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13 April 2019

The following video details the visit of the Zambia Army Commander, Lieutenant General William Sikazwe, in Barotseland and his courtesy call on His Majesty, the Litunga, King of Barotseland. It also features the Ngambela (Prime Minister) of Barotseland welcoming the Army Commander and correcting some Social Media reports about the alleged Zambia army invasion and arrest of Chief Amukena of Naliele Kuta in Kaoma, Barotseland.

NEWSCASTER – PRIME TV: “Zambia Army Commander, Lieutenant General William Sikazwe, has started his tour of Western Province visiting his troops based there.

“The Lieutenant General Sikazwe is also formally introducing himself as Army Commander to relevant authorities.

“During his tour, the Army Commander has pledged to continue ensuring that peace and tranquillity remains vital within the borders of Zambia.

“Lloyd Kapusa reports.”

LLOYD KAPUSA – PRIME TV: “The Zambia Army Commander, Lieutenant General William Sikazwe, has arrived in the Western province for a working visit.

“The Army Commander started his tour of duty in Kaoma district before proceeding to Mongu and Limulunga districts.

“In Limulunga, Lieutenant General Sikazwe visited Litunga Lubosi Imwiko II to formally introduce himself as the Army Commander.”

ARMY COMMANDER: “Your majesty I am here for two things, and the first one, Your Majesty, is just to introduce myself.

“As Zambia Commander, it is important that I come, and pay courtesy call on the King so that the King can know who is the Zambian Commander now.

“Like I said, Your Majesty, we had Lieutenant General Mihova who was the Army Commander and he made a lot of visits here, most of them, in fact, I was accompanying him because I was one of the officers working under him…”

HIS MAJESTY: “You were here?”

ARMY COMMANDER: “Yes, Your Majesty! I have been here several times.

“So, it’s a great honour for me now to come myself not escorting somebody but myself… (all burst in laughter) … coming paying courtesy call myself now on the King.

“Then secondly, just also to get permission, as you know, Your Majesty, I’ve got my troops here; everywhere in Mongu, Senaga, Kalabo, Sitoti, Sesheke, they are everywhere.

“So, I thought I should come also, get permission from the King before I visit my troops so that I get the blessings from the King, the king should say, ‘my son, I bless you! Now, you can visit your troops.’ That’s when I can visit the troops.

“Without that, I cannot visit.

“So, I said let me also get permission from His Majesty, the King, so that I’m authorized to continue with the tour and visit my troops.”

LLOYD KAPUSA: “The Barotse Royal Establishment has since pledged its commitment to ensuring peace and tranquillity in the region.”

MUKELA MANYANDO - NGAMBELA (BRE): “We enjoy a cordial relationship with the Regional Army Command that has helped to bring about the peace that we are enjoying in this region.

“And also, want to say we have and are appreciative of the work that you are keeping to let us sleep soundly both at night and wake up to do our work during the day.

“We appreciate the work and our relationship with government.

“And this time, we wish you the best of luck and God’s blessing on your routine tour.”

LLOYD KAPUSA: “It is the wish of both Barotse Royal Establishment and Zambia Army to see the peace and tranquillity being enjoyed in the Western Province continue.

“Lloyd Kapusa, Prime TV news, Limulunga District, Western province.”

NEWSCASTER: “However, the arrival of the Zambia Army Commander and his team in the Western province has caused social media speculations that there is insurrection and invasion in the province.

“Some social media sites have also reported that the Zambia Army has also arrested Senior Chief Isiteketo Amukena of Kaoma District.

“But the Barotse Royal Establishment has tagged all the social media reports as false and irresponsible.”

MUKELA MANYANDO – BRE: “I want to inform the people here in Barotseland, that there is no invasion, there is no army capture, there is no insurrection, there is no aggression that requires the presence of the Army.

“The Army Commander who was visiting at the start of his tour here in our region and he had to pay a courtesy call on his majesty the Litunga.

“So, the public are hereby informed and told that they should feel safe, the country, that is Barotseland here, is safe and is stable.

“I want also to explain and in fact, correct the incorrect and erroneous messages that we received on social media; we have just been reading a story circulating that Senior Chief Amukena of Naliele has been arrested by the army on his way to Limulunga to meet his majesty the Litunga.

“The truth of the matter is that Senior Chief Amukena, just like other chiefs in this region, was bound to come here for a courtesy call for normal consultations with the Litunga. And these happen! Always!

“That is how we are governed here.

“It is strange to read from social media that he has in fact, been arrested between Kaoma and Mongu, and that this arrest was masterminded by this Namuso Kuta here at Limulunga.

“This is a total lie and we should dismiss this information with all the disgrace that it deserves.” END!

VIDEO: Prime TV News / Zambia Army Media.


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