Steady Rainfall Continue to steadily pour down In Barotseland

02 October 2015
Rainfal Picture courtesy of Themes.Com

As if to emphasize that Barotseland is a country different from Zambia, it has been raining steadily since sometime in end of August and continued into September 2015, while rain season in Zambia comes only at the end of October or early November.

BBN reported the first rains experienced around end of August and got steady throughout September.

“These ‘blessed’ rains and showers have continued pouring down in Barotseland this whole week, and today it has been raining in most parts of Barotseland,” reported BBN in a face book post earlier today.

Livingstone too hasn't been spared, as it has also been showering there today, including in all surrounding areas of Kazungula, Mwandi, Sesheke and Mulobezi.

Zambia on the other hand is yet to experience some rain, unless where we may not have heard about.

May be this is just God telling everyone how different Barotseland is from Zambia by showing us that even the weather and climatic patterns for the two regions are very different.

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