Dr. Situmbeko, acting Administrator General, Gives Zambian government 48 hrs to release Afumba and the rest, warns against Zambia electioneering in Barotseland

08 December 2014

07th December, 2014

Press Release

Fellow Countrymen and women, we are saddened by the barbaric and distasteful act by the Zambian Government for capturing our noble leader who has not committed any wrong against Zambia. His Excellency Rt. Hon. Afumba Mombotwa is a highest official in the Barotseland Government, and his capturing amounts to intimidation and provocation of the highest order and this will definitely bring conflicts which will possibly speedup our independence dream.

We shall not accept another country to disrespect us and continue to violate our rights as a nation; Article 7 of United Nations Charter requires all countries to respect other countries and it doesn’t allow countries to interfere in the internal affairs of other nations.

We request all Barotzis to remain loyal and unite behind Linyungandambo/Barotseland Administration as the Government is doing all it can to handle all the problems affecting the Nation as a whole with all speed possible. We shall not fear anything when it comes to defending our leaders and sovereignty.

Barotseland will not participate in voting in the Zambian Presidential by-elections; hence, Zambian Political parties intending to campaign in Barotseland should do so at their own risk this time. Don’t say we were not informed!

Zambia is not Barotseland and the two shall never be one country. Be reminded that it is not the job of the policemen and courts to block our independence, if they feel they can, then we shall see how far they will go. Justice Mambilima and his friends should do whatever they are doing with the full knowledge that Zambia is not Barotseland and will be given the rightful dose.

What Zambia has done to Barotseland this time is something that will never be forgotten or forgiven, and the Barotseland Government demands their immediate release; any torture or food poisoning administered to the trio will not be entertained at all costs, and it will bring misery to Zambia. Take this as a serious warning!

Hitherto, the Government program continues and without changing any plan or course of action; what is important is that, we have a Government in place which ensures that all activities are carried out as always!

We therefore, have all the information about the traitor who has betrayed us; according to our intelligence sources, he is one of the stewards, and now we are closely monitoring all his movements!

Conversely, we demand that these people namely Rt. Hon. Afumba Mombotwa, Rt. Hon. Likando Pelekelo and Rt. Hon. Sylvester Kalima be released immediately in 48 hours effective from 07th December, 2014, if not, we shall respond accordingly in a language Zambia may understand; it appears Zambia is inviting for more trouble from us!

By Dr. Matengu Situmbeko
Acting Administrator General
Royal Barotseland Government

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