Edgar Lungu will be held responsible if Barotse prisoner Kalima dies in jail – BTG

09 November 2017
Inambao Sylvester Kalima (56) - Barotse political prisoner critically sick from suspected food poisoning in Zambian jail


The Barotseland Transitional Government (BTG) has warned that should Inambao Sylvester Kalima die in prison, Zambian president Edgar Lungu will personally be held responsible for his death and any other consequential action that would follow as a result.

The warning has followed latest intelligence reports that Kalima’s health has deteriorated even further after his discharge from Kasama General Hospital last month, but the prison authorities have allegedly been instructed not to admit him for further medical care for fear of the press.

Kalima (56) has suffered ill health since last year’s suspected food poisoning incident which happened at Mwembeshi state prison before he and his fellow Barotse prisoners were respectively and suddenly transferred to Kasama, Luwingu and Mbala state prisons far from the reach of their families, friends and colleagues.

Mr. Tapelo Imasiku, the spokesperson within the Afumba Mombotwa established transitional government has further confirmed that Kalima is no longer able to walk but relies on the aid of a wheelchair due to bad health, and yet the prison authorities continue to deny him proper medical care.

“Our intelligence sources have revealed that Hon. Kalima now uses a wheelchair, but has been denied further medical care because the prison authorities have been ordered not to take him back to hospital to avoid the public knowing how sick he has become.

“We, however, wish to categorically warn president Lungu that should Kalima die in prison, he as president will be personally held responsible because he has had enough chance and opportunity to set Kalima and his colleagues free from their bogus imprisonment over a matter he knows his government is entirely culpable by their unilateral abrogation of the 1964 pre-independence Barotseland agreement that sought to incorporate Barotseland and its citizens as an integral part of Zambia,” warned the BTG official.

Meanwhile, Mr. Imasiku has called on the Church, Human rights watchdogs and International community to begin to pay particular attention to the plight of the three Barotse prisoners in Zambian jails before their incarceration sparks undesirable reactions from the largely frustrated Barotse nationals.

Kalima Inambao is one of the three Barotse prisoners currently serving ten year jail sentences in Zambia for their role in implementing the March 2012 Barotse National Council unanimous resolutions for an independent Barotseland.

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