Acting Administrator General’s Tour - Press Release by the Department of Information & Media Services, Royal Barotseland

12 December 2014


Acting Administrator General’s Tour - Press Release by the Department Of Information & Media Services, Royal Barotseland

Dr. Matengu Situmbeko, the Acting Administrator General of Barotseland Kingdom has embarked on a tour visiting many countries of the world with the aim to seek recognition for the Barotseland Nation; to woo and talk to investors and Governments, and he is accompanied by Mr. Sibeta Mundia, the Editor General at Barotseland Post, Dr. Hastings Njamba Muhau, a Geological and Mining Consultant! Here is his itinerary:

Date Country/ State
08/12/2014 – 11/12/2014 USA: Chicago Illinois, New York City and Los Angeles
12/12/2014 – 14/12/2014 France – Paris
15/12/2014 – 17-12-2014 Netherlands – Amsterdam and the Hague Cities
19/12/2014 – 20/12/2014 Britain: London and Manchester City
21/12/2014 – 23/12/2014 Germany: Berlin and Hanover

Mainly these are the first countries in his official tour to visit and he has received cordial invitations from those countries, and this tour is expected to bring a lot of foreign investment into Barotseland Kingdom; it is also expected to establish diplomatic relations and recognition of the Restored African State of Royal Barotseland Kingdom, headed by His Majesty King Lubosi Imwiko II (long live and may God bless and grant him long life)!

Conversely, Dr. Matengu is expected to be in the country on the 24th of December, 2014, while his second trip is expected to be in the first week of January and is likely to start with South Africa then Kenya and others.

Mrs. Ester Lutangu Muzwaule

Media Officer Department of Information & Broadcasting Services

Royal Barotseland Government

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