BRE considers appointing more women Indunas, installs Mukenani Muziba as new Imbwae

16 March 2017
Ms Ireen Muyenga (L) and Ms Nelly Mutti (R)


The Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) has appointed Mukenani Muziba as Induna Imbwae replacing Nabiwa Imikendu who has been embattled since his dismissal in 2007. Mukenani Muziba, like Nabiwa Imikendu, hails from Ikatulwamwa Village who are the holders of the title of Induna Imbwae.

Nabiwa Imikendu is among the four Lozi traditionalists that have sued the Litunga Lubosi Imwiko II for alleged gross incompetence and abuse of authority.

Ever since his dismissal in 2007, Imikendu and his sympathizers have argued that he (Imikendu) cannot be replaced or fired while he is still alive according to some 'Lozi tradition'.

However, the BRE have clarified that even Induna Imbwae can be replaced, dead or alive, if he grossly misconducts himself, and that they have done it (replaced him) in order to ensure tradition continues – and they are probably right because, although some BRE Indunas enjoy operational independence, no single Induna is really indispensable in Barotse governance and culture. Even the Litunga can technically be dethroned and replaced when grounds so merit!

Last month BRE’s Induna Imandi took a swipe at Imikendu and others for initiating litigation against the Litunga on account of their alleged personal differences with Lubosi Imwiko II.

“..he (Imikendu) was holding a senior position in the BRE and he misdirected himself, therefore, he was fired and now he is feeling (like) there is nobody who can become Imbwae except himself. What is so special about him? If he were special, he wouldn’t have done that wrong…

“They (Imikendu and others suing the Litunga) look like they are fighting for the people when in actual fact, they are doing it for (the) individual interests they have. They have done quite a number of bad things themselves (gross misconduct), which have discredited them and they think they can come back into the system by making all these allegations (against Litunga Lubosi Imwiko II), which are baseless. The Litunga has done totally nothing wrong,” he said and as quoted in Zambia’s popular newspaper, The Mast.

Mukenani Muziba’s installation as Induna Imbwae took place in Lealui capital yesterday, 15th March 2017. Other Indunas also installed earlier last week were Induna Kaanda and Induna Akashambatwa.

Induna Akashambatwa of Imwambo and Induna Kaanda of Makono work together with Induna Imbwae of Ikatulwamwa and Induna Soondo of Mbanikelako to preside and carryout the enthronement rituals of the Litunga of Barotseland.

However, to correct current and ongoing misinformation that Imbwae is the 'King maker', emphasis must here be made that Imbwae and his team of Indunas are not the ‘King makers’. The real ‘King Makers’ are a special Electoral College, which has membership drawn from across Barotseland which performs that responsibility on behalf of the entire nation. On the other hand, Imbwae’s role is similar to that of a 'Chief Justice' in the inauguration process of a president, in which while the people are the ones that elect the president through a presidential election and/or an Electoral College in the USA, the chief Justice merely presides and carries out the inauguration rituals.

In the case of Barotseland, therefore, the members of the Electoral College are the real ‘King Makers’ on behalf of the people. Induna Imbawe and his team are not members of the Electoral College of Barotseland.

Conversely, just like the Chief Justice cannot seek to impeach the president but that only the people, through their elected representatives (parliament or national assembly) can, so it is in Barotseland. Induna Imbwae cannot seek to dethrone the Litunga, as that can only be done by the people through the Electoral College (King Makers).

This is Imikendu’s current predicament, and the BRE were quick to issue a stern warning to the new Imbwae (Mukenani Muziba) not to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor, Imikendu Nabiwa, who thought he could rise up against his appointing authority.

Meanwhile, Social media BBN has reported that more Indunas will soon be installed to fill all vacant positions in the BRE, among them, Induna Inete, Induna Kololo, Induna Imukondo, Induna Inyamawina, Induna Ikambwa, Induna Mwana-Mutumwa and possibly the Natamoyo and a substantive Ngambela (Traditional Prime Minister).

The social media group has further reported that the Litunga is also considering the appointment of more women as Indunas after appointing the first woman Induna, former Managing Director at Zambia State Insurance Corporation (ZISC) and now CEO at Savenda Insurance Ltd Ms Ireen Muyenga last year.

Ms Ireen Muyenga is the honorable Induna Inunde in charge of foreign affairs.

According to BBN other women to be considered for BRE Indunaship are; prominent lawyer and entrepreneur, Ms Nelly Mutti, medical doctor based in Australia but returning home, Mrs. Lungowe Munalula as well as prominent lawyer Mrs Mwangala Zaloumis.

BRE is said to be transforming the operations of its executive in order to allow for the participation of all citizens of Barotseland, although critics are now seeing this latest action as a desperate move to pacify discontented Barotse nationals and possibly invalidate Imikendu’s allegations in the ongoing Litunga litigation.


Mwangala Zaloumis
Mwangala Zaloumis


Lungowe Kamuwanga Munalula
Lungowe Kamuwanga Munalula

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