BNFA aligned youth movement Barotse Imilema (BIs) suspends 8 of its members?

21 February 2015

Barotse Imilemas, BIs, the youth wing of the Barotse Freedom Alliance BNFA, is currently embroiled in internal wrangles with one faction suspending 8 of its key members on allegations that they recently visited State House in Lusaka. It is also reported that the 8 accused received undisclosed amount of money from some Zambian government officials during their visit to Lusaka to frustrate the independence struggle of Barotseland internally. The BNFA aligned social media BBN, Mongu based Radio Lyambai and the Zambian privately owned MUVI TV have all reported that the eight were suspended after it was discovered that they were involved in clandestine meetings with Lusaka administration and selling of Barotseland privileged information.

Announcing the news of their suspension today (20th February 2015), the eight have been accused of been involved in selling information to GRZ (Government of the Republic of Zambia), and holding private meetings. They (BI) have said that this suspended team was actually in Lusaka twice, holding meetings at state house without their consent, BBN reports.

According to BBN the suspended people have been receiving money and pretending to be fighting for the independence of Barotseland when in fact not. Among the suspended are named as the out-spoken Muyunda Makala, Mushokabanji Wamuwi, Anthony Sinonge, Situmba Lyamba, Brian Simataa and Mutemwa Pumulo and two others, all from Kamulanga branch.

On further investigation, BBN reports that their findings were that the suspended group was actually in Lusaka for meetings under the auspices and in accompaniment of some top BNFA leadership over matters related to the AGAPE ASSOCIATES who proposed the RESTORATION of the defunct Barotseland Agreement of 1964 last year. BBN further reports that the Agape Associates conflict international team met in Lusaka last month. The AGAPE Associates group had offered and proposed to mediate between the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) and Zambian Government last year, the time when the late Zambian president Michael Sata was about to hold a national meeting with Litunga and resolve the impasse by way of RESTORING the defunct Barotseland Agreement 1964 as an alternative to TOTAL independence of Barotseland, a proposal that was strongly reject by the leading Barotseland independence advocates and more radicalized Linyungandambo movement and others. The proposed plans also failed to proceed due to the illness and demise of the Zambian leader.

Meanwhile, the suspended group has today ‘rubbished’ their reported suspensions calling it ‘fake’ and ‘malicious’ work of some ‘sponsored’ individuals who wish to bring the BI name into disrepute.

“No one has been suspended or expelled from the BI organization. The BI leadership is intact and perfectly working well and still remains under the Umbrella of Barotse National Freedom Alliance (BNFA)” said Jason Situmbaeto speaking in his capacity as national chairman.

The BNFA, under the chairmanship of Hon. Clement Sinyinda, is an alliance of some Barotseland liberation movements, although it lacks the official support of the major liberation movement Linyungandambo who are instead backing the Afumba Mombotwa led transitional Barotseland government.

There has been recent calls for the BNFA to disband and instead join in support of the transitional government in line with the 27th March 2012 independence declaration. The BNFA has often been accused of supporting an agenda towards the RESTORATION of the defunct Barotseland Agreement of 1964 rather than the total independence of Barotseland as declared by the 2012 BNC because of their their refusal to participate and support the transitional government headed by the now incarcerated Barotseland Administrator General Hon. Afumba Mobotwa.

Se here below the entire press release refuting the reported suspensions as well as the MUVI TV news report on the wrangles:


Please note that the reported suspension of some members of the Barotse Imilemas (BIs),from the BI executive committee is fake and malicious. The reported news on Facebook and MUVI TV was not from the BI executive committee, but done by some sponsored individuals who are not BIs but serving the interest of our enemy Zambia, with an agenda to bring the BI name into disrepute, undermine and destroy the BI organization.

No one has been suspended or expelled from the BI organization.

The BI leadership is intact and perfectly working well and still remains under the Umbrella of Barotse National Freedom Alliance (BNFA),coordinating the implementation of the sovereign resolutions of March 2012 Barotse National Council (BNC) in the pacific Manner.

Jason Situmbaeto- National Chairperson

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