UNPO recognizes the Afumba led Barotseland civil government, Currency and Economy, what are you still waiting for? Saleya asks Barotse nationals.

08 November 2014

An ardent Barotseland political analyst and writer Saleya Kwalombota has wondered why some Barotse nationals are still hesitant to recognize the Afumba Mombotwa led civil government when in fact organizations such as UNPO had already recognized this civil government.

This is in apparent reference to the continued debate on what the correct way forward for Barotseland is at the moment. Some have doubted the legality of a government that still has no visible structures in Barotseland. The Barotseland civil government in transition is still mobilizing and working on restoring and establishing governance institutions, such as the legislature, judiciary, executive and their associated structures. Resource mobilization as well as formulation of civil service and various laws to regulate the function of government are among many other things occupying the Afumba led transitional government, although those that are without patience would have loved to think of a different and quicker way to ending Zambia’s nightmare hold over Barotseland.
UNPO on Barotseland's autonomous struggle, Mr. Kwalombota wrote, has this on their official web site,


"Since 1965, the Barotse have been committed to a peaceful disengagement with the Zambian government. However, their efforts to raise international awareness on their situation and to protest for their rights have been met with repressive behavior from the Zambian government. On March 27, 2012, the Barotse National Council resolved that Barotseland should be a sovereign State. On 15 August 2013 a new civil government led by His Excellency Rt. Hon. Afumba Mombotwa was constituted, which is now seeking international diplomatic recognition." End of quote.

On Barotseland’s economy and currency, the Mupu and the Ndoo, UNPO has this to say,

"The upper Zambezi valley is a floodplain, providing the Barotse with fertile land. As such, their livelihoods are mostly reliant on wetland resources. Barotseland’s economy is based on combined crop farming, livestock keeping, fishing and natural resource exploitation. The Barotse also benefit from the floodplains being somewhat of a tourist attraction. Natural resources include oil, gas, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, gold, copper, iron, quartz, limestone, cobalt, uranium, diatomite, silica sand and salt. The official currencies are the Mupu and the Ndoo." End of quote

Mr. Kwalombota, therefore, appeals to all well meaning Barotseland citizens to stop wasting time in partisan debates and for now focus on a speedy transition of Barotseland government take over through a united and immediate recognition of the Afumba led civil Barotseland government which has clearly won the hearts of organizations and people that know international processes in as far as self determination is concerned. He further advised that emotionalism at this stage would only slow Barotseland transition to complete self determination.

"I, therefore, wish to appeal to the BRE, the BNFA and all other liberation movements to rally behind the civil government that has already scored recognition of reputable international bodies such as UNPO and a couple others already.”

“Let the BRE stretch out their fatherly arms and embrace what Hon. Afumba and the team have so far achieved and see how they can begin to complement and enhance their efforts so that our transition to total governance will be quicker.” Mr. Saleya concluded.

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