Senior Chiefs upset with GRZ-BRE plans to undermine 2012 BNC, conspirator Nyambe Namushi gets fired from Kaoma Kuta!

08 September 2018
Nyambe Namushi – Fired Induna Imangambwa from Naliele Kuta for organizing clandestine activities undermining 2012 BNC resolutions


Reports emanating from the Naliele Kuta in Kaoma are that the Senior Chief, His Royal Highness the Reigning Prince, Mulena Isiteketo Amukena II (son of the late ‘Senior Chief’ Amukena I, Isiteketo Lewanika), has forthwith fired Nyambe Namushi as Induna Imangambwa for his role in the ongoing Zambian government sponsored and Limulunga BRE endorsed activities that seek to undermine the popular 2012 Barotse National Council (BNC) resolutions for Barotseland’s independence from Zambia.

A source from within the Naliele Kuta has reported that not only has His Royal Highness Mulena Amukena fired Induna Imangambwa for helping organize these clandestine meetings aimed at overturning and suppressing the people’s 2012 BNC independence vote, but that he is also very upset with Lubosi Imwiko II for tolerating these activities which are aimed at undermining the popular will of the people of Barotseland.

“Ba mulelekile Imangambwa kuli ayo ezeza bukuba bwa hae kwa hule hule! (Imangambwa has been fired so that he could take his nonsense away from here),” said the source from the palace confirming the firing of Nyambe Namushi as Induna Imangambwa.

Nyambe Namushi, leader of the once vibrant Barotseland independence organization, Barotse Freedom Movement (BFM), alongside the ever cunning and long known opportunist Mutungulu Wanga of the Movement for the Restoration of Barotseland (MOREBA) and another renowned sly character, Chazele Mulasikwanda, formerly of Barotse National Congress but who has now rejoined the BFM, are reportedly the main government enlisted Barotse activists working as useful idiots.

The three leaders got frustrated out of the Barotse National Freedom Alliance (BNFA) led by the former Ngambela of Barotseland, who also presided over the supreme Barotse National Council in 2012, Clement W. Sinyinda, after losing an internal election at the BNFA general conference last year.

With their participation, the government will claim that Barotse political activist movements were indeed consulted in their planned sham of a dialogue slated for this month that will be used to rubber-stamp government plans to suppress people’s unanimous Barotseland independence aspirations.

Meanwhile, some reports have indicated that the Naliele Kuta in Kaoma is not the only District Kuta opposed to the Zambian government manoeuvres to set aside the March 2012 Barotse people’s calls for independence of Barotseland in preference to a watered-down agreement which will offer far less than even the defunct Barotseland Agreement of 1964.

Reports reaching this publication indicate that all the District Kutas under the Senior Chiefs, His Royal Highness Mulena Inyambo Yeta, the Reigning Prince at Mwandi (including Sesheke), who is also son of the late Litunga Ilute Yeta IV, the Kuta in Kalabo where Her Royal Highness Mulena-Mukwae Mboanjikana is the Reigning Princess Kandundu Yeta, daughter of Litunga Yeta III at the Libonda Kuta and the Nalolo Kuta in Senanga of Her Royal Highness the Litunga-la-Mboela who is Reigning Princess Mbuyu Imwiko and blood sister of the embattled Litunga Lubosi Imwiko II are equally not happy with the reported planned dialogue council meetings soon to take place in Lealui to undermine the popular 2012 BNC resolutions.

And the newly installed Senior Chief Lukama of Sioma and Shangombo, His Royal Highness Mulena Mukiti Sekeli, who is the Reigning Prince at the Kaungamashi Kuta, is allegedly frustrated that the Litunga Lubosi Imwiko II has not yet installed any Induna to assist him in the government of that Principality.

Accordingly, only Lubosi Imwiko II’s younger brother, His Royal Highness Mulena Anañanga Imwiko, Reigning Prince at Namayula Kuta in Lukulu, has allegedly failed to stand up against his elder brother, the King’s excesses!

The main contention cited by all their Royal Highnesses is that Lubosi Imwiko II has developed an uncustomary tendency to act unilaterally without consulting them and that he has severally ignored their admonitions.

Apart from the ongoing clandestine meetings with the Zambian government over the defunct Barotseland Agreement 1964, another point of contention recently was when Lubosi Imwiko II sent Mulena Amukena to lead a delegation of Barotse leaders working in the Zambian government ministries and systems to go and represent him at the African-American Diaspora 2018 Africa Homecoming joint Planning Tourism and Trade Conference in the U.S organized by Diversity Restoration Solution (DRS) early last month.

Reportedly, Lubosi Imwiko II did not consult or inform their Royal Highnesses the Reigning Princes and Princesses in the other Principalities of Barotseland.

Some social media reports have suggested that Lubosi Imwiko’s Limulunga Kuta under the Ngambela Nyambe Mwenda is determined to proceed with a sham dialogue council at which a predetermined resolution will be endorsed to allow the Litunga sign some new agreements with the president of Zambia which will cement Barotseland’s continued existence as an enslaved province of Zambia.

The social media network BBN have even reported that preparatory meetings are already underway spearheaded by Mutungulu Wanga (MOREBA), Nyambe Namushi (BFM), Chazele Mulasikwanda (BFM) and Ngambela Mwenda (BRE) using 4x4 pickup motor vehicles recently bought by the Zambian Government for the purpose.

A couple of months ago, this publication revealed that the Limulunga BRE and their cohorts were requesting close to a million Zambian kwacha (K816, 000) cash and motor vehicles, computers, printers and stationery from the Zambian government to undertake the consultative dialogue process on the defunct Barotseland Agreement of 1964.

However, all the main Barotseland independence movements such as the Linyungandambo, BNYL, BI, BNFA under the former Ngambela Sinyinda and the majority of the people have maintained that no dialogue council resolutions will be acceptable as long as they are not in line with the unanimous March 2012 Barotse National Council resolutions for Barotseland to proceed to independence from Zambia, but these have all been deliberately excluded from the process with Afumba Mombotwa, leader of the Linyungandambo, the sworn Administrator of Barotseland, and others still in jail.

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