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Mugabe on lockdown at his house

14 November 2017
Tanks Seen Heading to Harare After Army Chief Threatens to ‘Step In’


ZIMBABWEAN President Robert Mugabe has been on lockdown in his house for the last two days, close government sources have revealed.

This afternoon, over 10 tanks were seen heading to Harare, a day after the commander of the armed forces of Zimbabwe announced that when aspirations of the revolution were threatened, the army was obliged to take corrective measures.

A new command center has since been set up in Masvingo, as political analysts see the possibility of a coup in the neighboring country.

This comes barely a week after President Mugabe sacked his vice, Emmerson Mnangagwa, the likely successor in the ZANU-PF.

Mnangagwa has since fled the country.

“As we speak, Bob has been on lockdown at his house for the last two days; there is no one being allowed in or out. Others on lockdown are Professor Moyo and his boys in G40. All military strategic locations have been secured and a new command center set up in Masvingo,” said the source. “…All key government offices are heavily guarded. It seems what is being negotiated is an exit plan for Bob, to be effective immediately and Grace has not been allowed to sit in those meetings.” – The Mast

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