Zambian Prison officers block Afumba’s letter to the King of Barotseland

29 September 2017
[L-R] Inambao Kalima, Likando Pelekelo and Afumba Mombotwa - political prisoners in Zambian jails


Zambia Correctional Service authorities in Luwingu have blocked a letter which incarcerated Barotseland independence leader Afumba Mombotwa recently wrote to the Litunga (King) of Barotseland, Lubosi Imwiko II, the Zambia Watchdog has revealed.

Sources within the prison have told the Watchdog that the letter was blocked because officers feared that they may be fired by Edgar Lungu if the letter reached the Litunga.

‘Yes, the letter was written and addressed to the Litunga but there was fear that the President was going to be very upset with Correctional Service authorities had that letter been allowed to reach the Litunga and possibly get published by the media,’ a prison source revealed.

Afumba Mombotwa is currently serving a 10 year jail sentence at Luwingu Correctional facility while his two ‘accomplices’ Likando Pelekelo and Inambao Kalima are serving similar sentences in Mansa and Kasama correctional facilities respectively.

The three were accused of ‘usurping executive powers’, a treason felony in Zambian law following their participation in implementing the 2012 Barotseland National Council (BNC) independence resolutions which were sanctioned and endorsed by the King, Lubosi Imwiko II, allowing Barotseland to revert to its pre-1964 status of a sovereign state following Zambia’s abrogation of the 1964 Barotseland unity treaty.

However, Lubosi Imwiko II has been accused of turning lukewarm on Barotseland independence in preference to continued negotiations for a restoration of the now dead 1964 agreement, against the wishes of his people who have categorically called for the wholesome implementation of the 2012 BNC Barotseland independence resolutions.

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