How alert Barotse youths fought for Munyinda’s rights to police bond

02 May 2017
Munyinda Munukayumbwa (23)


After a week of unlawful detention, Munyinda Munukayumbwa, arrested for criticizing president Lungu of Zambia and Litunga Lubosi Imwiko II on facebook but now implicated in a case of arson, was finally issued a 'warn and caution statement'.

Although police sources insist the young Barotse did not do anything wrong per say, they claim their hands were tied in this case as efforts to get him granted bond would prove on Friday, as reported by scores of Barotse youths that went to see him and ensure that he get his entitlement in accordance to rules of justice.

The Linyungandambo Youth League’s Chris Lubasi Kalaluka, narrates the ordeal he and other youths encountered with the police on Friday in this Barotseland Post exclusive.

“Yesterday (Friday), the Police played some time-wasting tactics —all in attempt to deny him Police bond. In the morning, they (Officer In-Charge Mayumbelo and CIO Inspector Matavu) assured us the Police bond would be prepared and signed following the return of the dealing officer, Lungu, from Lusaka.

“And so we were told to check with them around 10 AM. At 10:00 AM, however, we were told to again check around 12:00 PM. At 12:00 PM we were told to go back there at 2:30 PM as nothing had been done yet.

“At 2:30 PM, we were refereed to 4:00 PM and at 4:00 PM we realized that we had to make some demands.

“It was upon this time that we decided to confront these three seemingly panicking officers. They continued indicating that they were very much ready to issue the bond but they were waiting for instructions from their superiors.

“Then, the six of us stormed the DCIO Kang'ombe's office.

“He was very frightened and quickly pretended to be writing what he termed a 'speech' to which we interjected and demanded for his audience... Drama continued until he said he could not talk to us but CIO Matavu would instead.

“We then decided to calm down and opted to call Matavu in order for the two apparently confused officers to explain to us why they continued to deny us justice! They conversed and then gathered the courage to tell us that our brother (Munyinda) would appear in Court on Tuesday May 2, 2017 in Mongu and that it was then when we would apply for his bail.

“In short, Police bond was denied due to some ‘external forces’ behind the case.

“The Police categorically stated that Munyinda had committed no offence at all but that there was a force behind his implication into the alleged 'arson'.” END

The Barotse people are often treated inhumanely by Zambian state agents such as police and court officers whenever they face arrests over trumped up charges whose main objective is merely to instill fear in the people as Zambia continues to quell and frustrate rising calls for Barotseland self determination.

Munyinda Munukayumbwa will be in Court today, May 2, 2017 at the Mongu courts.

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