Barotseland Zambia's Refugee Camp - A collection of Poems & Lamentations by Professor Sitwala Imenda

12 January 2015

1. I. Barotseland: The Refugee Camp

Barotseland Once a land of plenty

Barotseland Once a land of envy

Now just a giant refugee camp A dump

All in 50 years of foreign occupation Zambian military occupation

Barotseland Now despised and disparaged

Neglected and dejected

Intimidated and Harassed

Children of inequity Born to suffer

Born to struggle

Gnashing and grinding of teeth Day by day Night by night

Living on the edge

Living on the fringes of life

Feeding from crumbs falling off The master's table

Slaves Living without freedom

Living without hope

Life is temporary and unpredictable

Erratic and volatile

Unstable and capricious

Living minute-by-minute




Week-by- week




Human rights suspended

Political freedom denied

Economic freedom deferred

Freedom of association cancelled

Freedom of expression revoked

Refugee camp life

Not a life

Refugees in our own homeland


Cruel Zambians

Merciless Zambians

Pitiless Zambians

Ruthless Zambians

Hard-hearted Zambians

Starving our children

Callous Zambians

Smell of poverty everywhere

Pains my heart

Smell of hunger everywhere


Smell of neglect everywhere


Smell of destitution everywhere


Smell of slavery everywhere


Smell of despair everywhere


Smell of disease everywhere

Stressful Smell of misery everywhere


Smell of unemployment


Smell of dejection

Crippling Life in Barotseland


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