Hundreds of African- Americans trace roots back to Barotseland

22 June 2017
File: Eric Antony Sheppard, President and Founder of The Diversity Restoration Solutions (DRS) Inc. - USA

In a program called Home Coming Project to help African- Americans trace their original roots, hundreds have reportedly traced theirs back to Barotseland and are now working towards an official home coming.

The Americans, whose ancestors may have been shipped to the Americas before Barotseland’s King Mulambwa Santulu (1780 to 1830) abolished the slave trade in his kingdom, have been able to trace their ancestry back to Barotseland and are now officially working for their return home.

AND there was pomp and splendor on June 19, 2017, when Eric Antony Sheppard, the President and Founder of The Diversity Restoration Solutions (DRS) Inc. (USA) visited Mongu, Barotseland, to meet with the Barotse King, Litunga Lubosi Imwiko II and the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) over the imminent return of hundreds of African Americans back home.

In welcoming them, the BRE assured Mr. Sheppard and his entourage of the royal establishment’ s maximum support on all  their planned projects in the kingdom which will provide employment to the people of Barotseland.

The aim of the DRS President’s trip was to ignite fire in the process of restoration as the African- Americans trace their roots back to Africa under a program called Home Coming Project.

In Mongu, Sheppard held a series of meetings and also visited historical sites used as sales points for slave trade in the early 1600.

DRS is an international trade development and cultural diversity training consulting firm specialising in linking together American and African Diaspora businesses and organisations and business counterparts on the African continent through trade, commerce and cultural relationships.

DRS also provides innovative solutions to resolve 21st century global business strategy needs. DRS with the theme:  “Acknowledge Our Past and Embrace Our Future,” is spearheading a global restoration initiative concept called the Africa Homecoming Pilgrimage, which will organise the prophetic gathering and structure of the transatlantic slave trade descendants and supporters, while restoring economic relationships with Africa and fulfilling the promised destiny.

In 2019, the African diaspora in the US will commemorate their 400-year journey outside Africa.  The significance of this historical era affects the cultural, spiritual and social lives of millions of people around the world.

There is also the global economic impact of this prophetic restoration that has the potential of generating billions of dollars in a new industry that fosters new business opportunities and creates thousands of jobs globally.

SOURCES: Medias / Channelafrica

Traditional dances characterized the welcoming of Eric Antony Sheppard and his entourage in Mongu
Traditional dances characterized the welcoming of Eric Antony Sheppard and his entourage in Mongu

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