Barotse National Freedom Alliance as well as individual Barotseland citizens have intensified their campaigns for the international recognition of Barotseland's state sovereignty legally and politically.

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Prince Akashambatwa Mbikusita-Lewanika


23rd October 2013

I release this statement on the eve of the 49th Anniversary day of Zambia’s attainment of Independence.  I call for the unconditional release of all political prisoners now, ahead of the 2014 jubilee year of Zambia’s Independence. Zambia’s Independence is a mockery of injustice as long as there is even a single case of a citizen in captivity for political reasons.

On this eve of Zambia’s Independence, I have visited to the Mwembeshi Maximum Prison, where the former Barotseland Ngambela – Prime Minister – of Barotseland and former Zambia Deputy Minister of Education, Clement Sinyinda and over 80 Barotse nationals are held on charges of treason.   This situation compels me to break silence and publicly call for Zambia to cease all police, military and judicial aggression against the freedom of expression and non-violent advocacy of political aspiration of Barotse activities and suspected activists, whether one agrees with them or not.  Zambia (must)  encourage and facilitate national dialogue over issues over which the constitution making process has self-evidently already failed to establish genuine and secure national consensus.

Independence means promoting and protecting ALL fellow citizens who have demonstrated and continue to show national service courage of not being compromised by personal gains and personal regard, and protest against denial of human and civil rights.  Let us encourage and follow those who value political freedom and human rights of everybody, regardless of our personal interests.  Let us not allow a government to force citizens to choose peaceful submission to oppression.  Let us not think that peace is simply the absence of war.  Let us not allow politicians to take the peaceful nature of people for granted, let alone abuse it. Let us not be fooled that national unity can be forever maintained, even without political freedom, human rights and justice.  Otherwise, Independence cannot have meaning and positive relevance to all nationals, and shall be a matter of cheat praise singing and sectarian jiving.  This has to take place in the substantive year of the genuine jubilee, and it is what Independence means to me.


Initiator and Founder National Secretary Of the MMD

Namishukwe Homestead, Lyambai Road, P.O. BOX K56, MONGU

Source: Zambian Eye





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The case in which over 50 Barotseland nationals including former Ngambela Hon. Clement W. Sinyinda are still incarcerated in Zambian prisons has hit a twist with Zambia’s Director of Public Prosecution Mutembo Nchito failing to issue instruction for commencement of trial to the High Court of Zambia because according to him, 'the case is a national policy matter' that he must refer to Zambia’s Attorney General, Mumba Malila.

As such the case has once again been adjourned to 29th November 2013 for yet another mention and possible commitment to the high court for trial.

However, as our independent correspondent reports, there has emerged in this court process two camps and with two different schools of thought and defense among the detainees.

One camp is composed of Linyungandambo led by Hon. Masiye who insist that they are not Zambians and must not appear and be tried by the Zambian courts, while the other camp is that led by Hon. Sinyinda  who have not denied their Zambian status.

The Linyungandambo group is not represented by any Lawyer as they represent themselves, and they are very consistent under the leadership of Mr. Masiye who is named in the Afumba led transitional government as deputy to the secretary of state - defense, Jacob Mashwelo named as deputy to the secretary of state – finance and a Mr. Kalaluka Muleta. These and 24 others signed a petition and application demanding to be tried by the commonwealth courts as they state that they are not Zambians.

The rest under the Hon. Sinyinda camp are represented by lawyers and are demanding a Preliminary Inquiry into the case since it has taken long, whose ruling will be Monday next week, although the case has been adjourned to the 29th of November 2013 at which time the case may be committed to the high court.

Details by our Independent Correspondant

Court Room # 8

As scheduled the case involving the state against Barotse nationals took place today at the subordinate in Lusaka Zambia.

Before the magistrate was three groups of Barotse nationals who appeared for mention today. Each group comprised both those represented by lawyers and those who are representing themselves.

The latter are mainly members of Linyungandmbo comprised of Mr. Masiye and others. Those represented by defense lawyers include Hon. Sinyinda.

It was however interesting to note that some of the Barotse nationals represented by lawyers opted to represent themselves, which as an observer, indicates the ongoing activism amongst the detained Barotse nationals. Even Hon. Sinyinda had wanted to speak for himself at some point but was prevented by his lawyer.

And it is said that Hon. Sinyinda wants to go on hunger strike, an action which the many Barotse Nationals are not agreed to.

The defense counsel represented his clients and applied to the court to allow a Preliminary of Inquiry PI, since the state seems not to have evidence against his clients whom he said are entitled to the human rights enshrined in the constitution of Zambia. He cited the state’ s inertia in dealing with the case as a way of incarcerating persons without convicting them, and therefore he requested the court to grant his application or the state to release his clients under Nolle Proseque in order for the state to have time to look for evidence if there is any, and re-arrest them later.

The state disagreed with the PI application saying that it is not possible since the dockets are still with the DPP a reason dismissed by the defence. The ruling on this PI application will be made on Monday, 18/11/13 at 08:30.

The Linyungandambo group led by Mr. Masiye on the other hand eloquently made their concerns and equally stated that as Barotseland nationals it was illegal to be tried in a foreign country, and appealed that their case should be referred to the ICC or commonwealth court.

Some further stated that they got the motivation to join Linyungandambo from Mr. Michael Sata, now Zambian Republican president, when he was campaigning for the presidency in 2011 January the 8th in Mongu, and therefore, wondered why he has decided to arrest them even when he himself is a self proclaimed member of Linyungandambo, a political movement  in Barotseland.

Of this group Kalaluka Muleta challenged that the magistrate sentence him to death by hanging rather than keep him in prison without trial. He also contended that both Zambia’s first republican president Kenneth Kaunda and current president Michael Sata be presented as witnesses to explain what they know about the Barotseland Agreement 1964 whose abrogation is what has led to their being in jail. They therefore stated that they would want both Mr. Sata and Mr. Kaunda to be witnesses in their case.

With courage, the Linyungandambo group all represented themselves and exhibited consistence in their statements.

In response the Magistrate stated that they were before him only for mention, and as such he cannot make comments on the witnesses to be brought as the case has not yet started. He reiterated the fact that they are awaiting committal to the high court.

He further stated that He has no powers to refer a case to the ICC or commonwealth court.

The case has been adjourned to 29/11/13 at which time the state is likely to refer the case to the High Court of Zambia.

The case which started at 10 hrs ended at 14:00, with the activists sent back to Mwembeshi Maximum Prison under armed paramilitary police escort

On hand to give support were many notable Lozi activists, leaders as well as some prominent Lusaka based Lozis.

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Political corruption, lack of respect for rule of law, human rights violations are all injustices Zambia has and is still committing in Barotseland. Zambia  pursues a policy that fundamentally denies the nation of Barotseland its right to self-determination, undermines the UN Charter and other basic principles of international law, and challenges a series of UN Security Council resolutions, it shows just how far to the right this undemocratic  Zambia  has become.

Despite decades of petitioning AU and International community over Zambia's illegal administration and Human Rights violation against the people of Barotseland, the issue has either received less coverage by African Medias or has often been ignored, oversimplified, or excessively focused on limited aspects. Deeper analysis, background and context has often been lacking  from African Union over Barotseland independence declaration  despite what seems like  peace threatening issue in southern Africa.

It is likely that another bye election will be successfully staged in Barotseland after the 19th August Mangango polls. The ECZ is yet to announce the date for by-elections in Petauke Central, Malambo and Mulobezi constituencies as there is a stay in Zambian court. It means another bye election is going to take place soon in the "Zambian" constituency of Molobezi in Barotseland where Zambia will continue with their politics of treachery to show the world that people of Barotseland are happy being second class citizens of Zambia. Two and half years down the line from our independence declaration we are still subject of Zambian politics. We should have at now refused to be used in Zambian politics, we are better off to stand on our own as a fully politically independent country than insulted in this way by the same country responsible for poverty ,human rights violation and sufferings in our territory

Surely it pains that our people had to take a sacrifice to risk their lives in the TB, AIDS and LICE infected prisons of Zambia to fight for the liberation of our territory while the institution (BRE)  that caused this impasse keep on entertaining Zambian politics in Barotseland soil!

The fight for independence of our territory is a noble and honorary thing that the present generation should actualize, otherwise we are doomed as a nation and the next generation will not forgive us. The once strong and prosperous Barotseland has been reduced to objects of poverty and humiliation through a well calculated scheme by successive Zambian governments. After reducing our people to such poverty, they come and pretend that they are our saviors, of course with a well orchestrated television documentary to show the world that the love and care for the people of Barotseland, how insulting this is to our independence declaration!

It is time we Barotse people became serious or no one will ever take us seriously. We shall continue to be exploited and trampled around by small men with small brains if we do not change this attitude. It’s better we  cast the mistrust (if any) amongst ourselves and move forward as a united force speaking of one thing and that thing is a sense of belonging to independent  Royal Barotseland nation. As the people of Barotseland, we have chosen to accept that unilateral abrogation of BA’64 by Zambian government, let us move in that way and govern ourselves. Let us not allow monetary gain or the love of it divide us, Barotseland is bigger than any of us. My fellow compatriots, we shall never rest until we reclaim what is rightfully ours for our children and their children's children. We will not be shaken or intimidated by Zambia for that is rightfully ours remember violence begets violence. We are determined to go a peaceful way we have already initiated but if pushed far we can meet force with double force

The world is to witness the dramatic rebirth by caesarian section of a great new vibrant nation - Royal Barotseland - as its heartbeat is too strong, as Maoma, to be ignored. The world is positioning itself to welcome this new nation of Royal Barotseland which will take its rightful place among the family of nations, to the disappointment of Zambia which is busy militarizing the territory. The face of Africa is to change and no doubt Barotseland will be in world history books as having achieved independence peacefully in Africa.

Tukongote Litunga Ni lyetu.

By Saleya Kwalombota

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  • May

Barotseland Administrator General Afumba Mombotwa has called 'unacceptable' the reported planned assassinations of targeted people in Barotseland.

In a statement released through his Special Assistant to the press, Mr. Lunake, Hon. Afumba categorically stated that Zambia’s continued activities in Barotseland are illegal, and must come to an end.

On Zambia’s reported planned assassination ploy of targeted Barotseland leaders, the Barotseland administrator said such planned evil actions are 'unacceptable', and will not be tolerated by the Barotseland transitional government.

“If Zambia thinks they can come into Barotseland, do what they want and go scot free, they are mistaken. Their actions have consequences and they will soon face them” he said.

He has further urged the citizens and inhabitants of Barotseland Kingdom to remain calm and look out for their interests, as well as that of the nation of Barotseland, protect one another other from enemies of Barotseland, whether they be internal or external.

Hon. Afumba has also asked and appealed to the people of Barotseland and the entire world to condemn Mr. Sata and his Zambian government for their continued illegal occupation and violations of human rights in Barotseland.

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ADD's Charles Lubasi Milupi

Zambia's opposition Alliance for Democracy and Development, ADD, leader Charles Milupi has warned that Zambians should not take the issue of Barotseland lightly noting that the issue has now been taken over by more militant people, the youths.

Featuring on Zambia's Lusaka based Hot FM Radio on Thursday 26th June 2014, and Millennium Radio on 27th June 2014, Milupi warned that once the issue sparks out of control it will engulf the whole Zambia.

‘The issue is long over due for resolution and the young people and more militant people have taken over the issue and once it sparks it will engulf the whole country,’ Milupi warned.

He pointed out that the matter has now been taken to the African Union’s African Commission on Human and People’s Rights in Banjul, Gambia while international lawyers have also been engaged to pursue the matter at the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) in the Hague.

Milupi said he had been attending the court cases of people arrested in connection with the Barotseland issue and observed that the youths were now radicalized and were categorically telling the court that they were not Zambian citizens hence the issue should not be taken lightly.

He also referred to the three Barotseland National Youth League youths who in prison of Kaoma have also insisted and maintained that they are not Zambians.

Milupi labored to explain to the radio moderator who apparently sounded not to understand the Barotseland issue as she wondered what the Zambian government had exactly abrogated in the Barotseland Agreement of 1964.

Milupi, however, explained that the Barotseland Agreement that was signed in 1964 was a 'union' treaty between two separate countries, and to drive the point he referred to a picture that was published by the Post Newspaper recently showing police officers on horse back and the caption read as ‘Barotse police on horse back crossing the Victoria Bridge in 1907.’ - indicating that Barotseland as a separate protectorate had her own police. He said it requires being honest and pointed out that people can never be forced to change history.

In explaining the abrogation, Milupi explained that there was a Parliament called the ‘Katengo’ legislative council with 25 elected members while 20 were nominated by the Litunga but this structure was squashed and the powers of the Litunga were removed by the Zambian government.

He further explained that the central government in Lusaka was only supposed to be in charge of security, monetary and foreign policy while local government should have been under the control of the people of Barotseland.

He wondered why President Sata sent vice-president Guy Scot and former President Rupiah Banda to celebrations marking 50 years of the union of Tanganyika and Zanzibar (now United Republic of Tanzania), when Zambia and Barotseland should have been celebrating the same this year, yet in Zambia the situation is different.

He said the Agreement that was abrogated by Zambia could not be regarded as the basis for devolution of power to all parts of Zambia as that was a separate union treaty between two countries.

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  • Nov

Zambia Security Forces are planning to undertake a covert operation into Namibia tomorrow (Sunday November 3, 2013).

The operation is aimed at capturing and abducting back to Zambia Mombotwa Afumba, the chairman of Linyungandambo, a separatist movement operating in Western province.

Mombotwa is also the self-declared Administrator-General of Western province or Barotseland, as the secessionists call the region.

Zambian authorities have gathered intelligence information that Mombotwa fled to Namibia and is suspected to be operating in the Caprivi region especially the towns of Rundu in the Kavango region and Katima-Mulilo.

It is believed that the police intercepted Afumba’s phone calls and emails he sent from his hideout in Namibia.

But the Watchdog has been told by one of the officers in the group that the operation is covert and the Namibian authorities are not aware.

"We are doing what the Americans did when they captured Bin Laden", said one officer.

Asked why the Zambia government could not simply request their Namibian counterparts to ‘surrender’ Afumba, the source said there was no guarantee that Windhoek would cooperate.

Sources said there was the additional fear of alerting Afumba ‘if we tried to go through the Namibian Police or government’.

The source said that Afumba could even obtain a court order from Namibia blocking the Zambian police from extraditing him.

The Zambian team is expected to cross in to Namibia tonight at Katima Mulilo border.

Dozens of Lozis are detained in the capital Lusaka under the charge of treason for trying to break away from Zambia.

Those detained and facing treason charges which carries a death sentence include Clement Sinyinda, the former traditional prime minister of Barotseland.

Afumba was born in 1955 in Western province.

He worked for the Ministry of Agriculture as a Cotton Officer for two years, and later on he joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for sixteen years in the department of Communications - Source: Zambia Watchdog

  • 15
  • May

The Barotseland National Information Center has received reports that the Government of the Republic of Zambia has deployed an added number of soldiers combined with Police Officers to the now independent Barotseland Kingdom in readiness for the Zambian Jubilee preparatory celebrations which are scheduled to take place on 17th and 18th May, 2014.

The main purpose for these extra security personnel to Barotseland is to coerce all the civil servants to participate in the jubilee celebrations, the center understand, and that a stern warning has already been issued that those in the public service who will choose not to participate in the celebrations will receive instant dismissals from their various posts. The report further says that in contrast, however, the Zambian Government did not send any such security personnel to any of the Zambian provinces but only in Barotseland, and it appears they have another agenda apart from the jubilee celebrations.

“We hear that the idea is to portray to the international community that all is well between Barotseland and Zambia, and that the Zambian government still has support in Barotseland.

“However, on the ground it is becoming very clear that there is completely no relationship between the two nations. The relationship may just be in existence in a few Zambian politicians’ minds only” said one civil servant talked to.

The sentiments above were echoed by a number of other civil servants talked to from different Zambian government departments, who all confirmed having received the warnings about failure to attend the celebrations.

“Those threats are correct and true as we have already been warned to be fired instantly should we not participate,” said another.

However, when asked whether they were going to participate as Zambians or Barotzish, they were all quick to add that despite their fear of victimization, they would want to use the occasion to celebrate the liberty of Barotseland.

“We are Barotzish and also behind the Barotseland Government which is preparing to start operations. Therefore, we wish to declare that this is also our Jubilee, as Barotseland is getting free. In fact we look forward to implementing the new programs under the Barotse government. ” 

“Many Lozis might not come out in the open now for fear that they may be victimized; otherwise they are Barotzish citizens and are behind the new programs which they hope will be different from programs under Zambia.”

Reported by Gibson Muzige Sitamulaho of the National Information Centre, Royal Barotseland

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  • Feb

Mongu - Barotseland.

The Barotseland National Youth League is disturbed with the reports that a Zambian citizen, Susan Mwakalombe, the Assistant Superintendent – 2nd D. Prosecuting Officer has applied to have the case between the Zambian Government v Boris Muziba, Nayoto Mwenda, Sikwibele Wasilota, transferred to Kaoma for reasons that there may be court disturbances during the court proceedings tomorrow the 11th of February, 2014, when the case comes for mention.

The question is that why the Zambian judicial system does intrude in family matters; especially when the person whom the letter was intended for has not complained? This on the other hand confirms allegations contained in the letter.

At the same time, the 3 Barotzish Nationals are still maintaining their position and stance that they don’t and will never recognize the Zambian law and its judicial system, and would like to have the case tried by the Namuso Kuta under the laws of Royal Barotseland Kingdom. Because if there is any offence the 3 may have committed against Mr. Sinyinda who is a son of the soil; this case can be tried under the Namuso Kuta without any problem and the offence if any was committed in Barotseland Kingdom and not in Zambia, and why does Zambia get involved in this case?

Therefore, there is no reason this person Susan Mwakalombe can give, for having to transfer the case. She wants to deny relatives and sympathizers to listen to the case. Those days Zambia used to say it’s just a group of disgruntled individuals who fighting for independence”, now they are fearing the multitude to attend the court proceedings, saying they will disturb the court proceedings. Let’s hope the Zambian Government knows what they are doing; all these are charges against humanity this same Susan Mwakalombe will face and her friends. This sounds more like a joke, but one day she will come begging for forgiveness. No matter how much they will hide, all those that are misbehaving against innocent Barotzish citizens will be punished. Why forcing people to be in a failed union. Therefore, there is nothing that will stop the independence of Barotseland; if someone stops in its way, they will be crushed.

Likando likando - Acting Chairman General, Barotseland National Youth League

Masiyaleti Masiyaleti - Deputy Secretary General, Barotseland National Youth League

Kalaluka Mutumba - Deputy Vice Secretary General, Barotseland National Youth League

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