Ploy to parade fake Linyungandambo leaders ‘reconciling’ with Zambian government on national TV unearthed

03 February 2018

Zambian government propaganda machinery is reportedly brewing to parade known disgraced elderly men purporting to be senior and founder members of Barotseland’s leading independence movement, Linyungandambo, on national television prime time, renouncing ‘separatist’ activities of the movement in favor of continued harmonious co-existence with the rest of Zambia.

The ploy, which has since reached advanced stages, is allegedly spearheaded by Zambia’s regional government officials in Barotseland (Western Province of Zambia) through the office of the Permanent Secretary (PS) in collaboration with the Office of the President (OP).

Reporting this ploy, the Linyungandambo national coordinator said that the Zambian regional government has enlisted four named disgraced elderly individuals who once identified with the movement in the time late President Michael Sata, then as a candidate, campaigned in Barotseland espousing the Linyungandambo philosophy to hoodwink Lozi people into voting for him.

“Yes, they once espoused our philosophy when it was convenient for them, but these are now disgraced individuals who fell out of favor with Zambia’s ruling party but are now trying to regain their fortunes with the oppressive Zambian government by agreeing to be paraded as useful idiots,” continuing further that the four were soon going to be paraded on a prime national television show slot to discredit Linyungandambo and praise the ‘harmonious’ efforts so far achieved by the Zambian regime.

“The plan is to have these imbecilic traitors - pardon my strong language - driven to state house any day soon, where the plan would be finalized to have them paraded LIVE or on TV prime news as Linyungandambo representatives reconciling our organization with the Zambian government, thereby completely demolishing not only what Hon. Afumba Mombotwa and Linyungandambo have achieved, but also what BNFA and the patriotic people of Barotseland, including those imprisoned or killed have so far achieved,” fumed the Linyungandambo national co-coordinator.

“Therefore, we wish to caution Linyungandambo members, BNFA, supporters of our unchallenged independence declaration and the world at large not to fall for this disgraceful cheap Zambian propaganda, should their ploy come to pass.

“The four people involved are not, in fact, members of Linyungandambo but mere imposters, attention seekers and traitors of Barotseland.  As you may know, Linyungandambo has a very powerful philosophy that even crooks and attention seekers have periodically clung to when it suited them.

“Our earnest appeal is that this planned propaganda should be ignored as the Linyungandambo are a revolutionary group of people who are now all over the world seeking material and political support for Barotseland self-rule.  As you may know, a point of no return was reached in March 2012 BNC to the point that Linyungandambo supported and sponsored the formation of the Barotseland transitional government that resulted in Rt. Hon Afumba Mombotwa taking oath of office as Barotseland Administrator General on 14th August 2013, who later named the Barotseland provisional government which is currently mobilizing for complete take over that will usher in the first-ever national and general elections in Barotseland,” concluded the Linyungandambo national coordinator emphasizing that nothing would ever make Linyungandambo renege on its commitment for a truly free and independent Barotseland.

As for those mobilizing against Barotseland independence, the Linyungandambo has since warned that their days of such treachery are numbered.

Since the March 2012 Barotseland independence declaration, the Zambian government has been trying to find ways of influencing the people of Barotseland to drop their demand for self-determination; including arresting and imprisoning key leaders of prominent independence movements such as BNFA, BNYL, BI and Linyungandambo. Currently, the Linyungandambo leader and Barotseland Administrator General Afumba Mombotwa and two other key members of the Barotseland transitional government are serving ten-year jail sentences each in separate Zambian jails located in remote northern regions of Zambia, far away from their family and friends.

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