Zambia Electioneering: More Politicians Promise Barotseland Agreement 1964 Resolution as they seek Barotse Vote

20 November 2014
Robert Sichinga - Zambian Politician Vying for PF Presidency

A Zambian presidential aspirant who is also Commerce and trade minister Bob Sichinga has said he will resolve the Barotseland Agreement 'impasse' if elected Zambian president.

Speaking at a press briefing Wednesday morning when he announced his intention to vie for the Patriotic Front presidency following the death of President Michael Sata, Sichinga said there was need to resolve Barotseland Agreement issue and other developmental projects that were initiated by the late president Sata.

The Youth and Sports Minister Chishimba kambwili, who had at one time warned that the Zambian government would meet the people of Barotseland head on should they try to revert to their previous status (which he called succeeding), is among the PF politicians who have filed in nomination papers for the PF presidency.

Zambians will vote for the president on20th January 2015 and the politicians are already scheming on what lies to take to Barotseland.

Each time there is a presidential election Zambian politicians raise the Barotseland Agreement 1964 issue to win votes in Barotseland. With an impending presidential by – election to be held on the 20th of January 2015 called upon by the death of late president Michael Sata’s this matter will once again be a campaign issue. What is not clear, however, is whether Barotse citizens will entertain Zambian electioneering, with Barotseland independence activists already calling for the total snubbing of the by-election.

Although Barotseland declared independence from Zambia in 2012, her processes of citizenship, like many other government institutions, are not yet finalized, and Zambia administration still holds control of the territory, and do not spare a moment to show just how much in control they still are, with thousands of military and security operatives camped all over Barotseland, besieging the emerging country.

The Barotseland Agreement that was signed between Barotseland and Northern Rhodesia in 1964 to form Zambia was abrogated in 1969 by Zambia, and on 27th March 2012, Barotseland resolved to accept the abrogation and revert to her previous status following unheeded pleas by Barotseland authorities for Zambia to restore the now defunct treaty.

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