Afumba Mombotwa’s Safety in Prison further threatened as latest Barotseland Intelligence Reports implicate compromised ‘liberation’ and Lozi leaders in the scheme.

26 December 2014
Afumba Mombotwa (far right) Spotted at Mwembeshi Maximum Prison 24th December

Hon. Afumba is very much in danger of poisoning by Zambian assigned plants within the prison, latest reports have revealed.

“The information received again is in agreement with the earlier one. The source is from OP (Zambia Office of the president) personnel , operating from State House, who claims to have attended the meeting that resolved to hire mercenaries to eliminate the general (Administrator General Afumba) through food poisoning, or poisoning the blankets, or drinking water.”

According to this report, the mission timeline is 7 days, and when accomplished the trio (Afumba, Pelekelo and Kalima) would then be released on a nolle.

The personalities named and planted to carry out this mission by OP is named to be Masiye and Mashekwa who were recently arrested in very un clear and suspicious circumstances at Afumba’s latest court appearance, which has since be rubbished as a fake arrest, only done to plant the two in Mwembeshi prison close to Afumba and other Barotseland leaders and also to hoodwink and deceive unsuspecting people.

The purported OP meeting, where this scheme was designed, took place on 30th Nov 2014 way before the arrest of the leaders took place.

The source further prayed for the media to report and expose this;

“I hereby reaffirm the issue of the safety of Hon. Afumba I brought to your attention earlier on to our media platform, however due to the unfolding information of the planned evil scheme against Hon. Afumba, I am troubled to ignore or keep silent over the just received information too. I would have used Zambian watchdog to have this issue published in order to curtail the planned evil before it is done, but looking at the issue at hand it is suitable to be handled first by our own media.” Said the source to Barotseland Intelligence, who in confirmation have authorized the publication of this report.

In the grand scheme of thwarting the Barotseland independence, it has now been decided to eliminate the front leaders, and using some activists as mercenaries in exchanged for money. Some named compromised top leader belonging to a competing liberation movement as well as some greedy BRE indunas have also been named to be collaborators in this attempt to have Hon. Afumba and other transitional government leaders eliminated permanently.

Before his arrest, Masiye’s movements and activities were suspected to be fully funded and protected by the OP.

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