Zambia's Chishimba Kambwili Chide the ‘Nkoya Royal Council’ for Tribal remarks

05 March 2015

Zambia’s Minister of Information and government's official spokesperson, Chishimba Kambwili, has rebuked the 'Nkoya' Royal council’s David Tamboka for alleging that the Zambian government did not consider Nkoyas for any government positions.

The Nkoya faction that has been used as a tool to destabilize Barotseland by the Zambian government has attacked its sponsors by accusing Zambian President Edgar Lungu of being ‘a Lozi tribalist.’

Nkoya ‘Royal Council’ (a creation of the Zambian government) Chairperson David Tamboka claimed that the Zambian government was siding with one ethnic group which he said was dividing the region.

Tamboka said the Zambian government should reserve some positions for Nkoyas so that they also have representatives in the governance system and complained that every new government left the Nkoyas out of governance.

He said Nkoyas would soon seek audience with government so that they actively participate in governance of the country and warned that if government did not listen to them they would demonstrate against people appointed by the Zambian government to serve in Kaoma.

The Nkoya constitute only 16 percent of the population of Kaoma which is comprised of Luyis, Kaondes, Luvales, Mbundas and Chokwes but have always accused a nonexistent tribe they call 'Lozi' of undermining them. Lozi is not a tribe but a language (Lingua franca) spoken by all ethnic groups of Barotseland.

But the chief government spokesperson for the Zambian government Chishimba Kambwili has expressed disappointment at the remarks by Tamboka.

Kambwili said on Wednesday, 4th 2015, that Tamboka’s tribal statement can cause disunity in the country adding that government cannot reserve positions for one tribe.

The Zambian government has for a long time been using certain Nkoya individuals to destabilize Barotseland by promoting ethnic tension and sponsored the creation of the so called 'Nkoya Royal Council' which is now attacking them.

The Nkoya sentiments appeared in the Daily Nation newspaper edition of Wednesday 04th March 2015.

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