Don’t think people of Barotseland have forgotten about Barotse issue - Mitete MP Mutelo tells Zambian government

21 November 2017
Barotse people often suffer heavy state reprisals for talking about the defunct Barotseland Agreement 1964


Mitete constituency UPND Member of Parliament Misheck Mutelo on Friday morning told parliament that the Zambian government should not think the people of Barotseland have forgotten about the Barotseland issue or that the matter was quite.

Contributing to debate on the 2018 budget for the Human Rights Commission, Mutelo warned that the Zambian government may be keeping quite over the Barotseland matter but it will come back one day even if it takes years.

But Second Deputy Speaker of parliament Mwimba Malama attempted to curtail Mutelo’s debate pointing out that the Barotseland issue he was raising had no relevance to the human rights being debated.

‘Honourable member debating, your statement on Barotse is hanging and its becoming very difficult for the Chair to connect whether really it’s something to do with human rights which vote we are looking at,’ Deputy Speaker Malama asked.

Mutelo however responded by asking Malama whether he had forgotten that there was the Barotseland issue in Zambia and whether the same issue was not known, further reminding him that currently there are people incarcerated in prison over the same issue.

He pointed out that it was well known that the human rights of the people of Barotseland have been violated since 1964. Mutelo then asked Malama if the Barotseland issue he was debating was still hanging. Malama responded by threatening to curtail his debate should he continue questioning him.

Mutelo winded up his debate by stating that those who are violating other peoples’ rights should know that records of their actions are being kept by the people - ZAMBIAN WATCHDOG

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