Dates for the 2018 Kuomboka not yet set – BRE

15 March 2018

The Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) has refuted social media reports purporting that this year’s Kuomboka will be held on the 7th of April.

Ngambela Nyambe Mwenda, appearing on Zambia's national broadcaster, ZNBC, Yesterday (Wednesday) said that it was not true that this year’s Kuomboka ceremony will take place on April 7th because the date for Kuomboka had yet been set.

He has, therefore, called for calm and asked the public to treat the reported date as 'Fake News' because only he, as the traditional prime minister, had the mandate to announce the date for the Kuomboka.

And Ngambela Mwenda has advised those misusing social media to refrain from misleading the masses as such misinformation reflected badly on the BRE.

The Ngambela said the Kuomboka is an international event which must be respected.

Meanwhile, Induna Imandi has called on well-wishers to come on board and offer logistical and material support towards the successful hosting of the ceremony.

Earlier in the week, some named social media outlets in Barotseland and Zambia had reported that Barotseland’s premier annual festival would take place on the 7th of April 2018.

The ceremony has no specific set date but is held on a day deemed auspicious by the traditional and royal authority during the flooding season.

‘Kuomboka’ is a Lozi word which literally means ‘getting out of water’, and more specifically, the movement of the Barotse monarch from the flooded lower land Royal Capital of Lealui to the Summer Capital in the drier upper land of Limulunga.

During the voyage and ceremony, thousands of people and media houses from all over the world gather at both royal palaces to follow the spectacular proceedings, clad in the traditional and national dress, the Musisi for women and Siziba for Men, amidst various cultural dance performances such as the Liwale for women and Ngomalume for men.

Other cultural dances are displayed at the Namoo (Royal ground before the Litunga) to entertain the audience such as the Makishi and a lot more.

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