Hon. Afumba and Others Denied Visits – Barotseland Intelligence Update

06 December 2014

We have received reliable information that ever since His Excellence Afumba Mombotwa and others were arrested by the Zambian occupying police officers yesterday in Kasaya, they have not been allowed to be visited by any person. This means both family members and general populace of Barotseland is being denied access to their spouses, fathers, friends and leaders. This also means that they have been hidden from the public, and the question is, WHY? What is the Zambian police, OP and the Zambian government planning to do with the detained.

Firstly this is a serious violation of Human Rights for those detained. Not only is that, but it also shows that Zambia still has no regard for the rule of law, and neither do they understand what territoriality mean nor do they understand simple principles of international law.

The purported and trumped up charge of treason felony does not apply in this case or in the question of Barotseland’s decision to revert to her original status. This issue should not warrant anyone’s arrest or imprisonment. However, it seems for Zambia, it is the other way round.

We wish to bring to the attention of the entire Kingdom of Barotseland and the world over of those who committed the grave crimes of treachery and aiding an enemy as they appear in the Penal Code (PC) and Criminal Procedure Code (PCP) of Royal Barotseland and even the world over. The most prominent in this act that led to the arrest of Hon. Afumba is now known and named to be an Induna at Mboo Kuta of Mwandi Palace in Sisheke where Senior Chief Inyambo Yeta reigns. His full names are Chindu Lubinda, Induna Amukutehile.

Mwandi palace is the chiefdom found in Sisheke Region of Barotseland previously known as Sesheke district of Zambia. It is reported that he was not working alone but with someone else, one of the royal guards locally known as “Kapaso” whose details we are yet to report on. To those that follow events in Barotseland, you will recall that this same man was an Induna at Namuso but was later fired because of similar treacherous behavior and worse.

To the Zambian police in Barotseland, we are instructing you to stop these criminal behaviors you have exhibited so far and make our leaders accessible to their people. Can you start acting as civilized people for once in your profession? Time for gross misconduct is long gone, and not acceptable in the 21st century policing. Don’t say you were not told, should you fail to comply and adhere to this simple but important instruction, DO NOT hold us responsible to whatever is going to happen. Hiding our true and God given Leaders from us will only land you in deep problems, not to mention anything to do with torture of any kind. You have been warned. We are already fully aware that you denying them of their basic human rights. One word is enough for the wise.

Statement Issued by: Barotseland Intelligence.

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