Zambia Challenged To Immediately Release Rt.Hon.Afumba Mombotwa and Desist From Illegal Arrests.

06 December 2014

The arrested Administrator General of Royal Barotseland his Excellence Rt.Hon. Afumba Mombotwa should immediately be released as he has committed no crime. Advocating for self determination is not a crime, and if anything happens to him, Zambia will be liable to criminal charges.

It is no longer possible to deceive neither the people of Zambia nor those of Barotseland on the authenticity of the demands for Barotse nationhood. The issues surrounding Barotseland statehood claim were not only brought to the government of Zambia, the UN and the AU, but was also copied documents of petitions as far back as 1996. The International community has been waiting and watching Zambia to see how much effort is exerted in resolving this impasse peacefully. Instead Zambia embarks on illegal arrests and charges against innocent Barotseland Activists.

Barotseland existed and was recognized as a country / nation as far back as 1905, had protectorate status, just as Northern Rhodesia, and was never subordinate to Northern Rhodesia but existed side by side as equal political entities. Therefore, Barotseland has a legitimate right to exist independent of Zambia as it would actually have proceeded to independence in its own right in 1965 had it so wished. This was so to the extent that the Agreement which incorporated it into Zambia was not honored, therefore, there is no dispute that Barotseland has a claim to a separate existence. This claim is backed by international law and conventions.

Finally, Zambia should desist from acts that are in violation of inalienable rights. We wonder how the Zambian media could have missed the arrest of Rt.Hon. Afumba Mombotwa as a news item when it had actually been reported in the Namibian media news network. We are closely watching Zambia now as we know the brutality of Zambian state security to people advocating for Barotseland independence.

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