We will remain focused on implementing the March 2012 BNC resolution – Royal Barotseland Government

17 April 2018
Incarcerated Royal Barotseland Government Leaders Afumba Mombotwa (Right), Inambao Kalima (Left) and Likando Pelekelo (Center)

17th April 2018

Office of the Administrator General,

Royal Barotseland Government.



We wish to urge all the citizens of Barotseland and supporters of the Royal Barotseland Government in transition, that on-going mobilization for Barotseland self-government will continue as the Supreme Barotse National Council of March 2012 mandated.

As you may know, BNC resolutions are not only irreversible but they also reign supreme over all other organs of Barotse governance, including the institution of the Litungaship!

Therefore, in the absence of another overriding BNC resolution, the March 2012 resolution for Barotseland total independence will be our overriding and guiding principle.

In the same vein, we wish to encourage the BRE to courageously accept and help facilitate the implementation of the express will of the people of Barotseland as unanimously resolved at the March 2012 Barotse National Council.

We, therefore, wish to assure the nation and the world that we will immediately implement our own economic and political agenda for Barotseland, as soon as our resource mobilization attains the desired goals.

Rest assured that Barotseland will not be stopped from exercising her sovereignty because her citizens are determined and willing to use any means necessarily possible to defend their country from both internal and external enemies.

Litunga ni lyetu!

S. Mukete – Secretary of State for Information and Publicity,

Royal Barotseland Government.

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