Linyungandambo leaders meet Ngambela, BRE's Saa Sikalo Kuta to convey gratitude for attending independence campaigner’s burial

29 August 2020
Linyungandambo Leaders pose for a photo at Limulunga Royal Courts. (L-R) Silumesi Mubita, Boris Muziba, Samuel Kalimukwa, Mubita Mubita - CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE


The Linyungandambo, Barotseland’s main independence advocates, were at the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) Limulunga Kuta on Thursday morning to officially convey their gratitude to His Majesty, The Litunga, King of Barotseland, for allowing the BRE’s active participation during the burial of Barotseland independence campaigner’s funeral and burial.

In his message of gratitude, Linyungandambo’s National Chairperson, Silumesii Mubita, thanked His Majesty King Imwiko II, the Ngambela and the entire BRE Kuta for their show of solidarity during this moment of national loss.

“On behalf of the Likando family, Linyungandambo movement, Barotseland activists and the people of Barotseland, and indeed on my own behalf, I wish to sincerely convey our overwhelming gratitude to His Majesty - the Litunga, King of Barotseland, Your Honour and through you, the entire Kuta for the love, empathy and solidarity showed to our departed gallant compatriot, Likando Pelekelo, who we put to rest on Tuesday, 18th August 2020, as well as your demonstrated support for the emancipation of Barotseland through the 2012 BNC Resolutions.”

The Linyungandambo particularly thanked the Kuta’s participation at Likando's burial, through the direct representation of two senior Induna, Induna Imandi (Namushi Nyambe) and Induna Akombelwa (Nganga Masialeti), and for awarding Likando a Moonda, a holiday by royal assignment, on the day of his burial and the day before it, which they said demonstrated a rare show of solidarity never before witnessed in recent history, and for this, the independence movement was overwhelmed with gratitude!

The Barotseland independence movement further thanked the Kuta for accepting to set aside a piece of land which will serve as a burial and memorial ground for all Barotse people who die in acts of national bravery and gallantry.

“Although we did not utilise this burial site at this time, Your Honour, the purpose and need for the Heroes Memorial Park still stands as it will serve as a memorial for those who have already sacrificed their lives for national causes and those who may depart from among us while serving national causes in future,” stated Silumesii, requesting further that the Kuta would allocate the park as soon as possible so that they could already tend and care for it as a national treasure that will preserve Barotseland’s institutional and national memory.

And addressing the Saa Sikalo Kuta, Barotseland's supreme court, which combines the Ngambela’s Mboo Kuta (Saa) and Induna Iñete’s Kuta (Sikalo), Mr Mubita and his Linyungandambo team, comprising their National Spokesperson, Samuel Kalimukwa, Private Secretary, Mubita Mubita and Barotseland National Youth League Deputy Chairperson, Boris Muziba Muziba, further appealed for continued solidarity from the BRE so that the other Barotseland leaders still in Zambian state prison would be released unconditionally.

“Your Honour, it is our humble plea and enduring hope that your Kuta will continue to stand in solidarity with Barotseland activists and the people of Barotseland in general, (now) more than before. Therefore, we sincerely pray and earnestly appeal to His Majesty, the King of Barotseland, through Barotseland's highest Kuta, to prevail over the government of Zambia at Lusaka, through the President of Zambia, Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu, to unconditionally release the surviving Barotseland campaigners who are still serving prison sentences at Mukobeko maximum prison in which Likando Pelekelo died,” Mr Mubita said in his official address to the Ngambela and the Saa Sikalo.

Mr Mubita said that they were soliciting His Majesty’s help in this regard because it was the Linyungandambo’s conviction that Afumba Mombotwa and Inambao Kalima did not commit any crime which was beyond the Zambian President’s constitutional prerogative of mercy, especially that their alleged criminality borders on publicly and internationally known Barotse history and politics which could be resolved through political and diplomatic negotiations and that the two Barotseland independence campaigners pursued their objectives through non-violent and peaceful means.

In his response, the Ngambela, His Majesty’s and Barotseland’s Prime Minister, Rt Hon Manyando Mukela, assured the Linyungandambo leaders that the BRE will stand on their commitment to ensure that the pledged parcel of land was allocated after all the necessary customary procedures were completed.

He assured them of the BRE’s continued solidarity as the Linyungandambo struggle was for all the people of Barotseland, and therefore, the Kuta would do all within its powers to ensure that the issue of those still in jail would be resolved.

In the recent past, the BRE has been accused of not showing support for Barotseland independence campaigners’ activities, but the people of Barotseland were elated when the royal establishment demonstrated a rare show of solidarity after the death of Likando Pelekelo, the Barotseland independence campaigner who died in Zambia’s state maximum prison where he was serving a 15 –year sentence for his peaceful activism in the quest for Barotseland self-determination.

His jointly condemned and fellow Barotseland campaigners, Afumba Mombotwa (60) and Inambao Kalima (59), remain at Mukobeko Prison as they continue to serve their 15 –year sentences, each with hard labour, at Zambia's most notorious state-run maximum prison in Kabwe, Central Zambia, where their lives and safety remain uncertain.

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