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It would be insanity for the Zambian government to bring their presidential by election campaign to Barotseland as this would contravene the territorial boundaries between the two countries. Barotseland is not the western region of Zambia; this truth should be accepted by all who believe in truth. The western province name in reference to remnant parts of Barotseland is cosmetic and it has no legal support as there was no consensus from people in the territory.

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Opposition parties describe the takeover a confiscation of people's victory.

Burkina Faso's opposition parties and the African Union have rejected the army's seizure of power in the West African country after the resignation of President Blaise Compaore.

A coalition of opposition parties and civil society groups met late on Saturday and issued a statement in which they described the army takeover a confiscation of people's victory.

"The victory of the popular uprising - and consequently the management of the transition - belongs to the people and should not in any way be confiscated by the army," the coalition of opposition parties and civil society groups said in the statement.

"Our consultation reaffirmed that this transition should be democratic and civilian in character," it said, announcing a demonstration in the vast Place de la Nation for Sunday morning.

The military top brass named Lieutenant Colonel Isaac Zida, deputy commander of the elite presidential guard, as head of state on Saturday.

A power struggle within the armed forces was resolved by sidelining the chief of staff.

One of Africa's long-serving rulers, Compaore stepped down on Friday after two days of mass demonstrations against his attempts to change the constitution to extend his 27 years in power.

At least three people were killed after protesters stormed the parliament building and set it on fire.

On the streets of Ouagadougou, the capital, protesters voiced anger that they had driven out Compaore - who seized power in a 1987 military coup - only to have another soldier imposed on them.

Parliament dissolved

Under Burkina Faso's 1991 constitution, the head of parliament should take office if the president resigns, with a mandate to organise elections within 90 days. However, the army has dissolved the legislature and suspended the constitution.

In a statement issued by military leaders after meeting to appoint Zida to power, they said the form and duration of the transition would be decided in consultation with all sections of society.

Troops loyal to Zida patrolled the quiet streets of Ouagadougou on Saturday.

"This is not a coup d'etat but a popular uprising," Zida, dressed in military fatigues, said in the studio of BF1 television. "I salute the memory of the martyrs of this uprising and bow to the sacrifices made by our people."

Meanwhile, in a strongly worded statement, the African Union called for the military to hand power over to civilian authorities. It said the Peace and Security Council - the arm of the 54-nation bloc that imposes sanctions for violations of democratic process - would discuss the situation on Monday.

"The Chairperson of the [African Union] Commission ... stresses the duty and obligation of the defence and security forces to place themselves at the disposal of the civilian authorities who should lead the transition," read the statement.

The government of neighbouring Ivory Coast said on Saturday that Compaore had arrived there with his family and entourage but did not specify his location.

Military sources said he was staying at a presidential retreat in the coastal resort of Assinie, to the east of the economic capital, Abidjan.

Source: Agencies

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There is a great pressure to try to launder the demised Zambian leader, Michael Sata’s name mainly because of the culture of most Zambian people. Like one Zambian singer, B1, bluntly put it a year ago in his song, “He was a good man.” However, truth be told Sata was just as brutal to Barotseland as his predecessors before him, if not more.

I am immediately drawn to the command Sata issued publicly to his military, and as commander in chief of his  armed forces, in the presence of SADC heads of security forces when he said, “…go to Lukulu(Barotseland), and when you hear them (Lozis) say ‘eni sha’ just fire…when you hear them say ‘faa, faa’, just fire (at them)” as he expressly set a tone on how he wanted his army to deal with the people of Barotseland demanding their rights to self-determination. This was probably the lowest he had sunk to in as far as his hatred for Barotseland was concerned.

Remember he had already mocked the Litunga, and called the Lozi king as a thief who had ‘stolen’ from other tribal land and gave to the British in exchange for a British guard’s uniform? He had threatened to use his ‘pen’ to deal with the Litunga if he entertained secessionists in his kingdom in apparent reference to possibly ‘de-gazetting’ him, as he seemed to believe he had power to do so.

Remember, also that it is the same man who commanded the arrest of hundreds of Barotse nationals, including 13 year old children, old women and the physically challenged man, and had them incarcerated for over four months in the most brutal way after charging them with trump up charge of treason punishable by death upon conviction in Zambian courts of law. This was after they were accused of celebrating the announcement of a transitional government in Barotseland in pursuit of the 27th March Barotse National Council that unanimously resolved to accept the unilateral nullification of the Barotseland Agreement of 1964 by Zambia, and also resolved that Barotseland immediately initiate all formal and necessary procedures and acts for the re-establishment of Barotseland Sovereignty and Independence, a de facto break away from its current disputed underlying status within the Republic of Zambia. And yet he refused to sign a petition initiated by the BNFA to have the matter of Barotseland tried by neutral arbitration at the Hague.

Mr. Sata made so many promises to Barotseland, none of which he has fulfilled, although now monitoring the comments of some Zambians, are being parroted as some of his achievements for Barotseland, even when they don’t exist, such as the nonexistent Mongu ultra modern stadium, King Lewanika University and now Senanga University, all which he is praised to have given to Barotseland?

Above all remember how he deceived the people of Barotseland prior to the 2011 presidential and general election, calling himself the chief ‘Linyungandambo’ the leading Barotseland independence movement? Prior to president Michael Chilufya Sata winning the 2011 presidential election as 5th republican president, he was on public record making an electoral promise, severally, to the Barotse people through the media and at public election campaign rallies, that he and his Patriotic Front government would restore and honour the long disputed Barotseland Agreement of 1964 within 90 days of assuming presidential office if he and his political party won that particular election. He went on further to say that there was nothing to fear about the agreement. Sata was widely covered by both private and public national media.

Commenting on then Vice-President George Kunda’s meeting with the Litunga of Barotseland, the Ngambela and some senior Barotse Indunas in Limulunga held on Tuesday, 4th January 2011, Sata said that the Barotse Agreement was real.

“The Barotse Agreement is still a valid agreement,” Sata said. “How can you ignore an agreement that was signed, sealed and delivered almost 47 years ago?”
Sata maintained that the Barotse Agreement was still legitimate and President Rupiah Banda simply needed to show honour by acknowledging its validity and existence.

“There is no honest person who can deny the existence and validity of the Barotse Agreement. And those with honour and integrity honour valid agreements they have entered into whether they still like them or not,” Sata said.

“The PF government will honour the Barotse Agreement without hesitation because we have no problems with it. We see nothing wrong with it.”

Sata said Zambians needed to learn to live in a country of diversity and that it was also a fundamental principle even in international law for successive governments to honour agreements they find.

“We have always said we have nothing to fear about the Barotse Agreement. It is a decent agreement that must be honoured,” Sata said.

“Only crooks, dictators who want everything to be controlled by them from Lusaka can fear the Barotse Agreement.”
Sata said the Barotse Agreement was not about secession but a higher and advanced form of national unity.

“How can an agreement that brought our country together as a unitary sovereign state be seen to be a divisive instrument; to be about secession and treason?” Sata wondered.

“The Barotse Agreement united and brought together what was not united; what was divided. It is an agreement that brought unity in diversity to our people and as such must be honoured and respected.”

He said intimidation and threats of treason would not resolve the matter.

“How can an agreement that exists be treasonable? That agreement is real, so what’s treasonous about that? In fact, the peace and unity that Zambia has enjoyed since independence as a sovereign state can be partly attributed to the Barotse Agreement,” Sata said.

“PF would like to see to it that Zambia remains an oasis of peace by engaging the people of Barotseland over the Barotse Agreement and ensure that their grievances are resolved once and for all.”

However, in spite of all the above open and public political assurances Mr. Sata made as an opposition leader, while seeking the Barotse vote, nor sooner had he assumed political office than he too had treated the Barotse people no different from his predecessors, recording the highest number of detentions and mass arrests, with over 84 Barotse people arrested and tried for treason over the abrogated Barotseland Agreement 1964 at one point.

While it is true that many Barotse nationals may wish to mourn with Zambia over president Sata’s passing, it is farfetched to expect them to sing his praises. However, we wish Zambia a peaceful transition in this second national tragedy of losing a sitting president in six years.

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26th October, 2014

Ms. Dominique Morisse
Program Specialist
World Heritage Center
UNESCO, Paris, France


Without reservation; we would like to state that, let nobody take the Barotzis for granted and the international community must be seen to promote peace and not cause antagonism between states. The distinct and separate status of Barotseland cannot be questionable.

1)    Zambia is not Barotseland; in the same vein, Barotseland is not Zambia; the two are not identical.

2)    The King of Barotseland is not the King of Zambia, and he shall never be!

3)    There is no law, no philosophy that allowed Zambia to rule Barotseland before and after declaration of liberty in 2012.

4)    Barotseland was not res nullius or terra nullius from 1500 to date 2014.

5)    Barotseland was a British Protectorate and not a British Crown Colony.

6)    Neither Mr. Lungu nor Chikwanda can prove how Zambia occupied Barotseland. It is indisputable that politics operates on abstract principles; whereas law operates on legality. When Mr. Kaunda said “we cannot have a nation within a nation” referring to Barotseland; that was not law but politics.

7)    Who says Zambian politics is the only politics and Barotseland politics is not politics.

8)    Mr. Sata, Mr. Lungu or Mr. Guy Scott all know thoroughly well that there was Barotse National Council that was convened in conformity with international law in 2012. But because they think Barotzis are easy to kill, they deliberately ignored principles of law, and continued in their aggressive acts to advance their quest for colonizing us.

9)    The sovereignty of the Barotzish King and of the people of Barotseland cannot be alienated by Mr. Lungu or by cheap politicking.

10)    There is absolutely nothing that warrants Mr. Lungu and his cohorts to meddle in the internal affairs of King Lewanika’s territory.

11)    There are only three ways in which one can possess a territory:

(i)    By conquest
(ii)    Inheritance or
(iii)    By right granted (immigrants and aliens)

12)    In her acts and activities Zambia has proved to be a rogue state.

13)    Aliens as they are (according to game proclamation of 1905) Zambia keeps on going to the Litunga head of Barotseland hoping that they can make a point to the outside world to enable them ride on our backs. Whatever they do is based on the context of belief. They believe that when one steals, as long as he feels that there is nothing wrong, then that is acceptable.

They believe that they can wipe away Barotseland like malaria or Ebola. If Mr. Lungu was civilized, he should have realized that no normal person could have the courage to nullify the Agreement and then insist on having the rights derived from the same Agreement that is nullified. Morally and legally it is inadmissible; except in Zambia and not in Barotseland. What a deceptive people! Can any reasonable person fail to understand what is meant by the clause “the people of Barotseland shall freely determine their political, social and economic development” as asserted at Barotse National Council in 2012.

Zambia does not believe or consider or regard people of Barotseland as people; for this reason, people of Barotseland were perpetually incarcerated for realizing for who they are!

Ironically speaking, in 1989 UNESCO international Meeting of Experts on the elucidation of the concept of Rights of peoples, developed a detailed description of peoples and it defined peoples as a group of individual human beings who enjoys some or all the following features among them:

i)    A cultural homogeneity
ii)    Linguistic unity
iii)    Territorial connection
iv)    Common economic life

All of these features made and still make Barotse Nation. Whereas those features cannot be found in Zambia, apart from being a cosmopolitan state! This definition is compatible with the meaning of people as referred to in the Barotseland Agreement 1964 where it states “people of Barotseland”.

By the foregoing, it will be incredible for UNESCO to insist on, and believe that Barotse Plain in the Barotseland Territory is a heritage belonging to Zambia, a foreign entity from Barotseland. So whatever agreement you will enter into with Zambia over the Barotse Plain is not going to be considered valid to the people of Barotseland, because you were engaging with wrong people belonging to another state. Let the people of Barotseland decide whether Barotse Plain should become a world heritage or not!

Please UNESCO we deserve the rights accorded to other people too.

We hope that you will consider this piece of advice to be very cardinal.

Yours faithfully,

Rt. Hon. Kalaluka W. Mulope
Secretary of State for Legal Affairs
Royal Barotseland Government
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

cc. Nkandu Luo – Minister of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs in Zambia!

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President Compaore had earlier urged talks with all parties
President Compaore had earlier urged talks with all parties

Burkina Faso's President Blaise Compaore has announced his resignation, following violent protests at his attempt to extend his 27-year rule.

Mr Compaore issued a statement saying the presidency was now vacant and urging elections within 90 days.

Military chief Gen Honore Traore says he has taken over as head of state.

On Thursday, protesters angry at Mr Compaore's attempt to amend the constitution set fire to parliament and government buildings.
'Social peace'

Following the protests, Mr Compaore said he had agreed not to seek another term, but that he would remain in power until a transitional government had completed its work in 2015.

However, the opposition continued to demand that he resign. Its leader, Zephirin Diabre, urged protesters to occupy public spaces.

There were cheers when an army spokesman told the crowd gathered in front of army headquarters on Friday that Mr Compaore had left office, AFP news agency reports.

Mr Compaore's statement, read on television, said: "In order to preserve the democratic gains, as well as social peace. I declare a power vacuum to allow the establishment of a transition leading to free and fair elections within a maximum of 90 days."

His whereabouts now remain unclear.

However, Reuters news agency reported that a heavily armed convoy believed to be carrying Mr Compaore was travelling towards the southern town of Po.

Gen Traore has now said he has taken over.

Late on Thursday, he had announced the creation of the transitional government, declared the dissolution of parliament and imposed a night curfew.

BBC News looks back at Blaise Compaore's three decades of power

  • Former soldier and served under President Thomas Sankara as minister of state to the presidency
  • Took power after Sankara was killed in mysterious circumstances by a group of soldiers in 1987
  • First elected president in 1991 and again in 1998
  • A new constitution in 2000 limited presidents to two terms in office, and limited terms to five years
  • Won two further terms
  • Faced outbreaks of violence on several occasions, including a military mutiny in 2011
  • Protests at attempts to amend the term limits began a year ago, fuelled by the high cost of living

Source: BBC

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18th November, 2012


Mr. Sinyinda has resigned from being the Ngambela (Lord Chancellor) at the time we least expected, and we know he has left a gap in the BRE; however, Mr Sinyinda is not the first one to resign in the history of Barotseland. By his action Mr Clement Sinyinda has made us believe what he has written in his letter of resignation, and so we do not want to add or subtract from what he has stated or to start speculating and making fabricated stories, that is not our character.

Although traditionally, Mr Sinyinda was only required to “Showelela” as a sign that he has relinquished his responsibilities, and later on write a letter to inform the people, instead he decided to write the King directly to inform him that he has resigned; which is not tradition.

However, the Kuta has accepted his resignation, thus there is nothing we can do in this matter.

Mr Sinyinda sought after advice from his family, and he acted on their advice. In his letter Mr Sinyinda personally set conditions for the Litunga to follow; do things work that way? Surely there is nothing in that letter that could be blown out of proportion, to damage the reputation of the Litunga (King). Really would the issue of a revolver warrant dismissal of Mutwaleti be an issue? There is nothing in the letter to cause commotion.

If it is the issue of self-rule; it must be understood that he resigned not that someone hindered him, but that junior Indunas did not give him respect. So what we know is that the Ngambela and the BRE are inseparable; but the

Ngambela has decided to resign and has left BRE and yet BRE still exists. So if there was a program that was followed by Mr Sinyinda it must be handed over to the Kuta particularly that of independence of Barotseland.

Our expectation is that, all those people who were staunch supporters of BRE should and must continue to do so; otherwise we shall doubt them and believe they were not supporters of BRE, an institution, but supporters of an individual.

Remember, we can have the country without the Ngambela and the situation will be normal, so long the King is there, but we cannot have the country with Indunas without the King. Our plea to all committees of Linyungandambo along the line of Rail from Copperbelt to Livingstone, from Sesheke to Lukulu, from Kaoma to Kalabo, from Lusaka to Shangombo, and all the citizens of Barotseland at home and abroad to stay calm, there is no need to cause any commotion, we know Mr Sinyinda as a peace lover and peace maker. The almighty God has already redeemed us!!

Peace be with you.

Silumesii Mubita
National Secretary - Linyungandambo

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The sublime words, “It is not Treason to seek Freedom!” first struck me as boy watching the famous Bible Movie; ‘The Ten Commandments’. The words are in the movie spoken by Moses in his defence before the Pharaoh of Egypt. The creators of the movie seem to make the deliberate attempt to portray the fact that Freedom is heaven’s endowment on all creatures created in the image of God and that Human beings, who these creatures are cannot continue to exist in the absence of the sense of Freedom without which they would rather die trying to achieve than fold hands and watch while others trample on their right to Freedom. It is for this reason that our forefathers came up with various instruments to protect the freedoms that every child of humanity should enjoy in such documents like the Universal declaration of Human Rights which include the Right to Self Determination because it must be said again that; ‘It is not Treason to seek Freedom!’

I have popularised this saying in a number of my writings and indeed in some of my speeches in relation to Barotseland’s right to and fight for self determination: ‘It is not Treason to seek Freedom.’ 

The events of the last few weeks have helped to bring this fact to surface again. Starting with the swearing in of one fondly referred to by his followers as the Right Honourable Afumba Mombotwa to the imaginary office of Administrator General of the so called Transitional Government of the Royal Kingdom of Barotseland, to the high handed action of the Zambian security forces in random arrests of people, innocent people I must add whose only crime was to celebrate the elusive actualization of a dream that belongs to every Barotse person worth their salt at home, in the Diaspora of Zambia and beyond its boundaries and indeed beyond the shores of mother Africa; that is the dream for a free and self governing Barotseland. Then followed the varied and various reactions from all kinds of sectors of our society. Sectors like Politicians, Government Officials, Academicians, Civil Society organizations including the Kaushikus of this world speaking on behalf of the so called Nkoya Royal Council. The top Civil Servant in Barotseland one, Emmanuel Mwamba, has not been left out in the line-up of comments and reaction and has taken full advantage of the situation to bask in the lime light which is one of his favourite sports. He has suspended other civil servants on mere suspicion that they too desire a free Barotseland and made statements some of which are far too partisan to be made by a civil servant and others are outright erroneous and even outrageous.  Mwamba, his Masters and everyone else that has had a field day over the situation in Barotseland ‘by making absurd and inappropriate comments, even those that have absolutely no moral right to make the unpalatable comments they have made need to be reminded that ‘It is not Treason to Seek Freedom!

Reading through Mwamba’s long statement in the Media where he hallucinated that there are other people that are behind the Barotse calls for self determination, one seems to wonder whether Self determination is a right or a crime. Will you please wake up Emmanuel, ‘It is not TREASON to seek FREEDOM!’ As the resident PS in Occupied Barotseland what you should be telling the occupying forces for which you work is that the calls for self determination are genuine serious and justified and they can no longer be ignored because doing so is tantamount to burying your heads in the sand in the face of approaching flames of a raging wild fire. Mr PS sir, please advise your masters that to continue to ignore the calls and demands of the Barotse people is to court trouble because this is a time bomb, if we do nothing about it, it will definitely erupt and catch your Government unawares like the devastating eruption of a dormant Volcano.

What is worse is that the Zambian Security forces have continued the field day and extended the arrests and harassment of innocent citizens of Barotseland causing havoc in their trail by stealing from their victims and also using the arrests to settle personal scores. The latest such foolish arrest is of a Mr. Mukenge, a respected member of society and headmaster of Kaoma Secondary School whose residence was besieged on Sunday 25th August 2013 afternoon and he was drugged into police custody like a common criminal. He was seen driven out of Kaoma in a police open van surrounded by heavily armed policemen on Monday morning (26th August 2013).

Let us face facts; if it is a crime to desire a Free and Self-Governing Barotseland, then the Zambian Government has no capacity to arrest the culprits because it is almost all of us Malozi. Let the Zambian occupying forces not deceive themselves into thinking that by arresting this or that one, maybe they can succeed in unlashing terror into the Barotse people so as to quieten their demands and break their resolve. Nothing can be much further from the truth and the reality. The more innocent people are arrested the more radical the remaining ones become because ‘IT IS NOT TREASON TO SEEK FREEDOM!’

What the Barotse people need is FREEDOM! We are not asking to be given ‘a dog’s horn’ or ‘a snails bone’, we are simply asking to be given our birth-right the right to determine our own future and destiny. On 27th March 2012 we made a declaration in full view of the whole world and in front of the then Zambia’s representative in occupied Barotseland Mr. John Kufuna, that we have had enough of this domination. Why does the Zambian Government sometimes act as though they do not know what we want? Or pretend as though we are making unreasonable or unheard off and strange propositions? It is only normal for a people that have been subjugated for as long as Barotseland has by the Zambian Government to demand what we are now demanding. It is rather amusing to hear it repeated over and over through the Zambian media houses that the people being arrested are being charged with Treason according to one, Ms Lombe Kamukoshi as instructed by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). It is not treason at all to seek freedom you people! 

By the way it doesn’t matter whether you are Linyungandambo, BFM, MOREBA or BNFA for that matter; the bottom line is that we want freedom. Yes we may differ in the way we want to make our demands known, we may even disagree about that. Yet all we want the world to hear is that Barotseland wants out, at all costs. We are fade-up of this domination. We may use different means or strategies but the message we want to get across is one.

Finally let no one think that by mass arrests torture and harassment of our people they will be terror stricken to abandon the course and struggle. We will keep on keeping on; the struggle shall continue to the last man standing. ‘Aluta continua’ as they say. The wheels are in motion and slowly yet surely turning and no one can stop them this time. It is only wishful thinking to imagine that the Barotse match to freedom can be halted. Yes it may be derailed slightly from time to time but it will get back on course and move on until one day we shall all shout in Unison in the words of the old negro spiritual; Free at last! Free at last! Barotseland is Free at last! ‘It is not Treason to Seek Freedom!’

Let it be said again that the Train taking Barotseland has started off and is gaining momentum with the passing of time. The options are few; it is either you get on board or get out of the way otherwise you risk being run over.

Tu kuongote shaa! Wa mwana Nongolo kapa wa mwana Muka isi wa mwana Nalukapwa!


Mukunyandela wa Nyandi

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Not too long ago, a couple of years past in Barotseland, I happened to listen to one preacher whose name and probably denomination wouldn’t be necessary to mention. His captivating message was entitled: “How the Mighty Have Fallen.”

In his discourse, the man of God gave an account of great men of great fervour and vehemence; giants and pillars of faith in biblical olden times – Linata za tumelo mwa linako zeo– who however abused their supposedly impetus in God and eventually booked for themselves indelible pages in the annals of biblical memoirs, in which is recorded ‘powerful’ and ‘mighty’, yet fallen elements. This is where Michael Sata, the president of the republic of Zambia is headed to, now with his licensing of Barotzish exterminations. Michael Sata seems to have been intoxicated with power and authority – the presidency. For Michael Sata, being at the helm of government and being at state house, he thinks he is an all-powerful man, the mighty one o  f Zambia with all the ammunition of power and authority to just wake up – cough, and order the killing of people at will.

Going by the way Michael Sata is treading, he will find himself where he never dreamed of. But one would have expected Sata, a seemingly sworn dictator, to learn from his fellow dictatorial ‘giants’ who today have been reduced to nothing, while others are no more – owing to their dictatorial tendencies and myopic, blinkered leadership styles. We have had such rigid characters as Michael Sata in Africa. One best example is Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, the once-all-powerful and strong man of Libya and Africa, who once dreamed of ruling the entire continent of Africa through his brain child hypothesis of United States of Africa. While still holding the instruments of power, Gaddafi saw himself as the only human being, while all his people were rats, as he often would command his police and military: “Arrest them....kill those rats!” But where is Gaddafi today?

To cut the story short, the ‘mighty’ Gaddafi was reduced to a plumber! His last hiding haven and sanctuary was a drain! We haven’t forgotten the uprisings in Ivory Coast and Egypt that toppled dictators Laurent Gbaghbo and Hosni Mubarak respectively. These fallen dictators were imbibed into the foolishness of ‘power’ and ‘mighty,’ just like the Zambian president is. But when their day of reckoning and weighing up came, it just came as it were! The Zambian dictator should have drawn a few lessons from those accounts; but alas, mawe, he is drunk with power!!

Despite several lessons to school himself from, Sata the ‘mighty’ of Zambia today fools himself by ordering the killing of the Barotse people, just as did his predecessor, Rupiah Banda, whose day of calculation and sums draws nigh. Michael Sata and his tandem of killers should however be reminded that they do not own Barotseland. Barotseland is our land, and every Barotse national has the right to it, and the right to protect it from enemies. Sata and his sycophants must know that their continued activities in Barotseland after we resolved to separate from the fallen state of Zambia are illegal. But it seems no one amongst Sata’s lieutenants and ‘yes’ men has the courage to tell him that his arrogance and stubbornness will land him into the gallows one day.

As Barotseland National Youth League (BNYL) has correctly stated, we have every legal right to recruit our own defence and security forces that should stand to protect and defend Royal Barotseland’s sovereignty. This right must be exercised with no interference from Michael Sata or any other human being for that matter. Sata should not pretend to be ignorant of the transitional processes currently obtaining in Barotseland. Does Sata need to be reminded of Barotseland’s decision to revert to original status as contained in the March 27, 2012 BNC resolutions, which resolutions I believe he has a copy (if not he can still easily access them even on internet)?  Did his government rebut the BNC declaration? The answer is NO. Does he need to be reminded that he has in possession a letter and contents authored by Rt. Hon. Comrade Clement Sinyinda in his capacity as Prime Minister (Ngambela) of Barotseland; the letter dated May 14, 2012, which his employee John Kufuna had earlier refused to accept but was later successfully delivered to him?

Michael Sata was informed in that letter of what was to follow after the historical March 2012 Barotse National Council. It is only lack of courtesy and diplomatic etiquette on his part that to date we have not heard of any response forthcoming. Does Sata want to pretend he does not have copies of letters to UN by the Barotseland government in waiting, which was accompanied by signatures of over 6000 Barotse nationals, which endorsed Barotseland’s transitional constitution – a number far beyond the minimum? Let Sata be advised that according law, the step taken by the citizens of Barotseland to endorse their own constitution translated automatic denunciation of the Zambian constitution and its authority over Barotseland. But Sata has deliberately chosen to be ignorant of this reality, all because of the urge to exercise power! He must be ashamed of himself!

There’s no way we can tell the world that we have formed our own government yet we have no army, no police or no signs of recruiting one – unless something would literally be terribly wrong with us – which fortunately, is not the case with us (as in the Zambian situation). It is therefore, absurd and foolish for a sane person to claim or accuse us of recruiting a rebellion army. Michael Sata is just exposing his ignorance to the whole world. We have no rebels in Barotseland as Michael Sata wants the world to believe. What we have and need to have is a Barotseland Liberation Armed Force – not rebels. Rebels to revolt against who or against whose government? No one is interested in rising against Michael Sata’s government. We are only interested in liberating our Barotseland, and we shall do that while Sata is still alive and kicking so he can witness our independence.

But if his yobbos and hoodlums in military uniform will do as their master has directed (which I know they will), then Michael Sata will have himself to blame for his fall. As for us, we are not scared of anything or anyone, because we know we are right all the way. No amount of intimidation, threats or even bullets will make us abandon our resolve. For us, right is mighty.

Let me just echo the call in one of the articles published on Barotse Post that forming Barotseland transitional government is surely an urgent race now. With no doubt, we need a government in place now and urgently. I would like to continue to call on the formation and subsequent announcement of Royal Barotseland transitional government (now with no hesitation). We want all these nonsense pronouncements concerning Barotseland by the PF government to come to a halt. That will only happen when we have a government in place. As for Sata and his minions, dream on: you will one day wake up to reality, and please take note for a fact that Barotseland is no longer part of Zambia, and shall never be.

Haili kwa mambumbwe a Lyambai, mina bana ba poho yensu komuya ko mukuwa, halutiyeni mi luswalisane hamoho, Mulimu uinzi ni luna. Lukakoma.

Tu-kuongote, Litunga ni lyetu.


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As BarotseLAND National Youth League we appeal to all our members and the general populace of the royal kingdom of Barotseland to remain steadfast, calm and be at ease and not to listen or concentrate on the propaganda being speculated by the Zambian government and some Zambian private media organizations. This is in reference to the Post News Paper dated 23rd November, 2012 headlined, “I've never supported succession” - Litunga, and also in their Editorial Commentary for the day.  

Anyone who knows something about the ways, traditions and norms of Barotseland understands that the Litunga will not give official positions on important matters such as this one to the public or sections of the public unless it is through his Ngambela.  As long as we have not heard it from the Ngambela, a story such as the one that appeared in the Post Newspaper should be treated as hearsay until our elders in the BRE through the Ngambela say something to the effect.

As far as we are concerned the Litunga is still our Head of State in the Royal Kingdom of Barotseland. This is in accordance with the Transitional constitution of the Royal Kingdom of Barotseland, and to our knowledge the Litunga has not denied that he is the Head of State  because according to the customary law of the Royal Kingdom of Barotseland there are certain actions that the king must perform if he no longer wants to be a king. For instance, he must publicly hand over the instruments of power to the people of Barotseland. As long as he still holds those instruments of power it means he is still the king who is, in this case, the Head of State because the Royal Kingdom of Barotseland is a constitutional monarch.  

We also wish to emphasis that a caretaker government shall be announced and inaugurated in Barotseland soon. We can assure you brethren that we shall not reach next year without a caretaker government  in place. Let us all believe and have confidence in our leaders. The propaganda that the Zambian government is instigating is like the kicks of a dying horse because they are aware that we have completed all the modalities towards self-determination of the royal kingdom of Barotseland.  

Let this be known to each and every Barotzish both at home and abroad that the matter of Barotseland self-determination is not about "secession" as the Zambian government and some private media houses have been reporting, but it is about reverting to the original status that obtained before 24th October, 1964 as you are now aware that Kenneth Kaunda unilaterally abrogated the now null and void Barotseland Agreement 1964 which necessitated that Barotseland kingdom and Northern Rhodesia should proceed to independence as one nation Zambia.

The agreement did not take effect as Kaunda's Zambian regime unilaterally abrogated the agreement and went on to strip off the Litunga's powers and authority to the level of paramount chief, thereby reducing him from that of the king.  

When we critically look at the above scenario of the Zambian government led by Kaunda's unilateral abrogation and nullification of the BA64, do we have any hope and trust that the Zambian government really love the Litunga and the people of Barotseland kingdom?  

The very powers and authority the Zambian government stripped off from the Litunga (king) in 1969 they are the ones we have given back to the Litunga as stipulated in the Transitional constitution of the royal kingdom of Barotseland.  

We still repeat and re-emphasize that we shall only rely on the international law that deals with the doctrine of postliminium which talks of reversion to the original status that obtained before the signing of the  obsolete Barotseland Agreement1964, as well as the illegal occupation of Barotseland kingdom by the Zambian government headed by Mr. Sata in accordance with the VIENNA CONVENTION ARTICLES 60 and 70, and UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL resolution 276 (1970) and UNITED NATIONS GENERAL ASSEMBLY resolution 1514 (XV) respectively.  

Therefore, we promise you the people of the royal kingdom of Barotseland that we stand by the above international laws nothing else and we shall never let you down because we have made up our minds for the independence of the Barotseland kingdom.


Barotseland National Youth League:

  • Ikacana Muyunda - chairman-general
  • Boris Muziba Muziba - Deputy chairman-general
  • Masiyaleti Masiyaleti - Deputy Secretary-general
  • Brian Mubita - Deputy Vice secretary-general
  • Derrick Itwi - International relations/communications officer
  • Sikwibele Wasilota - National coordinator/Deputy international relations officer
  • Etambuyu Nyambe - Deputy National coordinator/communications officer
  • Nawa Luyanga - International relations secretary
  • Likando Likando - operations and mobilization officer
  • Jacob M. Mashwelo - finance controller
  • Mulonda Akatumwa - communications secretary
  • Nayoto Mwenda - Secretary General
  • Mulonda Akatumwa - Secretary Communications
  • Paul Aongola - committee member
  • Liywali Mukela - committee member
  • Mubiana Simasiku - committee member
  • Sibeso Katete - Trustee
  • Inonge Wakumelo - Trustee
  • Legal Advisor – (Name withheld)
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Dear Editor,

Press information confirming that President Micheal Sata of the soon to be neighboring Republic of Zambia has pledged to protect the King of the Kingdom of Barotseland is quite worrying. Not because he seemed to have twisted his tongue this time from the barrage of insults he fired at the Litunga recently. Not even because he cannot be trusted in what he says, and indeed, not because he may be showing signs that he wants to restore the BA64. His statement is worrying because it is not announced out of genuine love for the people of Barotseland and their king, and also it appears seriously divisive.

It must be clear in the minds of all Barotish that such an announcement by Sata is only meant to flare up tension among Barotseland nationals and their King. By saying that Lusaka wants to protect the Litunga, he is firstly simply saying the people have turned against their king and secondly he is saying the Litunga has betrayed his people by selling out the independence cause to Lusaka, a result of which he would want protection from Lusaka for siding against his people as custodian of their livelihood. However, those who have clearly followed events at Limulunga may now need to re-assess their position, and remember that they are in a very deep psychological struggle which they must handle with care and protect the Litunga.

The Barotse Royal Establishment has always, and will continue, to fight for the rights of the people of Barotseland. From 1964, they have unceasingly fought for the restoration of the BA64. When this failed, the BRE organized the Barotse National Council which made resolutions for final independence of Barotseland. The Litunga cannot change what he blessed.  Those who therefore have been psyched to believe that the Litunga has betrayed his people are being manipulated by enemy press and forces. 

There could be utter dishonesty and ill intentions in Sata’s public announcement.  One other worrying observation is his warning to deal with ‘frustrated elements” in Barotseland. This, he says, will be done to protect the Litunga. I tend to disagree and, if anything, I am very worried. In my suspecting view, it is possible that the government of Zambia may now use this guise of protecting the Litunga to, instead, arrest activist who, in fact, are the forefront weaponry that the Litunga needs to push ahead the independence of Barotseland. By doing so, he will appear to weaken the struggle. This must not be allowed to happen.

Indeed, Sata wants to protect the Litunga, but for what, for who, and against who? The Litunga is already protected by his people, and does not need Lusaka to protect him. It does not augar well for military to hover around the Litunga’s palace as though he is caged. He will lose his freedom, and above all, privacy to deal with issues that affect Barotseland. Surely, there is no need for Lusaka to protect the Litunga.

Above all, Barotish should be very meek, but brave, value their land and set their mindset to fight the psychological war being waged at the very institution that has always guaranteed the existence of our people. They must remember that snakes have beautiful colors, but inside is danger and the pronouncement to protect the Litunga may just be a carnal plan to dissect the Barotseland independence struggle from both sides (destroying the Litunga and BRE, crashing activism,  and causing anarchy among a united people seeking self-rule). For this reason let the people and the BRE treat this sudden act of “favor” on the Litunga, as real intrusion meant to puncture our unity.





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Barotse Women in Beautiful Traditional Msisi Dress

It is often incorrectly claimed by some Zambians that 'there are many other tribes besides Malozi' living in Barotseland today. One wonders, however, why our neighbors, Zambia, would wish to claim that there are so called “many other tribes living in Barotseland besides Lozis?” It is fair to show that Barotseland or even Lozi is not a tribal enclave as portrayed by Zambian people and politicians but rather a nation.

As such, in our efforts to help educate the citizenry of both Zambia and Barotseland to understand the ethnic groups that constitute the great nation of Royal Barotseland Kingdom, the following article has been written. It is better and necessary to explain this point because the matter is being exaggerated and fueled by our neighbor Zambia, therefore, we must shed light on it in order to remove the unnecessary innuendos as which area or tribes constitute Barotseland?

From the onset, we must state categorically that Barotseland is and was a nation or country with permanent population as shown by the 1962 Barotseland protectorate tribal statistics.

Let us now examine who the Barotse people are. The Barotse people originally known as Aalui, have occupied the extensive plain through which Zambezi passes from 14°35’Sto 10°25’S, throughout the reigns of successive Litungas (paramount rulers), approximately since the commencement of the 17th century.

The Barotse people for many generations have held in sway a country two and a half times the size of Great Britain.

‘Barotse’ is the general term used to refer to people of Barotseland who speak the southern Sotho language as we know it today. Be it the Kwangwas, mbundas, nyengos, tokas, Nkoyas etc all form one people called Lozi or Barotse with Silozi or Lozi as their unifying language.

In explaining this further, we will extract figures from the information under the annual report of the Resident commissioner of 1962 of Barotseland protectorate tribal statistics.

The reason for showing these details is to demonstrate that the nation of Royal Barotseland Kingdom had lived under tranquility within a diversified ethnic mixture, and that there was no time when tribal friction was experienced as was/is the current situation when Barotseland had joined the so called “unitary” state with Zambia where disorder is/was prominent.

Furthermore, these details are provided in order to disprove the innuendo being peddled by our neighbor Zambia that certain tribal extractions are under subjugation of other tribal groupings.

Here below are the official Barotseland protectorate tribal statistics of 1962, (two years before Zambia's Independence) placed in order of majority; and as will be seen from the list, no tribe called 'Lozi' or 'Ma Lozi' existed on the list until Kenneth Kaunda started calling the Lozi Language (Lingua franca) as a tribe to 're-base' Barotseland into the province 'Western Province' in order to foster his plan of subjugating the people of Barotseland, under the guise of 'One Zambia One Nation' slogan, long after 1964.

1 Ma Luyana 59,608
2 Ma Kwangwa 36,470
3 Ma Mbunda 31,030
4 Ma Luvale 21,724
5 Ma Nkoya 18,512
6 Ma Kwandi 16,589
7 Ma Totela 15,281
8 Ma Luchazi 11,607
9 Ma Toka 11,031
10 Ma Subia 9,700
11 Ba Makoma 9,537
12 Ba Nyengo 8,529
13 Ba Simaa 8,029
14 Ma Mbowe 6,229
15 Ba Imilangu 6,053
16 Ba Mwenyi 5,928
17 Ma Shasha 5,873
18 Ba Mashi 5,496
19 Ma Chokwe 4,947
20 Ma Shanjo 3,412
21 Ma Yauma 3,360
22 Ma Lunda 2,761
23 Ma Humbe 2,354
24 Ba Liuwa 1,808
25 Ma Kaonde 1,751
26 Ma Fwe 1,671
27 Ba Nkangala 1,571
28 Ma Mbalangwe 1,563
29 Ma Tebele 1,216
30 Ba Lukolwe 822
31 Ma Shukulumbwe 744
32 Ba Lushange 730
33 Ma Nanzwa 630
34 Ma Lima 612
35 Others 556
36 Ma Mbundu 516
37 Ma Mbukushu 503
38 Ma Kwangali 449
39 Ma Yeyi 260
40 Ma Kwengo 170
41 Ma Kololo 105
42 Bimbi 39
43 Ma Sutu 23
44 Ma Changani 22
45 Ma Mbali 13
46 Ma Ndundulu 3
47 Ma Ngoni 2

Even the Barotse National Council (BNC) which was elected in 1963,as part of the independence process, had, among some of its members, the following÷

Elected councilors:

1. Mongu District

  • C.H.Masosa - Mbunda tribe
  • M.Katota – Mbunda tribe

Mankoya District:

  • A.J.Kapatiso – Nkoya tribe
  • K.B.Kalyangu - Mbunda tribe
  • A.K.Mutaima – Nkoya/Kaonde
  • S.K.Lyoka – Nkoya tribe
  • M.Mutti – Mbunda tribe

In addition to the above elected councilors the Mwene shihemi who was a senior Induna representing the Mwene Mutondo chieftainship at the Naliele Kuta was one of the Litunga’s nominees.

Finally, the Barotse people are peaceful but not cowards and very united under our old founded monarch. Our neighbour Zambians thought in Barotseland is a tribe called Lozi, but I hope many would understand that LOZI is a name in reference to a nationality of people who speak Silozi.

Remember also that Barotseland was renamed by Kaunda two times from Barotseland to Barotse province finally to western province in order to subdue the Barotzish. Alas, the Zambian government today is witnessing the re- establishment of the well coordinated country of Royal Barotseland Kingdom.

The rest of the world is already preparing to live with Royal Barotseland Kingdom as a sovereign country following successful recognition from two international institutions, already.

Tukongote Litunga ni lyetu

Editor's Note: The foregoing is an article written in our efforts to educated the public, correcting some misleading propaganda Zambia has used over the years to perpetuate their subjugation of Barotseland.

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It is indeed a sad and regrettable moment for Barotseland when we hear that Zambian President, His Excellence Michael Sata, has abruptly offered to build a university and a modern stadium in the western province of Barotseland. He further went ahead and announced new districts. But against this action, there is no doubt that this announcement was made in order to divert attention from serious outstanding issues concerning the now advanced position of Barotseland as a soon-to-be neighboring Nation. Sata has made an announcement out of panic, but also, out of lack of knowledge of the level of unity, serious and fearless resolve of the Barotish to exhaustively conclude the BA64 matter in accordance with Barotseland National Council Resolutions of March 2012.

Luna Lu komokile (we are surprised, if not shocked)! What has happened is like trying to calm a child by bribing it with nice looking things like ice cream. Can the issue of BA64 be calmed by such announcements? Reactions to this are many, but some stand out very clearly, which are also quite worrying.

Firstly, we can see that the way Lusaka seems to view such a serious matter appears to be far placed from its real and vivid significance to the current problem Zambia and Barotseland are facing. But the truth is different. Lusaka in fact knows very well what the problem is, and they know what the stakes are. What does this mean then for Barotseland, especially her people? It means the people of Barotseland are being taken for granted, and their thinking is being judged with simplicity. For how else is one viewing us if, with the current dispute in place, others can engage in a public relations drill to try and appease a betrayed people? This is happening because the Barotish are being tested, their plan is being observed to see if the real problem is lack of development or surely the BA64.

Moving around, one is told that, ‘ you Balozi, you see now Sata cares for you. You should stop this Barotse noise. He is building you a university and a stadium, plus he has made districts to give you more money. He has now listened to your problems. It is good for you as a province. This government is going to solve your problems now. This government is going to develop your province.” And in the minds of some Barotish, one can also hear people talking, “have you heard what muna muhulu yo has announced. He is now trying to respond to our demands. I think he is now feeling the pressure and he wants to make up for the mistake of not handling western province well.” And they would end with a sense of smile.

But far from this! The truth is that no one can exchange a nation to another with presents. A nation is bigger than presents, wrapped stuff. It heritage cannot be sold. Moreover Barotseland is already planning to build her own institutions, the same which Sata has promised. No amount of alternatives can take away, let alone compromise, the existence of Barotseland as a nation. This is a nation that has existed for over 600 years, a nation that was never colonized, a nation that simply went into a conditional marriage while still steadfastly remaining a nation, a geographically marked entity, recognized by law. A nation, as great as ours, cannot be treated as a subsection of another country. No! This reality must be start to register in for those that still live in denial of this sanctified truth.

The government of Zambia must be reminded, and to be very specific, that Barotseland Independence cannot be compromised. The Resolutions of March 2012 cannot, and must never be simplified. They are as real as the dispute between Lusaka and Barotseland is, indeed, real. Therefore, trying to divert attention will not work. If anything, it is a sign of taking a real issue for granted, and this is not pleasing at all. It actually, like adding salt to a wound, agitates the BRE and freedom fighters to energize their resolve.

While Barotseland and Northern Rhodesia founded Zambia through the BA64, it is unfortunate that Lusaka wants to solve its abrogation and consequent nullification by dodging it. How do you dodge something you nullified alone, releasing the other party from the unitary system?  Many of us now know that, when the two became married under a unitary system, one became more powerful than the other, and chose to colonize the weaker one, illegally. But now, this bullying has been challenged by law, not force or might. And precedent legal interpretation has restored the two to their status before Zambia was formed. And rather than offer ice creams to Barotseland, the Lusaka government must instead announce a team to negotiate borders with Barotseland. This is the big present we expect.

Two issues must also be said. The first one is that there is need for courage and honesty from Lusaka to engage the BRE, and the transitional government to be announced, on this matter. This issue is not an act of enmity between Barotseland and Zambia, but one ascribing to the test of love, of human rights, and law and order, and the right of a people to exist and develop. The world has a bit of order because people deliberately chose to do things the right way. And this is the challenge of leadership that we must look for, a leadership that will love and face the bull directly. Yes, Barotseland has moved on: Lusaka must accept this and accept that the time to sit and discuss dis-engagement plans has now come.

The second point is that violence or war mongering cannot take away the Independence of Barotseland, and cannot provide a continued platform for Lusaka to continually illegally occupy another land. The law has its own way to serving the disadvantaged. The power of the mind is bigger than the power of a bully, even of weapons set against others. In this view, it is important for Lusaka to realize that Barotseland, like its people, though being warriors, are peaceful, and their determination to procure their land from black colonization is intentioned without violence, is fearless, and determined against a foundation of stubborn will power, and trust in God.

No statements to divert from real issues as they stand, or to doctor press statements from the BRE by state media, yes, no amount of ice creams, can take away Barotseland resolve for independence. And only honesty and a brave decision from Lusaka to let Barotseland go, and to openly talk about it, will settle the matter.

The Barotseland Post, also known as The Barotsepost, is an online media platform, for now, that is dedicated to reporting stories and news around Barotseland and beyond, giving exclusive coverage and access to the people and the nation of Barotseland to fully express themselves in their aspirations for self- determination.