COMMUNIQUE: A unity of purpose will hasten Barotseland Independence actualization

11 January 2019

The people of Barotseland must unite in their call for total independence as only through a unity of purpose would the nation actualize the 2012 Barotse National Council (BNC) Barotseland independence declaration!

Thus far, the Zambian government has managed to slow Barotseland’s quest for self-determination by mounting a calculated divisive strategy that has seen Barotseland divided, mainly through the spread of rumours and fake intelligence reports that independence activists plan to abolish the monarchy soon after they achieve total independence!

It was, in fact, these false rumours that tended to make the King and the Barotse Royal Establishment, BRE, reluctant to join Barotse nationals pushing for Barotseland independence, having been deceived by the Zambian government that independence would spell the end of the monarchy!

However, to put it on record one more time, there is no single individual or organization in Barotseland who is advocating the abolishment of the monarchy or plotting to usurp the authority of the Litunga, King of Barotseland because the nation and the Litunga are forever one.

In fact, the very term ‘Litunga’ means ‘land’ or ‘nation’ in Barotseland.

We are aware, and it is now public knowledge, that these malicious and divisive rumours were spread mostly by known District Commissioners (DCs) representing the Zambian state through fake periodic intelligence briefings supplied to the Litunga and his Kuta at Limulunga BRE, and were intended to destroy the unity of purpose displayed during the March 2012 supreme Barotse National Council, BNC, that unanimously and unilaterally declared Barotseland independence from Zambia, knowing that a people united in their pursuit would achieve anything they wished while a divided people would easily be defeated!

As Barotseland’s very history will tell that each time the Kingdom was divided, interlopers and invaders would easily defeat the nation and it would always take unity of purpose to restore the Kingdom after those turbulent times!

In 1830, the Kingdom, then under Aluyi Kings, got divided after succession wrangles. Consequently, a band of united Kololo warriors under Sebitwane from the South easily colonised the kingdom in a rule that lasted over thirty years until the Barotse united under Sepopa to restore the dynasty!

Very recently in 1963, leading up to Zambia’s political independence from Britain in 1964, Barotseland could not successfully bid for separate independence from Britain primarily because the Barotse were once again divided under the advance of African nationalism!

While the King wanted separate independence, some Barotse elite hoodwinked the majority with lofty ideals of African nationalism and enslaved Barotseland to Zambia. However, it would later emerge that these elites merely sought new political power in Zambia to settle scores with the King of Barotseland, Sir Mwanawina III, KBE, who they accused of causing the demise of the previous King and his Ngambela in 1948.

Notwithstanding the bad examples of the past, a unity of purpose, such as was exhibited by the entire nation in 2012 when the Barotse unanimously declared Barotseland’s total independence, would most definitely hasten independence!

Therefore, it is now gratifying to note that the BRE has realized that the periodic intelligence information given to them by the Zambian state against the Barotse citizens advocating Barotseland independence was actually deliberate concoctions of the Zambian state to easily keep the Barotse community largely divided, thereby, derailing the actualization of Barotseland independence.

The nation must further be relieved to know that the BRE is now aware that it is, in fact, the Zambian state that is financing and sponsoring even the sporadic and isolated ethnic and political divisions and rebellion among some Barotse with a view to not only undermine the authority of the Litunga but to also divide and conquer Barotseland!

Perhaps it was important that the BRE and the Litunga, who were largely still aligned with the Zambian state, discovered on their own that the rebellion by a clique of Nkoya and Mbunda communities in some counties is actually sponsored by the hypocritical Zambian state as the Royal Establishment eventually realised and publicly decried in their last press briefing of the year 2018!

Most certainly, this realisation now sets a new era of unity going forward so that we can together push for the actualization of our set goals towards independence!

Sadly, however, we are aware that some two named Limulunga BRE indunas have continued to collaborate with the Zambian state, trying to persuade the Litunga and the BRE to continue working against the wishes of the people! We wish to sternly caution these two rebellious indunas and others that may wish to follow their lead, that they will not win against the tide of change. Mulonga wa Bulozi (BRE) exists only to carry out the aspirations of the people and the nation and not to seek personal gain! If they cannot work for the people, they should forthwith resign as their ill-gotten financial rewards from the Zambian government will not save them when posterity demands an account of their conduct!

Therefore, to prevent further intrusion by those that seek to divide us through misinformation and mistruths, we intended to once again intensify our information sharing, especially revisiting some of the progressive developments that have so far occurred, and educate the nation on what the Barotseland independence struggle is really about.

As such, we will in a couple of days begin to educate the nation on what Barotseland government structures look like, now and post-independence, to curtail further deceit from the Zambian State! This way, the nation will understand what the role of the institution of the Litunga and other institutions of government will be in independent Barotseland!

Other issues to be tackled are what will become of the current BRE and many other intricate systems of governance Barotseland will pursue post-independence, including development news and the many strategies being pursued to restore the Kingdom of Barotseland!

In a nutshell, we wish to assure all Barotse nationals that the pursuit for Barotseland independence is very much alive, and it is now reaching a very interesting phase! Therefore, not to miss this information and much more, we urge all to ‘like’and ‘follow’ this media platform and many other Barotse media platforms which are involved in sharing Barotseland information!

As a matter of policy, and to avoid any misinformation, all official government news will continue to be disseminated through Barotseland Post who will, in turn, share the news with all other Barotse media who we must commend for tirelessly working to inform the Barotse community and the world about developments in Barotseland.

May God continue to bless our great nation!

Litunga ni Lyetu!

Office of the Administrator General,

Royal Barotseland Government (RBG) / Barotseland Transitional Government (BTG)

6th January 2019

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