Mr. Wanga’s Press Release to the cannot go without a comment, Sikopo Mataa, USA Linyungandambo Branch

18 October 2014
Some of the 84 Barotse Detainees - 2013

Mr. Mutungulu Wanga, Deputy Chairman of BNFA Strategy, cannot find an excuse to open unhealed wounds of people who were incarcerated by Zambia in 2013. Those gallant and brave men who stood firm to defend Barotseland in the courts of the enemy deserve respect and not to be castigated in anyway by a genuine Mulozi.

It is an open secret that the whole world stood up to condemn Zambia for arresting those people. Refer to the Secretary of State for America Hon. John Kerry, in the 2013 Human Rights Report on Zambia. Even reasonable Mps in Zambia condemned the arrests of the Barotse people. Surely, if we were to bring one who was arresting them for a live interview on TV to answer questions from the public as to why they arrested Mr. Clement W. Sinyinda, there would be nothing to get from him. The truth will always remain that the state, as it is called, failed completely to prosecute those courageous, patriotic, noble, bold and genuine Barotzis, because they did nothing wrong. Only Mr. Wanga seems to condemn them, and think they are nothing. Let us give credit where it is due!


As to his outburst concerning Barotseland Government Mr. Wanga cannot try to be a champion in the field where he is not an expert! Even if we were to summon scholars of international politics for debate, Mr. Wanga would not make a point with his opinions engulfed with hatred. What is a prerequisite to trigger revolution? What qualification is needed to stop a revolution? We leave these questions open for Mr. Wanga to answer.

Even if the BNFA Deputy Chairman General were to put the BTA today, that BTA would not be put simultaneously with the Barotseland Police or Army. Let Mr. Wanga tell us what he is going to do with Zambia police after the BTA has been put? When will the modern time Mr. Wanga was referring to going to start? Did the case of Kosovo’s declaration of independence take place in modern or ancient time? Tell the people of Barotseland what the International Court of Justice said concerning the declaration of Kosovo?

What is true is that, had it not been for the activities of BFM and Linyungandambo and the people he is insulting, Mr. Wanga would not be writing letters petitioning for Human Rights abuse (riding on the tide fortune).

Rationally, nobody can attack or fight what does not exist! We love Mr. Wanga because he is a Mulozi. However, what he has to understand (and of course he is not forced) is that, whatever one does, says, or commitment he/she undertakes, there are risks such as:

i) Emotional risk – where you feel betrayed by someone you trusted much.

ii) Material risk – where you risk losing property.

iii) Intellectual risk – where you risk being told that you are wrong.

iv) Physical risk – where you can lose life or be injured.

Fortunately, people belonging to Linyungandambo know this fact! That is why they stand firm in all situations. If Mr. Wanga wants to avoid these risks in his approach and style, he should shut himself up in a closed room; but that would be a risk as well. Malozi kaufela mina, I can confirm to you that Linyungandambo is on the right truck!!

For curiosity’s sake, can Mr. Wanga release a ten steps plan on how to restore the Barotseland Agreement that he submitted to Dr. Roger Chongwe Commission of Inquiry; audio and visual records are there; bo Wanga is in the gear for Agreement restoration and not for total emancipation of the Barotseland territory. If Mr. Wanga does not know this, he must know it from today, because his actions can tell.

As for the police officers and magistrates who failed law at NIPA; what laws do they apply? Are they applying laws which are inconsistent with Barotseland Agreement or not? People cannot be concerned with them; we know they are just a menace!! Their days are limited, and they will be punished for their actions including their bosses individually.

Assuming that the legal personality derives from the legal right of the entity in question to self-determination, it seems most unlikely that the use of force to assert that right should be illegal.

It is probably the case that the use of force by a none-state entity in exercise of the right to self-determination is legally neutral that is not regulated by law at all.

In their actions against and resistance to such forcible action in pursuit of the exercise of their right to self-determination, such peoples are entitled to seek and receive support in accordance with the purpose and principle of the UN Charter. It is a pity those magistrates in Mungu Mr. Wanga refers to, do not know these facts!! So they should not think that we are fools, because we are peaceful and we do not hit harder!!

Written by Sikopo Mataa
USA-New York Branch

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