Father of Munyinda Munukayumbwa

04 June 2017
Munyinda Munukayumbwa (23) incarcerated without bail or trial over facebook post considered seditious by the Zambian regime


Munyinda Munukayumbwa, the Barotse youth who was arrested over a facebook posting, lost his father last night at his home in Mongu, while he remains incarcerated without trial or opportunity for bail over some unclear but politically motivated charge of ‘sedition’.

His father, Mwiya Munukayumbwa, was sick since November last year but his condition worsened by the fact that his son was no longer able to offer him the valuable care.

The funeral is at the family house in Lubosi compound (township) at the airport in Mongu.

Munyinda, 23, was arrested and first accused to have burnt a local court in Limulunga royal village, but when his accusers and Zambia police could not substantiate the alleged crime of ‘arson’ his charge sheet was changed to that of ‘sedition’ for allegedly having written a seditious facebook post; "I CURSE STATE HOUSE UNTIL THE ISSUE OF BAROTSELAND IS SETTLED!", in alleged reference to Zambia’s official presidential house.

In blatant abuse of his human rights and dignity, the Zambian state has denied Munyinda any bail hearing or trial for his alleged crime since his arrest and detention on 22nd April 2017, almost two months ago, while all human rights groups and churches remain silent because apparently Barotse people do not seem to enjoy same rights as other human beings in Zambia.

While they often condemn the incarceration of opposition UPND leaders and members, none seem to care about the fate of the Barotse minority in Zambia, who unfortunately, continue to suffer untold misery and persecution at the hand of successive Zambian regimes in connection with the defunct pre-independence Barotseland Agreement of 1964, which the Kenneth Kaunda led government unilaterally abrogated in 1969.

Successive Zambian governments repeatedly rejected periodic Barotse appeals to have the pre-independence agreement honored until March of 2012 when they unanimously elected to pursue self-determination outside of Zambia, a move that has seen the Barotse suffer heavy reprisals from the Zambian government.

Had the pre-independence agreement been honored, Barotseland would have self-determination within the republic of Zambia in shared sovereignty as a ‘unitary’ state, but Kenneth Kaunda rejected the notion of having a nation within a nation, a situation that currently exists in progressive countries like Tanzania, Canada, United Kingdom and several others.

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