Afumba and three others’ Court Appearance Switched twice to Evade Media as Zambia police arrest people attending his court hearing.

22 December 2014
File: Afumba Mombotwa addressing the March 2012 BNC

Afumba and three others’ Court Appearance Switched twice to Evade Media as Zambia police arrest people attending his court hearing.

Honorable Masiye Masialeti, a member of Hon. Afumba’s Barotseland interim government has been arrested this afternoon, along side undisclosed others, at Mumbwa Magistrate Court shortly after today’s court proceedings at which hearing Rt. Hon. Afumba Mombotwa and his co-accused Likando Pelekelo and Hon Kalima Sylvester appeared for mention. The trio were arrested by Zambia police on the 5th of December 2014 at Kasaya after they had visited Senior Chief Inyambo of Mwandi in Sesheke, and on their way to Livingstone.

The police arrested Masiye Masialeti and others after they attended the case but it is not clear what charge has been slapped on them.

Masiye is one of the 84 people who were rounded up and arrested in August of 2013 after a video of the swearing-in of Afumba Mombotwa as Administrator General of the Barotseland transitional government was circulated on popular media.

Zambia defense Minister, then Geoffrey Mwamba, had alleged that Afumba’s swearing-in video was uploaded from Masiye’s house at Sioma High School and after he was released he (Masiye) was fired from the civil service.

On 1st November last year Masiye and all the treason accused were released after the Director of Public Prosecutions entered a nolle prosequei.

Meanwhile, the case that was transferred from Mungu Magistrate court to Lusaka Magistrate court was today dramatically heard at Mumbwa Magistrate court without prior notice, all in an effort to black-it out from media coverage. While some section of the media went to Lusaka Magistrate court or Mungu magistrate court the case was actually heard at Mumbwa magistrate court at 14:00hrs, at which hearing the matter was adjourned to 6th January 2015 for mention.

The accused have all been slapped with treason felony punishable by death under Zambian laws if proven guilty.

There is now heightened fear for the safety of those arrested as well as many other Barotseland interim government officials and Barotseland independence activists in general as the Zambian government has proven ruthless and heavy handed on the people of Barotseland questing for self-determination. The evening of 19th December 2014, Barotseland Intelligence reported a foiled attempted kidnapping of Hon. Afumba from Mwembeshi maximum prison on the pretext that the Zambian minister of home affairs, Edgar Lungu, had instructed for his release when in fact Mr. Guy Scot, the Zambian acting president had not even signed for such an instruction. The plan was to allegedly have him (Afumba) harmed if not killed.

As it is no Zambian media, either radio or television was able to cover today's court proceeding as it was done in such a secretive manner.

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