BEAUTIFUL BAROTSELAND: Your November Lozi Pictures

04 December 2016
This picture was taken along the Mongu Sesheke road, around Lusu area Muyunda Makala


For the month of November, we featured three pictures that simply showcase the diverse beauty of Barotseland shared by Barotse nationals or visitors who love Barotseland.

Enjoy them as you prepare to send us your own absolute Lozi Picture to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

MUYUNDA MAKALA: Mongu Sesheke road, Lusu area.

The first featured, and also chosen as the cover picture, was shared by Muyunda Makala, a Barotseland enthusiast, who along with it shared the Luyana Liloko (poetic phrase), 'Lyondo lya ñuwa lya si lila ñeke lya mei bebi lya mulilo kuule, Lyondo no kuondomana si cima mungonda', which simply means “Barotseland, the world of much beauty; where the sound of the child is heard, and where water is near fire - the world of tranquility, where the heart finds joy and there peace dwells!”

This picture was taken along the Mongu Sesheke road, around Lusu area.

MUBIANA MATT: Namakai beach in Mongu, Barotseland.

The second featured picture was shared by Mubiana Matt of University of Barotseland in Mongu, and was simply titled ‘Thinking about going home!'

Namakai beach in Mongu, Barotseland
This is a picture of Namakai beach, in Mongu, Barotseland shared by Mubiana Matt, a student at the University of Barotseland


ERICH LUBASI AKAKANDELWA: Barotse Tiger Fish locally known as Ngweshi!

The third featured picture was shared by Erich Lubasi Akakandelwa of Livingstone and was titled “You can take a Barotse away from Barotseland but you can never take Barotseland away from a Barotse.” The picture shows the rich fish stock of Barotseland.

Barotse Tiger Fish locally known as Ngweshi!
In picture is Erich holding his catch, the Barotse Tiger Fish locally known as Ngweshi! The picture was taken somewhere in Mwandi area of Sesheke, Barotseland.


The three pictures are currently trending, enjoying decent amounts of social media reaction in ‘likes’,  ‘shares’ and ‘comments’ .

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  • Kasonde Chanda Kasonde Chanda Sunday, 04 December 2016

    Western province is such a beautiful place I can't forget those memories in 90's during the kuomboka ceremony heading to Lealui from mongu harbor. Blue gum area was my favorite playing spot I remember we would go fishing around that catching sigongi a very tasty fish.

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