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If the report as given by Watchdog Zambia on who actual initiated the arrest of the three honorable freedom fighters and the role played by the two named sons of Barotseland is true, then it is regrettable and not to be left hanging before the dual plunges Barotseland in more bigger trouble.

From the information reaching us it is believed that the two have been best friends and attracted a lot of trust and sympathy from Chief Inyambo yet he did not know the type of the young men he was dealing with. The act is barbaric and anti-barotseland. We condemn them to the fullest and request all those who love Barotseland to do so and isolate the duo.

What they have done is worse than what Judas Iscariot did. The blood of those who died in this struggle for the freedom of Barotseland and indeed the suffering of Barotseland rests on their heads. We have nothing to forgive about the dual especially that they are truly sons of Barotseland. I cannot imagine our own brothers selling out Barotseland in this manner.

It is my plea to request Chief Inyambo not to allow this sell-out to continue as an induna as this will amount to sabotage of the peace of Barotseland. He is not a leader but a fortune seeker and all the problems faced by our chief now and before, are because of him.

Barotseland should wake up and put this to order. Give the two gentlemen their right treatment before they do more harm to the people of Barotseland.

Bana ba malozi sure…sure… niheiba uka fapana ni wa henu ka mukwa ufi kamba ufi, haukoni kueza sitoyo sesi cwana se. Ki bumai ni maswabisa amatuna. Nduna yo ni mupokola yo ba bulaile bulozi kaufela…

Ni hakuli cwalo ki hande kutiya, swala tebe ,lilumo ni mukwale ku lwanela bulozi ni ku toola batu ba mufuta sina ba.

Barotseland ki naha!

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Let it be known that Barotseland is the World and Africa’s Newest State as such Barotseland has a right to legislate and take control of her own affairs. The Barbaric behavior exhibited by Zambia recently by arresting people of Barotseland government is condemned in the strongest terms and we will go any far to stop this nonsense.

The people of Barotseland will no longer be incarcerated, we say no to the scourge of slavery, servitude and poundage through the language Zambia understands as reflected in the press release of the acting Administrator General Dr. M.Situmbeko. As citizens of Barotseland we have made commitment to defend the territory from extra territorial operation by Zambia, trusting that we have followed the requirements of public international law to the latter. We call upon all Indunas, Headmen, and Lozis who are in political authority home and abroad to observe the demand on the final approach to total independence by defeating Zambia our enemy number one. Especially, as we are ready to put an end to Barotseland impasse because there is nothing sweeter than self-determination and freedom which is a God given gift.

Appreciating the foregoing , it would be the worst act of treachery and betrayal against the tenets of Barotse National Council for the people of Barotseland to fail to secure the territory from invaders (Zambia) as per 2012 BNC resolutions which expressed urgency for total independence and by the act of declaration, Zambia has no general power to pass legislation taking effect outside their own territory. Accordingly, as the people of Barotseland we are entitled to secure self-determination and freedom by any action that will compel Zambia out of Barotseland state without any further delay. Barotseland is African 's newest state and has insignia of state apparatus such as flag, national anthem, emblem , transitional government, cabinet and the Church (Church of Barotseland). Moreover, Zambia has no jurisdiction over an independent state of Barotseland. Therefore, let all those arrested over Barotseland released without any further delay.

I will end up in ALuyana eulogy:- "Mufa na saye ni muteebe, ta liokwe ni mufa na mbuyuyu mu kanwa", meaning, “Blessed is that who is prepared to die for his possession like a Goose is ready to die with a grain in its gully or arroyo".

Kozo, Litunga Ni lyetu.

By Saleya Kwalombota

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I heard a voice say this to me, “can you ask among the learned lawyers of this country why the three youths (Mr. Boris Muziba, Mr. Nayoto Mwenda, and Mr. Sikwibele Wasilota) are serving a three years jail sentence when the High Court has ruled that it is not an offence to publish false news in a democratic dispensation in Zambia.” I looked around to see who was speaking to me, then I realised it was the voice of the conscience, that inner “policeman” who always urges us to do what is right and avoid what is wrong. Whenever there is no justice in the society, the people suffer, especially the poor. The Social teaching of the Catholic Church is clear on this, We need to show Solidarity, because we are our "brothers' and sisters' keepers", wherever they live. We are one human family, whatever our national, racial, ethnic, economic, and ideological differences. Learning to practice the virtue of solidarity means learning that "loving our neighbour." Those three youths who were arrested, prosecuted and sentenced to three years imprisonment should now be released with compensation. Among our learned men and women in law I beg you in the name of God to use the law you have learnt to secure the freedom of those youths. A friend of mine a lawyer said this to me,

“The law is clear on the freedom of the press in Zambia. All of us including u and I are free to inform and publicise any form of news. We can report on the happenings in the country. Further, we have the freedom of expression enshrined in the constitution [Article 20 (1)]. Given the facts you have given, I wonder why the youths are locked up. That is a clear violation of human rights and an arbitrary use of powers. Given the law I have alluded to, the youths are at liberty to report on anything. However, if what they report on is malicious and turns out to be untrue then they will be liable for defamation. Defamation Father is not a criminal offence, it is a civil offence whose penalty if found liable are damages to be paid to the injured party. The only criminal offence related to Defamation is the defamation of the President.”

My position is that the youths should be released immediately. The Catholic Church teaches that “that human dignity can be protected and a healthy community can be achieved only if human rights are protected and responsibilities are met.” If they reported on an issue in a malicious way, let he who is injured move to the Mongu High Court. What the authorities are committing is an abrogation of rights. Let someone stand up for what is right, especially for our youths! Why are our brothers still in prison? Where is Justice? Where is the integrity in this incarceration? What are they still doing in prison in the clear land mark light of the judgment of the High Court? The three Nayoto Mwenda, 32, Boris Muziba, 36 and Sikwibele Wasilota, 33 were charged and convicted with the offence of publication of false news with intent to alarm and cause fear or to disturb public peace contrary to Section 67 (1) Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia. Why are the human rights groups quiet? Is this not what God condemns in Holy Book of Amos 2:7 “The trample on the heads of the poor as upon the dust of the ground and deny justice to the oppressed.” In another text, God says to Amos to tell the authorities, “you who turn Justice into bitterness and cast righteousness to the ground.” He further boldly told them, “you oppress the righteous and take bribes and you deprive the poor of Justice in the courts” Amos 5:2. Someone may say, ‘priest what is your interest in all this?’ This is our divine calling, to be prophets to the nations, to stand for justice, it is the reason we are ordained. One such example is of St. Eugene de Mazenod, a French priest and founder of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate whose congregation believe in the charism of “preaching the Gospel to the poor”....to seek out in a special way “in the lives of the most abandoned in their many faces and voices, and struggle with these...to safeguard human dignity and respond to the calls of Justice and integrity....”

By Rev. Fr. Chanakila Muyunda,

Santa Croce University, Rome, Italy

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As a concerned citizen and servant of God I call upon the Zambian Government through the acting President Dr. Guy Scott to immediately release Mr. Afumba Mombotwa, Mr. Likando Pelekelo, Mr. Kalima, Mr. Boris Muziba, Mr. Nayoto Mwenda, and Mr. Sikwebele Wasilota.

Remember and Do not forget the advise that the Catholic Bishops did give to the nation clearly, they had advised that the “unrest in the western province was caused by a perception that the province is marginalized in matters of development,” this am convinced of having lived there for 35yrs. The Catholic Bishops went further to state that the people of Barotseland were questioning how Zambia was being governed socio-economically and politically.

The issues of Barotseland can only be solved through honesty dialogue between the parties concerned as recommended by the National Convention on the drafting of the New Constitution and also in the pastoral letter of 2012 and solidarity statement of ZEC in February 2011. To solve the issue of Barotseland Agreement, the government must quickly remember the advise they were given by the Church and put it into practice. The Church had advised the government to do five things, namely:

1). Release the Rodger Chongwe Commission Report,

2). Work out an amicable solution towards a clearly spelt out strategy of addressing the issue once and for all,

3). That the parties involved (The Government, The people of Western province, The Barotse Royal Establishment, and the organised activist group) must embrace the spirit of dialogue by coming together to find a lasting solution,

4). Other Stake holders should be involved in this process,

5). Stake holders to demonstrate their commitment to peace by refraining from violence, intimidation, or use of force as a means of achieving their objectives.

I strongly believe that arresting and imprisoning people on this issue creates an infinite cycle of hatred, violence, desire for revenge, and apathy towards the development of the people. The arrests just hardens hearts and makes all stake holders to harden their positions. At the end of it all, there is no winner as correctly stated by the Church. Enough blood has been spelt already on this issue, and memories of it feel the people of God with tears, no one single group wants this cycle to continue and we need our leadership to step up and provide a lasting solution.

Zambia is not the only Nation in the World where such calls of “Self Determination” are heard. We have an example of Quebec in Canada, Scotland in United Kingdom, and Catalan in Spain, etc. We can learn with great humility from these Nations. Despite the fact that they have the best military hardware, the best air force, the best well trained special forces, and the best well trained and equipped police force, they have not used force to suppress the calls, that’s what true leadership is! True leadership entails courage to enter into fruitful dialogue whatever issue arises.

At the heart of it all, we should all know that we are brothers and sisters. We need to love each other because we are one people created in the image of God. Let Love lead! Let us exercise good judgement. Let us behave in a responsible way so that each of us can effectively contribute positively to this process. What we all want is development and peace. We all have to ask ourselves the question: What can I do to bring about peace, healing, reconciliation, and respect of the rights of others? Dr. Guy Scott can initiate this process which will be completed by whoever wins the presidential elections. I wish this could be done before Christmas Day.

I invite my fellow Christians to pray with me for our leaders.

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A Zambian constitutional lawyer and 2015 presidential aspirant under the Forum for Democratic Alternatives (FDA), Dr. Ludwig Sondashi today stunned his Zambian popular phoenix radio audience when he, in his capacity as a constitutional lawyer, sort to set the record straight over the controversial subject of the Barotseland Agreement 1964. In his submission Dr. Sondashi advised that the matter of the Barotseland Agreement 1964 was straight forward, stating that Barotseland should not be treated the same way as the provinces of Zambia such as Northern, North-western, Eastern and all other provinces as Barotseland, having been a former protectorate of Britain separate from Northern Rhodesia, agreed to join the latter to form the republic of Zambia by the specific terms of the Barotseland Agreement 1964.

“Barotseland was a separate country from Northern Rhodesia, and the same way Barotseland entered into Zambia through that agreement, she could also leave Zambia by the same Agreement, and it wouldn’t be termed as secession.” Stressed Dr. Ludwig Sondashi much to the amazement of the radio moderator.

“Secession could only be applicable to the provinces of Zambia on the ‘Northern Rhodesia’ side and not on Barotseland.” Dr. Sondashi submitted as he briefly explained both the historical and legal context of the Barotseland Agreement 1964.

Dr. Sondashi further said that although he would not encourage Barotseland to separate from the rest of Zambia, he said that he was merely stating facts and truth as they were, without dwelling on emotionalism. He said his proposed solution was to have the agreement restored and implemented in its original context of a unitary state, as that is what the agreement sort to accomplish, and that as republican president he would seek to further federalize the whole country. However, should the people of Barotseland desire separation from Zambia at any point in time, the same agreement would facilitate their separation and that as president he would not stop Barotseland from separating, if that is what they really wanted, as it would be within Barotseland’s right.

He further castigated the Kenneth Kaunda regime for unilaterally abrogating the Barotseland Agreement 1964, which he referred to as an international treaty, without consultation. He said it was an act of ‘cheating’ for the Zambian government to abrogate the agreement through an act of parliament.

Dr. Sondashi who authoritatively deliberated on this subject more as a respected and qualified constitutional lawyer did not have any caller question his discourse on the subject, as he deliberated on it to the point without mincing any words.

Barotsepost monitored the popular radio show dubbed “Let the people talk” featuring Dr. Ludwig Sondashi for Tuesday 9th December 2014.

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The Royal Barotseland Cabinet held a closed door meeting to discuss on the leadership of Barotseland and the capturing of Rt. Hon. Afumba Mombotwa, Administrator General of Barotseland Interim Government, Rt. Hon. Pelekelo Likando and Rt. Hon. Sylvester Kalima, and the Cabinet resolved as follows:

  • Dr. Matengu Situmbeko, a seasoned Economist with excellent leadership qualities, to act as Administrator General with immediate effect and assumes all the responsibilities and duties of Administrator General in the absence of Rt. Hon. Afumba Mombotwa.
  • Zambia to release the trio captured at Kasaya in Barotseland Kingdom with immediate effect; if not, this will bring unnecessary conflict Zambia will regret; our silence must not be mistaken for cowardice, but we thought we were dealing with Christians who regard respect to be a primary virtue in one’s life.
  • The Barotseland Government’s program to continue as planned and no program will be suspended on account of an individual being killed, captured or wounded; we don’t have a leadership problem in Barotseland Kingdom.
  • The people of Barotseland to remain calm and continue making contributions currently ongoing as we want to deal with this issue once and for all with or without Rt. Hon. Afumba Mombotwa.
  • Barotseland Government will not just keep quite over the capturing of Rt. Hon. Afumba Mombotwa and others; it will respond with an appropriate action possible!
  • We have finalized arrangements with our Lawyers; this time we shall teach Zambia a lesson they will never forget for life time!

By Mr. Sikopo Mataa
Government Spokesperson
Royal Barotseland Government

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07th December, 2014

Press Release

Fellow Countrymen and women, we are saddened by the barbaric and distasteful act by the Zambian Government for capturing our noble leader who has not committed any wrong against Zambia. His Excellency Rt. Hon. Afumba Mombotwa is a highest official in the Barotseland Government, and his capturing amounts to intimidation and provocation of the highest order and this will definitely bring conflicts which will possibly speedup our independence dream.

We shall not accept another country to disrespect us and continue to violate our rights as a nation; Article 7 of United Nations Charter requires all countries to respect other countries and it doesn’t allow countries to interfere in the internal affairs of other nations.

We request all Barotzis to remain loyal and unite behind Linyungandambo/Barotseland Administration as the Government is doing all it can to handle all the problems affecting the Nation as a whole with all speed possible. We shall not fear anything when it comes to defending our leaders and sovereignty.

Barotseland will not participate in voting in the Zambian Presidential by-elections; hence, Zambian Political parties intending to campaign in Barotseland should do so at their own risk this time. Don’t say we were not informed!

Zambia is not Barotseland and the two shall never be one country. Be reminded that it is not the job of the policemen and courts to block our independence, if they feel they can, then we shall see how far they will go. Justice Mambilima and his friends should do whatever they are doing with the full knowledge that Zambia is not Barotseland and will be given the rightful dose.

What Zambia has done to Barotseland this time is something that will never be forgotten or forgiven, and the Barotseland Government demands their immediate release; any torture or food poisoning administered to the trio will not be entertained at all costs, and it will bring misery to Zambia. Take this as a serious warning!

Hitherto, the Government program continues and without changing any plan or course of action; what is important is that, we have a Government in place which ensures that all activities are carried out as always!

We therefore, have all the information about the traitor who has betrayed us; according to our intelligence sources, he is one of the stewards, and now we are closely monitoring all his movements!

Conversely, we demand that these people namely Rt. Hon. Afumba Mombotwa, Rt. Hon. Likando Pelekelo and Rt. Hon. Sylvester Kalima be released immediately in 48 hours effective from 07th December, 2014, if not, we shall respond accordingly in a language Zambia may understand; it appears Zambia is inviting for more trouble from us!

By Dr. Matengu Situmbeko
Acting Administrator General
Royal Barotseland Government

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The leader of the Linyungandambo liberation movement and Administrator General of the Barotseland transitional government Afumba Mombotwa who was captured by the Police in Sesheke on Friday is believed to be at Kambule prison in Mongu.

Eye witness sources within the activist movements have indicated that Afumba was whisked to Mongu minutes after he was arrested at Kasaya police checkpoint in Sesheke.

Afumba had been meeting Senior Chief Inyambo at Mwandi Palace on Friday and was arrested minutes after leaving the Palace on his way to Livingstone.
When word went round that he had been arrested and was at Sesheke police, a number of activists mobilized themselves but the police quickly whisked him out to Mongu on a private un registered vehicle belong to Sesheke police station inspector, a Mr. Itwi.

Afumba was taken to Sesheke police on a police land cruiser but they could not proceed to Mongu for fear of being detected by the people and had to use a private vehicle.

When they reached Senanga they got on a different vehicle to Mongu where they are now being kept at Kambule prison.

One of the Indunas at Mwandi Palace, Induna Amukutehile whose name is Chinda Lubinda is believed to be the one who informed the police that Afumba was at Mwandi Police.

Apparently the Indunas within the palace did not see Afumba entering and were only told by one of the Imilema (palace royal guards) that he (Afumba) was inside meeting Senior Chief Inyambo Yeta.

The PF government however appears not to know what to do or charge Afumba with and is mindful to avoid annoying the people because of the forth coming presidential elections.

The police have been mute since arresting Afumba on Friday and have not issued any statement to the media.

The Zambian media has also been mute on the arrest but several Namibian media outlets have reported news of the arrest.

From the time the Zambian government started arresting people over the Barotseland Agreement around 1965, not a single one has ever been successfully arrested and charged with treason.

Last year 84 people were arrested from several districts of Western province and charged with treason but were all released after the DPP advised the government that they would ‘tie themselves’ should they proceed to trial on treason charges because it was the Zambian government that abrogated the Barotseland Agreement.

The other three youths currently saving three year jail sentences in Kaoma were charged with ‘publishing false news.’

Afumba Mombotwa was arrested along with Likando Pelekelo and a Mr Kalima - Zambian Watchdog

  • 06
  • Dec

We have received reliable information that ever since His Excellence Afumba Mombotwa and others were arrested by the Zambian occupying police officers yesterday in Kasaya, they have not been allowed to be visited by any person. This means both family members and general populace of Barotseland is being denied access to their spouses, fathers, friends and leaders. This also means that they have been hidden from the public, and the question is, WHY? What is the Zambian police, OP and the Zambian government planning to do with the detained.

Firstly this is a serious violation of Human Rights for those detained. Not only is that, but it also shows that Zambia still has no regard for the rule of law, and neither do they understand what territoriality mean nor do they understand simple principles of international law.

The purported and trumped up charge of treason felony does not apply in this case or in the question of Barotseland’s decision to revert to her original status. This issue should not warrant anyone’s arrest or imprisonment. However, it seems for Zambia, it is the other way round.

We wish to bring to the attention of the entire Kingdom of Barotseland and the world over of those who committed the grave crimes of treachery and aiding an enemy as they appear in the Penal Code (PC) and Criminal Procedure Code (PCP) of Royal Barotseland and even the world over. The most prominent in this act that led to the arrest of Hon. Afumba is now known and named to be an Induna at Mboo Kuta of Mwandi Palace in Sisheke where Senior Chief Inyambo Yeta reigns. His full names are Chindu Lubinda, Induna Amukutehile.

Mwandi palace is the chiefdom found in Sisheke Region of Barotseland previously known as Sesheke district of Zambia. It is reported that he was not working alone but with someone else, one of the royal guards locally known as “Kapaso” whose details we are yet to report on. To those that follow events in Barotseland, you will recall that this same man was an Induna at Namuso but was later fired because of similar treacherous behavior and worse.

To the Zambian police in Barotseland, we are instructing you to stop these criminal behaviors you have exhibited so far and make our leaders accessible to their people. Can you start acting as civilized people for once in your profession? Time for gross misconduct is long gone, and not acceptable in the 21st century policing. Don’t say you were not told, should you fail to comply and adhere to this simple but important instruction, DO NOT hold us responsible to whatever is going to happen. Hiding our true and God given Leaders from us will only land you in deep problems, not to mention anything to do with torture of any kind. You have been warned. We are already fully aware that you denying them of their basic human rights. One word is enough for the wise.

Statement Issued by: Barotseland Intelligence.

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An international petition demanding the release of Rt. Hon. Afumba Mombotwa and others has been started on the world's leading online petition web site AVAAZ.ORG and it reads in part as follows:

"We have sad tidings in Barotseland, as His Excellency Rt. Hon. Afumba Mombotwa, has been captured by the Zambian Government with Rt. Hon. Likando Pelekelo and Rt. Hon. Kalima yesterday in Mwandi Sisheke. Therefore, we request that with your contacts in the world, you can somehow have influence so that their release can be expedited.

"We also call on you to publicly condemn the arresting of these prisoners, and ensure their immediate release and establish a means of peaceful discussion with the newly appointed administrator of Barotseland, Hon. Afumba Mombotwa. We fear for their lives as we do not know where they have been taken and the Zambian government has blocked news of their arrest to the people of Barotseland."

Avaaz.org will always protect your privacy and keep you posted about this and similar campaigns.

We therefore, wish to encourage the people of Barotseland home and abroad, the people of Zambia and all peace loving, democratic and law abiding citizens of the world to participate in this campaign which will be delivered to the Zambian government, United Nations, Commonwealth, SADC, and African Union who we hope will use this petition to appeal to Zambia to act lawfully towards the new state and government and entire population of Barotseland.

The petition can be found and signed here: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/Demand_the_release_of_Barotse_prisoners_who_have_committed_no_crime/?lPmiDab&pv=6

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The arrested Administrator General of Royal Barotseland his Excellence Rt.Hon. Afumba Mombotwa should immediately be released as he has committed no crime. Advocating for self determination is not a crime, and if anything happens to him, Zambia will be liable to criminal charges.

It is no longer possible to deceive neither the people of Zambia nor those of Barotseland on the authenticity of the demands for Barotse nationhood. The issues surrounding Barotseland statehood claim were not only brought to the government of Zambia, the UN and the AU, but was also copied documents of petitions as far back as 1996. The International community has been waiting and watching Zambia to see how much effort is exerted in resolving this impasse peacefully. Instead Zambia embarks on illegal arrests and charges against innocent Barotseland Activists.

Barotseland existed and was recognized as a country / nation as far back as 1905, had protectorate status, just as Northern Rhodesia, and was never subordinate to Northern Rhodesia but existed side by side as equal political entities. Therefore, Barotseland has a legitimate right to exist independent of Zambia as it would actually have proceeded to independence in its own right in 1965 had it so wished. This was so to the extent that the Agreement which incorporated it into Zambia was not honored, therefore, there is no dispute that Barotseland has a claim to a separate existence. This claim is backed by international law and conventions.

Finally, Zambia should desist from acts that are in violation of inalienable rights. We wonder how the Zambian media could have missed the arrest of Rt.Hon. Afumba Mombotwa as a news item when it had actually been reported in the Namibian media news network. We are closely watching Zambia now as we know the brutality of Zambian state security to people advocating for Barotseland independence.

  • 05
  • Dec

Barotseland Administrator General Rt. Hon. Afumba Mombotwa, Rt Hon. Likando Pelekelo and Hon Kalima have been arrested today at Kasaya by Mwandi police. This happened after they were invited by Chief Inyambo of Sisheke. The arrest took place as they were returning from mwandi on their way to Livingstone at Kasaya.

It is believed that someone informed and alerted the Zambian Police who arrested them. However, it is not yet clear on what charges, but they are in Sesheke where they are currently detained, amidst fears among Barotseland independence advocates and Lozis generally for their safety in the hands of Zambia police.

On 14th August 2013, Afumba Mombotwa took oath of office as Administrator General of Barotseland, a transitional position that would see him head a three year transitional civil government tasked with the responsibility of among other things seeking international diplomatic recognition of Barotseland statehood.

At the time over Hundred Barotseland nationals were arrested and charged with treason punishable by death under Zambian laws upon conviction merely for their role in celebrating the swearing on of Hon. Afumba and the public announcement of his interim government. They were later released on Nolle, but the man hunt for Afumba continued until his arrest today.

Hon. Mombotwa is also Chairman of the Linyungandambo, a leading movement for the total independence of Barotseland. On March 27, 2012, the Barotse National Council, the highest and most representative body of Barotseland resolved unanimously that Barotseland should be a sovereign State.

The Barotseland Post, also known as The Barotsepost, is an online media platform, for now, that is dedicated to reporting stories and news around Barotseland and beyond, giving exclusive coverage and access to the people and the nation of Barotseland to fully express themselves in their aspirations for self- determination.