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it is an Africa Day, yet we still have political prisoners held by fellow Africans. what a shame! we preach what we don't practice. yesterday we complained of the white oppressors, it made sense, they were not part of us, but what must we say today when our own are worse than those we thought were our arch enemies. before Northern Rhodesia now Zambia was Barotseland is, the government of Barotseland was there long before the arrival the Europeans. on the other hand, Zambian government was formed with the assistance of the Europeans. where is the problem, that Zambian government don't want to hear someone talking about Lozi affairs? it is his excellence former president of Zambia who betrayed the Barotse people, it is him who must be in prison not Lozis. it doesn't matter how long it will take, the longest journey has its end, the people shall govern. free all prisoners now, free Barotseland now.