Ngambela Mukela Manyando scores his first as he dispels malicious social media rumours

09 April 2019
FILE: Mukela Manyando - Ngambela of Barotseland Picture courtesy of Lucky Cheelo Munakampe, Sunset Sound Production / MCL Computer Systems Ltd.


The Barotse Royal Establishment’s newly installed Ngambela, Mukela Manyondo, may have scored his first this afternoon when he swiftly called a press briefing to dispel some malicious Barotse social media rumours suggesting that HRH the Senior Chief Amukena Isiteketo of Kaoma regency had been arrested by the Zambian military at the instruction of His Majesty the Litunga, King of Barotseland!

And the Ngambela has clarified that the scores of Zambian military personnel seen arriving in the territory yesterday were on a routine operation with Zambia’s newly appointed Army Commander who is in the area to inspect his troops on his familiarization tour.

He further said that as demanded by traditional custom and royal etiquette, the Army Commander Brig. Gen. William Sikazwe, proceeded to pay homage to His Majesty the Litunga before he could embark on his familiarization tour and that nothing was unusual in his visit!

Meanwhile, in an apparent reference to another Barotse social media rumour that had coincided with April Fools’ Day, Ngambela Manyando has advised that contrary to the rumours, no Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) Induna (cabinet ministers) had resigned.

This was after some Barotse social media had reported that named BRE indunas, including the Ngambela himself, had resigned due to some undisclosed differences with the Litunga, Lubosi Imwiko II.
Ngambela Manyando should be roundly applauded for his swift action to dispel the widespread rumours that have in the past been let to linger without challenge or confirmation.

It is hoped that the traditional premier will continue to update the nation on all pertinent issues affecting the contested region to put an end to unwarranted and unending misinformation about the territory especially prevalent on social media.



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