Barotsepost Partners with BHRBM for the Promotion of Barotse Arts, Music and Culture

30 June 2014

In a continued effort to highlight and promote the social cultural and political aspirations of the people of Barotseland, Barotsepost (this publication) has forged a partnership with a locally based and social media magazine Barotse Hiphop and Rnb Magazine (BHRBM). With this partnership our readership will be exposed to the musical arts and culture of Barotseland, detailing the efforts of Barotseland based as well as internationally based artists, who are working hard to produce works of art and entertainment, especially music, so that the Barotseland music, arts and entertainment industry can not only bud but also flourish.

“As a dynamic and growing media platform we hope that we can do our bit to promote the budding but rich arts, cultural, music and entertainment industry of Barotseland.” Said Sibeta Mundia of the Barotsepost editorial team.

This partnership will also mean that works of art and music identified and sourced by BHRBM will also be played and featured on Radio Barotseland (currently internet based) as well as Barotse TV which will launch as soon as possible. Artist profiles, recording studios, cultural groups and all entertainment houses contributing to the growth of the industry in Barotseland will have a chance to be advertised and featured on Barotsepost and all its associated media platforms.

Meanwhile, BHRBM in an article on why Barotseland music industry needed promotion had this to say:

The Music industry in Barotseland.


Entertainment in Barotseland is on the rise with youths showcasing their skills. Those blessed with the talent have realized their duty of feeding their motherland with the entertainment they need rather than relying on Zambia, whose Entertainment Industry has continued to favour mostly two tribes out of many tribes the nation has.

Every Nation need to be entertained, this is why Barotseland has not remained behind as far as art is concerned. The main form of art in Barotseland currently is "Music."

The history of Music in Barotseland can be dated back to the times of Frank Mukanwa, and many legendary artists of the early 21st century when Traditional Musical Bands like Barotse Band came to the scene. Barotse Band is believed to have paved a way for artists such as the now legendary ‘Professor’ Mungunda, Natalui Band, Tuyana Musica and many others.

However, folk music is slowly fading. This is because the new generation has embraced urban music with Hiphop, RnB, and Dance-hall becoming favorite genres. This type of music has continued to receive positive response from different age groups, particularly the youths. Since positive change should always be accepted, it is the duty of every patriotic Barotse citizen to support the movement. Therefore, Barotse Hiphop and Rnb Magazine is making efforts to promote this ‘Mbunga’ music as music promotion still remains a challenge in Barotseland.

Every region in Barotseland has its own music stars, however the following are some of the biggest names in the Industry; Jah Boy from Mongu, Arube from Mongu, Bling Gee from Kaoma, Mumble jumble from Kaoma, Mwali Ginx Senanga, B-boy from Kalabo, Mutumba Libeke from Sesheke as male artists with Females artists like; Kassy Nalu, Lady mooka, Momo Diva, T-girl and City girl all from Mongu and many others.

Producers on the other hand are doing everything possible to bring the best sounds to our motherland. There are some notable big names to the music production sector already with good and creative producers such as; Radikoh of Dollaz Entertainment, Trex Tripo of Foxbark music (Kaoma), Rapid-x of Mega Sounds (Mongu) Prince of Sunrise (Mongu), Young killa of Mbunga Records (Kalabo) Dj wazz of Imac music (Kaoma), Mutumba Libeleki of Aluyana Records( Sesheke) and many more.

Music as art can be used as a unitary tool in Barotseland if much effort is done to promote it. Therefore Barotse Hiphop and Rnb Magazine urge all Barotseland citizens to come on board and help promote Mbunga music.

We, therefore, wish to thank Barotsepost and its team for having identified BHRBM for this partnership. We can only hope and pray that it is a partnership that will bring great joy and happiness to many in Barotseland and beyond.

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Barotse Hiphop and Rnb Magazine (BHRBM)

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