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FRANCE: Region DEMANDS INDEPENDENCE to join INDEPENDENT CATALONIA as thousands of activists march to ‘stun’ Macron

07 November 2017
A French region across the border has called for a united Catalan state PHOTO by RUPTLY, GETTY

THE controversy surrounding the struggle for Catalan independence from Spain has crossed over the border, as 'Northern Catalans' are now demanding freedom from France to unite with Catalonia, the Express has reported.

Around 2,000 protesters took to the streets yesterday in Perpignan, southwestern France, to demand their own independence referendum.

Activists at the peaceful march revealed their hopes for a 'united Catalan state' that would break apart Spain and France - amid fears of an independence domino effect in the EU.

People held esteladas - Catalan independence flags - during the massive demonstration in Perpignan, under the motto 'We are Northern Catalonia, we want to decide'.

The demonstration in the Pyrénées region marked the anniversary of a 1659 Treaty, where Catalonia was taken over by French and Spanish control.

One protester said: "I am for democracy, for freedom and for defending the freedom of Catalonia North and South. We are here to support political prisoners."

Another added: "We are behind the protesters in Catalonia and I am very proud of the mobilization here in Perpignan."

Many voiced their frustration at the local town hall for refusing to erect the Catalan esteladas, after councillors feared for to its "extreme politicitization".

The people attending the march also demanded the release of the Catalan 'political prisoners' - the members of the deposed Barcelona government who have been jailed by Spain.

Nine Catalonian politicians have been jailed, while Madrid has issued a European Arrest Warrant against Carles Puigdemont.

Members of the Catalonian leadership face up to 30 years in prison for their attempt to breakaway from Spain.

Also on Saturday, thousands of Basque people showed their solidarity with Catalan independence and against Madrid's use of Article 155 - EXPRESS.CO.UK

Activists at the peaceful march revealed their hopes for a united Catalan state
Activists at the peaceful march revealed their hopes for a united Catalan state
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