I HAVE A DREAM-one day Barotseland shall be free!!

29 April 2014

I have a dream,a free Barotseland shall soon be realized,it is a dream rooted in the Barotse dream.

I have a dream,one day our nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed; "we will hold these truths to be self evident because human beings are created equal."

One day our captors who are sent to rule over us will be no more in Barotseland,one day we will not be promoted to junior positions,only when we insult our parents and dishonour them! And then lose the posts after a job well done. One day we will not be threatened with arrests and threatened with treasonable charges for expressing our political views.

I have a dream one day BAROTSELAND will rise and sing its own national anthem "BULOZI FASI LA LUNA FASI LA BOND'ATALUNA",and spearhead their own democratic,equitable and self-sustained development according to their need and values.

I have a dream,one day the "Barotzish" will live in their own country where they will not be judged by identity or language but by the content of their character.

One day,every valley will be exalted and every hill and mountain will be made low,the rough places will be made plain,and the crooked will be made straight "and the glory of the lord shall be revealed and all people will see it."

For sure this is our hope,the restitution of the nation of Barotseland is inevitable for it was our Heavenly Father's creation like it was to the nation of Isreal,BAROTSELAND shall be free. Free at last!!!

Muyunda Makala, a Barotzish citizen

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