RE: Membership of Barotseland in UNPO

11 January 2014


Dear Barotseland

RE: Membership of Barotseland in UNPO

At the 16th Session of the UNPO Presidency which convened on the 22nd of November in Cape Town, South Africa, the members evaluated your application documents. On behalf of the UNPO Presidency, I am delighted to inform you that your application for membership has been accepted.

The membership of Barotseland in UNPO is effective as of the 22nd of November 2013 in accordance to the UNPO covenant. You will be invited to the upcoming General Assembly scheduled for 2014 where your membership will be ratified by the participating members and you will be awarded a flag and certificate of membership.

I am glad to welcome you as a new member and hope you will be able to participate in the activities of UNPO. 


Marino Busdachin

Office of the General Secretary
The Hague - The Netherlands

Editor's Note: This letter here reproduced in part for public records only.

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