Delegations that represented their respective countries or organizations at the final discussions of the Barotseland Agreement in London

21 December 2014

The discussions were held at Marlborough House in London during the period of 5th to 19th May 1964 that culminated in the signing of the Barotseland Agreement 1964. Here are the personalities that represented their respective countries or organizations;


Rt. Hon. Duncan Sandy's, M. P ( Secretary of State for Commonwealth Relations and Colonies )
Mr. Richard Hornby ( Parliamentary under -secretary of state for Commonwealth Relations and the Colonies )
Sir. Seville Garner, K.C.M.G
Sir. Arthur Snelling, K.C.M.G , K.C.V.I
Mr. N. D Watson, C.M.G
Mr. S. P. Whitley
Mr. A. R. Rushford, C.M.G
Mr. C. J. Hooton, C.M.G, M.B.E, Q.C
Mr. G. W. Jameson
Mr. D. R. Wilmont
Governor of Northern Rhodesia
Sir. Evelyn. D. Hone, K.C.M.G, C.V.O, O.B.E


Dr. K. D. Kaunda, Prime Minister - Leader
Mr. M. M. Chona, Minister of Justice
Mr. S. M. Kapwepwe, Minister of Home Affairs
Mr. A. N. L. Wina, Minister of Finance
Mr. E. H. K. Mundenda, Minister of Agriculture
Mr. A. L. Milner, parliamentary secretary to the Prime minister
Mr. K. K. Chivunga, parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Health
Mr. H. M. Kikombe, minister of the Legislative Assembly


Sir. Mwanawina III, K.B.E- Leader
Mr. Imenda Sibandi, the Hon. Ngambela of Barotseland
Mr. Ndangwa. H. Noyooh, elected Councilor
Mr. Kawana Mulemwa, elected Councilor
Induna Imukondo
Induna Imandi


Mr. Harry. M. Nkumbula- Leader
Mr. Mufaya Mumbuna
Mr. B. L. Lombe


Mr. H. J. Robert - Leader
Mr. C. D. Burney
Mr. H. R. E. Mitchley


Mr. W. M. McCall, Q. C
Mr. L. Bean, M. B. E
Mr. A. E. Lewis
Mr. I. M. Eldridge
Mr. D. M. Tallmadge
Mr. R. C. Andrew
Mr. A. M. Hinds
Mr. A. J. R. Noel
Mr. F. Bellows


Mr. J. T. A. Howard- Drake
Mr. C. D. W. Adams
Mr. A. M. Fox
Mr. T. A. A. Hart
Mr. E. D. Davies
Mr. R. C. Kite
Mr. N. O. Rampton

Having concluded the deliberations, the British government, being the convener produced the following statement signifying the end of the discussion:-

" The Secretary of state, in conclusion, informed the Conference that, having regard to the settlement of constitutional matters reached at the Conference and to the separate agreement reached outside the conference between the Northern Rhodesia government and the Litunga of Barotseland in the future position of Barotseland within Northern Rhodesia, the British government has decided that Northern Rhodesia, under the name of the Republic of Zambia, should become independent on 24th October, 1964."

Besides, the Prime Minister had undertaken to respect the Barotseland Agreement and stated as follows:-

" The Prime minister of Northern Rhodesia undertook on behalf of his Government, that the Agreement would be reaffirmed by the Government of Northern Rhodesia at Independence."

This shows that the BA64 was well discussed and adequately prepared and it was timely set that any disruption of it was apt to create problems which Zambia is faced to day as the consequences of abrogating it.


Compiled by Saleya Kwalombota

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