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Zambian's Presidential By-Election Should Not Be Entertained In Barotseland.

04 November 2014

It would be insanity for the Zambian government to bring their presidential by election campaign to Barotseland as this would contravene the territorial boundaries between the two countries. Barotseland is not the western region of Zambia; this truth should be accepted by all who believe in truth. The western province name in reference to remnant parts of Barotseland is cosmetic and it has no legal support as there was no consensus from people in the territory.


Much as we stand with them for the loss of their sitting president his Excellency Michael Sata, who will be remembered, while in opposition in 2011 as having been the first Zambian politician to boldly speak of the legality of Barotseland Agreement 1964 (BA64) and challenged Zambians that he will honour and implement it in its fullness, but upon assuming the instruments of power he quickly rubbished it aside.  He did not even either acknowledge our independence declaration of 2012 or the inauguration of the Barotseland transitional government of August 2013; instead, he arrested dozens of Lozis and kept them in the filthy Zambian prisons for months without trial. He will be remembered too, while in opposition in 2011 as being Linyungandambo number one member.  The list is endless, but Sata's political life was full of contradictions and trustworthiness.

However,  Barotseland stands not to entertain Zambian political hegemony anymore, enough has been said than done, this time is different as cowardice is not part of the nature of Barotse people.  It is true to say that Courage is not merely the absence of fear, but the understanding that something important exists and that is the political liberty of Barotseland.  We expect the BRA (Barotse Royal Authority) to stand with the people by overcoming any attempts to be lured into supporting the Zambian presidential by-election in Barotseland.

We are aware of Zambia's evil schemes that led to the abrogation of the union treaty (BA’64) in 1969 and did not either end with Kenneth Kaunda or Jubilee Golden independence celebration but something that is carried over by every successive Zambian president. The Zambian government stood to eliminate and annex Barotseland by ignoring her existence as a nation state under international law with the background of being a British protectorate. The re-naming of Barotseland territory to a province and alterations of the physical boundary was meant to wipe it completely, however, the name was maintained through the Barotse plains, Barotseland Agreement 1964, Barotseland monarch - Barotse Royal Authority (BRA) and Barotse National Council (BNC).  I want to put records clear that since 2012 after the BNC resolutions that gave Barotseland the right to reclaim her sovereignty, the name Western province in reference to Barotseland is in violation of the territorial integrity of Barotseland and the people's right to self determination.

All the tribes of Barotseland such as the Mbundas, the Nkoyas, the Nyengos, the Luvales, the Tokas, the Kwengos, the Totelas, the Subiyas, the Makwamashis, the Mbowes, the kwandis, the Kwangwas or Luyanas, and every ethnic group that I have not mentioned should stand up to defend the territorial integrity of Barotseland by staying away from presidential by- election that the Zambian government would impose in our land.  We have nothing to do with Zambian politics or anything viewed as constitutional in Zambia. The presence of Zambian political appointees  in our land  is viewed as an invasion of the territory by Zambia, in this case Zambia is an occupying force,  this gives us legal backing to force Zambia out of our land by any means. It is not in the interest of peace to impose political appointees on people who have decided to retain their political liberty as an independent country.

I salute the people of Barotseland, especially the liberation groups for their determination to push for the independence struggle and shine like a beacon of true spirit of nationalism. Colonized people, the world over have the right to self determination and Barotseland people are not exceptional.  
Therefore, Barotseland's Independence struggle is invincible and born out of legality.

Tukongote Litunga Ni lyetu. Barotseland ki Naha.

By Saleya Kwalombota

Editor General, Barotseland Post

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