The Afumba led Barotseland Civil Government must be supported by all to speed up our Independence – Saleya Kwalombota

22 October 2014

My brothers and sisters, in as much as we all seem to have very good ideas aimed at bringing much needed political independence to our beloved Barotseland, we must realize that as long as we keep avoiding facing the reality that we need the civil Barotseland government in place other than the Kuta (traditional government under BRE setup), there will be lack of patriotism and the sense of belonging in our independence struggle. Why do we continue to pretend? Let's face the real reason for the delay in actualizing our independence and do something about it. The BRE is the very institution that would have been leading the independence struggle of Barotseland but for 48 years failed to stand the brutality nature of Zambia until the ordinary people of Barotseland took it upon themselves and pushed for historic BNC in 2012.


The problem seems to surface at now is about government formation. The confusing started six months down the line after the independence declaration of 2012 by Barotseland National Council. The 2012 BNC was suctioned by the Litunga and approved its recommendations for implementation by the BRE. It is worthy to mention that an order was arrived at and given, according to the ordinances of the Barotse Statutes and laws for a complete independence from Zambia. The BRE for unknown reasons frustrated the BNC resolutions and this led to the liberation groups to act quickly to uphold the will of the people by initiating the transitional civil government. Otherwise, we may frustrate the spirit of the 2012 BNC resolutions and injustice to the people who may have been maimed, tortured, arrested and lost their beloved ones, should we fail to support the Hon. Afumba led government which to me meets the people's aspirations.

It is possible for the well started journey to end up in a vision-less destination. I expect the people of Barotseland to see through this Vail of reality to avoid wasting time associating with liberation groups that have no political independence plan for Barotseland and even undecided on methodology to use. People should understand that it is the duty of a country seeking independence to setup governance structures and start controlling their economy by legislation according to their constitution.

We are dealing with undemocratic system hence; we need to have a workable designed approach to make it as hard as possible to attack the system of the occupying force. Or maybe there is need to define what politics is, to highlight matters of philosophical nature so as to set ground for matters of policy and Rules, and to announce the overall mission and vision of 2012 BNC resolutions. Barotzish should not be swayed by these charitable development project ideas coming from our neighboring country Zambia which will only soothe the wounds of enslavement but not heal them.

What our people need is complete remedy.

Tukongote, Litunga Ni lyetu.
By Saleya Kwalombota

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