Malozi continue to disown the embattled Litunga Lubosi Imwiko II as BNYL take their turn

16 October 2015

12th October, 2015

Mr. Lubosi Imwiko Edwin
Private Bag
Barotseland Kingdom



With reference to the above captioned matter, we the Barotseland National Youth League (BNYL) do wish to officially inform you Mr. Lubosi Imwiko the position of the youths in the entire Kingdom of Barotseland.

This follows a letter which was written to your Kuta two weeks ago, asking you to allow and authorise the Kuta to come on air and address the citizens of Barotseland Kingdom over several issues and allegations levelled against you and the Kuta. The allegations were pointing that you as an individual has been involved in a number of activities drawing back the actualisation of Barotseland independence by accommodating Zambians at the palace, championing schemes to elude the will of the people of Barotseland, requesting the Zambian government to bring more tracks of soldiers and policemen into Barotseland, encouraging arrests, incarceration and torture of Barotzish Citizens and many other treachery activities.

BNYL gave you and the Kuta 14 days to clear all these allegations, but you chose to remain mute and continue with your vicious schemes under the auspices of an alien government of Zambia. THIS TRULLY CONFIRMS THAT THESE ARE NOT MERE ALLEGATIONS BUT ACTUAL ACTITIVIES YOU ARE INVOLVED IN.

We as an organisation would like to jog trot your memory with many other events we hold against you in confirmation of your treachery actions.

1.    We as an organisation have made several attempts to meet the Litunga at Kashandi, but Lubosi Imwiko rejected by telling the Kuta not to accord chance to the youth movement, an act of betrayal.

2.    As an organisation, we protected the Litunga from being assassinated by the Sata Regime and part of this movement’s Executive Members are imprisoned by the same government and Lubosi Imwiko and His Kuta never uttered even a single word in rescue of these Messer.

3.    Not only youths have been attempting to meet the Litunga, even our parents and stakeholders in the independence of Barotseland namely Linyungandambo, BNFA, and BNC have made several attempts but all ended up at the Sikalo Kuta or if lucky, up to SAA Kuta as per instruction of you Lubosi Imwiko.

4.    Letters have been written to the Litunga and the Kuta trying to get you to respond to many important issues which would have enabled Barotseland actualise her Independence, but they have always not been attended to as expected because of Lubosi imwiko Edwin.

5.    We are reliably informed that not only by the activist groups, but even the Barotseland Transitional Government has faced similar challenges to meet the Litunga over serious issues of the Kingdom because of Lubosi Imwiko.

6.    We are reliably informed that the “MADANDUME ATTONEYS” legal team representing the Barotseland Transitional Government failed to meet the Litunga of Barotseland when they visited the Kingdom, because Lubosi Imwiko had to fetch false excuses not to meet them.

7.    We reliably informed that you have totally supported and encouraged the Zambian Government to continue incarcerating His Excellence Rt. Hon Afumba Mombotwa and Others simple because Rt. Hon Afumba refused and rejected your offer of Him as Ngambela in the foolish 2015 Agreement.

8.    In the absence of the Administrator General, His Excellence Afumba Mombotwa, the Litunga was scheduled to meet the Barotseland Allies and Investors from the West three times but Lubosi imwiko made sure that the Litunga gave excuses not to.

9.    After sanctioning and signing on the popular 2012 BNC resolutions, The Litunga vowed to stand by the resolutions through His spokes person the Ngambela, but Lubosi Imwiko turned around and sided with the enermy to try and make alterations to the will of the people of Barotseland. To confirm the above point, people have been arrested from 2013 to date and the Litunga has never acted and exercised His power and authority because of you Lubosi Imwiko.

10.    If you Lubosi Imwiko was fit for the Litungaship of the Kingdom, The Litunga could have, even from His personal coffers, been able to pay the Legal Team for the Royal Barotseland Transitional Government or better still could have raised the required resources through the Lilalo Indunas in the entire Kingdom, but Lubosi didn’t.

11.    If you Mr. Lubosi Imwiko had passion for Barotseland Kingdom, you would have used the monies that you have been benefiting from the many projects which you have denied the people to benefit from, such as the Liuwa National park dealing with the African Parks, collections from the communal markets and customary land and many others.

12.    Lubosi Imwiko has chosen to trust the enermy of the people of Barotseland for his security, but if He was the Litunga, He would have trusted His people to safeguard Him and the institutions like it used to be with the past Litungas.

13.    You Mr. Lubosi Imwiko and your Brother Inlaw Dominic Lisulo think Barotseland Kingdom is your property, but be informed that your foolishness has reached unacceptable levels to any sane people. You are no longer the Litunga of Barotseland.


All the above raised issues point to only one thing and that is to say, Lubosi Imwiko does not represent the will of the people of Barotseland, hence your legitimacy as Litunga of this Kingdom is seriously and undoubtedly questionable. It is not surprising for you Lubosi imwiko to act in this manner, because only a baby born yesterday, who doesn’t know that, you were installed as Paramount Chief of Western Province by the Zambian Government for the Zambian conveniences (to spearhead your Zambia agenda).

No wonder Micheal Chilufya Sata, the deceased Zambian President once told those that visited Him at statehouse that, “YOU COME HERE AND SAY I AM YOUR ENEMY YET YOU HAVE LEFT YOUR ACTUAL ENERMY BEHIND” who is you Mr. Lubosi Imwiko Edwin. We shouldn’t have protected you when Micheal Chilufya Sata wanted to arrest you and Rupia Bwezani Banda over the January 14th 2011 shootings and killings through the popular Roger Chongwe Commission of Inquiry.

As per standard requirement, any person holding a public office in a particular state, and loses 60% to 80% of the total population’s support, that particular individual must vacate or abdicate that particular position. This issue is in conformity with Theories of Political Science because it is a fact.


We, The Barotseland National Youth League (BNYL) an institution representing the youths who constitute over 60% of the population of Barotseland Kingdom and the views of the elderly inclusive, wish to tell you Mr. Lubosi Imwiko Edwin that you have no Legitimacy of Acting on behalf of the people of Barotseland, the Royal families and The Heirs to the Litungaship on any matters pertaining to Barotseland. An official communication is yet to be made to the International community with appended signatures.

The BNYL wishes to inform you that we are in total support of any individual, group, movements or any institution which calls for your ABDICATION OF THE THRONE because you have failed the Great and Lovely of Mother Barotseland.

Even when the Zambian government is dealing with you, THEY SHOULD KNOW that they are dealing with a mere farmer from Kabwe, a supplier of cabbages, rape and meet to Zambeef.

By BNYL National Executive Committee

Cc: Royal Barotseland Transitional Government
Cc: Linyungandambo
Cc: Barotse National Freedom Alliance (BNFA)
Cc: Barotse National Congress (BNC)
Cc: All District Kutas
Cc: File

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  • barotzish barotzish Friday, 16 October 2015

    kanti uzwaa lili fa sipula yo, Lubosi imwiko..we are tired of him

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