UPDATED: Mushabati - The Great Sandy Soils of Barotseland (Poetic Lozi Song with lyrics)

02 May 2017
Author  Namakau Nalumango, New Zealand
A Beautiful Sandy Beach in Barotseland


The Barotse Floodplain is regenerated with rich alluvial soils every flood season. The Plateau Part of Barotseland is covered in a unique type of the Kalahari Sands Family. The list of crops that thrive in this unique type of desert homeland is basically - endless!

Mushabati - mubu waluna omunde! by Namakau Nalumango

O that we would only see the blessings of our unique desert homeland and stop grumbling about little things!

Let us go ahead and love our country and encourage community organisation - everyone - just where they are. 50 years after independence - see where Lusaka is at. Then visit the common man in Nakato, Ng'uma, Silele Village, Lukulo School, and many other typical rural areas...

We cannot afford to wait for any government to reach our people right at the back of beyond. It's time to work and make things happen in our own communities without government intervention.

We have the most important resources: LAND and WATER.

Let us make use of our beautiful sandy soil... If you grew up in Barotseland, you know as much as I do that you can grow so much in this blessed soil of the homeland - ku zwa mwa libala ku ya mukulo ni mushitu...

We shouldn't die of hunger or poverty.

We have it all - Mushabati waluna omunde!



Mushabati - The Great Sandy Soils of Barotseland
Mushabati - The Great Sandy Soils of Barotseland by Namakau Nalumango

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