The church of Barotseland vows to expand outreach as it ordains new ministers

31 March 2019

In 1965, Kenneth Kaunda’s Zambian government disbanded the Church of Barotseland, seized its entire church infrastructure, land and all other assets, reallocating them to the newly formed United Church Zambia, UCZ, which Kaunda formed in the guise of ‘unity’ as propagated in Zambia’s motto of ‘One Zambia One Nation’!

Kaunda’s argument then was that, with the political liberation of Zambia, there was an urgent need to unite the Church of Barotseland with the Church of Central Africa in Rhodesia (mission work of the Church of Scotland), the Union Church of Copperbelt, the Copperbelt Free Church Council and the Methodist Church in line with the newly coined ‘One Zambia One nation’ motto!

However, it would later appear that Kenneth Kaunda’s real motives were, in fact, driven by his ill-advised desire to obliterate Barotseland because the so-called ‘merger’ was hastily implemented at the same time as the Zambian government was also ‘urgently’ pushing for some legal reforms specifically targeted and aimed at disinheriting the Litunga (King) and people of Barotseland of all their entitlements as promulgated in the pre-independence Barotseland Agreement 1964, barely a year after it had been signed to facilitate Zambia’s political independence from Britain, with the Kingdom of Barotseland as an autonomous part of the sovereign republic!

With some twenty church branches already re-established in Kalabo, Senanga, Mongu and Limulunga districts, however, the Church of Barotseland is now being restored, with its congregants vowing never to turn back and pledging to ensure that the church spreads to every other district in Barotseland until it retains its original status as the Church of Barotseland!

To do this effectively, the church has recently ordained four ministers, among them, ninety-two-year-old renowned author, scholar and historian, Kaluwe Mukena, to spearhead the church expansion program.

Kaluwe Mukena (92) was among the first group of Barotse people arrested by Zambia’s first president, Kenneth Kaunda, in 1971 for pointing out that he and his Zambian government were wrong for forcefully taking away the powers of the Litunga, King of Barotseland, and unilaterally abrogating the pre-independence Barotseland Agreement 1964 which was signed prior to Zambia’s independence in order to guarantee the Kingdom’s continued autonomy within the sovereign republic.

Other church ministers ordained on the same day were, Mubiana Litebele, Ashoni Mubita and Imumba Mwanangombe who the congregants now expect will enrich the church in spreading the word of God and grow the church spiritually and numerically to fill the whole Barotseland.

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The video is courtesy of Zambia’s Prime Television News.

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