Now Britain’s favorite quiz competition, University Challenge, features Barotseland on its BBC televised show

28 February 2019

While some Zambians, and even some Barotse people, still doubt the validity and legitimacy of Barotseland’s claim for independence and its quest for international recognition as an independent state, many will be surprised to learn that some countries in the world are already seriously educating their learners about Barotseland’s legitimate claim for independence from Zambia.

This was the case in Britain’s favorite quiz competition University Challenge which features contestants in a BBC televised academic quiz show where teams of students from UK universities answer questions on all manner of subjects.

The contestants are chosen from multiple disciplines ranging from undergraduate to postgraduate levels.

In Episode 29 of Season 48, first televised this week on Monday, 25th February of 2019 at 8:30 pm, the show featured Durham University and Edinburgh University, in which one of the questions was about Barotseland and its quest for recognition as an independent state.

The question on Barotseland came in a segment that sought to identify countries or territories that are currently seeking international recognition as independent states, and the contestants were supposed to identify in which land-locked country Barotseland was a western part of.

It was interesting to see contestants in this quarter-final stage of the competition confer for ideas on Barotseland and unfortunately gave the wrong answer, although close!

THE QUESTION: “Barotseland is a long-standing monarchy and former British protectorate that has sought recognition as an independent state.

“It occupies the west of which landlocked country?” END.

After the contestants confer for ideas about Barotseland in relation to the question, the university students decide to settle for Zimbabwe as the answer, to which they are told that the correct answer would be Zimbabwe’s neighbour, Zambia.

The University Challenge has been Britain’s favourite quiz since 1962 and is among the award-winning family of games created, owned and licensed by Richard Reid Productions and the College Bowl Company.

According to Peter Gwyn, Executive Producer of the University Challenge, 3,000,000 (Three million) people every week 'Match Wits' with the Champions in the University Challenge, the classic game of Starters & Bonuses from Richard Reid and College Bowl which has been a successful and historic collaboration for ITV Studios and BBC2.

Therefore, through this episode alone, the Barotse people will be pleased to know that their aspirations for independence are now a well-known fact in Britain, and especially among future decision-makers in the United Kingdom.

Only in November last year, the highly rated and world-renowned American crime investigative police drama, NCIS, featured BAROTSELAND in its Episode 6 of Season 16, several times, where it was scripted as a destination in Africa where some of the ‘unresolved’ murders they were investigating were allegedly committed by some hitman named Anderson Kohl.

Clearly, Barotseland’s quest for independence continues to gain world recognition, and Barotse people must be encouraged to continue with their struggle and not turn back on their March 2012 Barotse National Council (BNC) unanimous resolutions for Barotseland independence.

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