Lungu’s alleged continued use of money to influence Lubosi Imwiko II against his people irk Barotse

13 October 2015
File: Lubosi Imwiko II exchanging gifts with Edgar Lungu's wife recently on her visit to Limulunga Royal Palace

Reports of continued use of personal ‘bribes’ to influence  the embattled  Litunga of Barotseland, Lubosi Imwiko II, against his people by Zambia’s president Lungu has riled many Lozis who are now calling on the people of Zambia to take keen interest in what their government is doing in Barotseland.

“We wish to appeal to Zambians to take keen interest in what their Lungu led government is doing in Barotseland as huge sums of money are being spent here on Lubosi and his minions, the Indunas at the expense of development in Zambia.” charged the concerned Barotse nationals.

The entire signed statement is here below reproduced in full.


13th October 2015

It has come to our attention that the Zambian President Edgar Lungu, who for months now has been showering our embattled Litunga with bribes, has once again thrown undisclosed sums of money at the Litunga to buy off the independence struggle of Barotseland.

We, as Barotse nationals take great exception to this and demand that Lungu stops, forthwith, using the tactics he uses in Zambia of buying his way out of critical issues through bribery and Deception. We also wish to sternly warn Edwin Lubosi Imwiko II to desist from his treacherous ways of selling our liberties to his masters in Zambia. Further we seriously caution Inonge Wina to stop all these maneuvers of exchanging Barotseland for worthless kwacha.

Similarly, we wish to appeal to the people of Zambia to take keen interest in what their Lungu led government is doing in Barotseland. Huge sums of money are being spent here on Lubosi and his minions, the Indunas, at the expense of real development in Zambia.

We will not sit back if these monkey tricks don't stop. We shall seek wisdom from whoever we want in order to get rid of these stinky greedy buffoons of leaders.

Instead of concentrating on improving lives of Zambians, President Lungu is busy dishing out huge sums of money to his fellow charlatan Edwin Lubosi. We the people of Barotseland have denounced him and we have shifted camp. We will never turn back on our March 2012 BNC independence resolutions which we consider sacred, and therefore, they are final, and no single person or any other institution in Barotseland can override them apart from another BNC.

As for our great Indunas, we believe in many of you; that you still carry the wisdom of our forefathers. We believe that many of you are with we, your children, and desire their independence.

We cry out to you to stand up for your convictions.

We cry out to you to show leadership as we know it in Barotseland.

We cry out to you to defy the Lungu - Lubosi alliance and stand on the right side of history.

Barotseland is standing at the banks of the river ready to cross into the Promised Land - help lead the way by not obstructing it.


Riled Barotse Nationals

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