Barotseland Youths Urged to Stand Up and Affirm Barotseland Sovereignty

12 August 2014

As the Royal Barotseland Government winds up its programs leading to the end of Zambia’s illegal occupation of Barotseland, we wish to advise that the Colonizer, Zambia’s activities are erroneous, illegal, intimidating, false, misleading, null, void and misplaced, and as such must not discourage us from lawfully functioning as a Nation State awaiting full International Cooperation.

The recent illegal arrests, detention and erroneous sentencing of our gallant, noble and visionary heroes and leaders of our political struggle honorable Boris Muziba, Mwenda Nayoto, and Sikwibele Wasilota, who are Barotseland National Youth League officials as well as government functionaries, must not deter us from achieving our TOTAL INDEPENDENCE. It is now a well known fact that Northern Rhodesia (Zambia) is not only an illegal and failed ‘unitary’ experiment, but also a Satanic State!

Therefore, as a Royal Barotseland Government Official who by political affiliation belongs to the Barotseland National Youth League, I wish to categorically emphasize the following factual points of history;

1. Barotseland as a Nation existed long before Northern Rhodesia (modern Zambia) was dreamt of.

2. Barotseland’s most famous and prominent King Lubosi Liwanika signed treaties that led to the birth of Northern Rhodesia. In short, Barotseland is the ‘Grandmother’ of the ‘stubborn Girl’ by the name of Zamb(ez)ia!

3. Northern Rhodesia (which rejuvenated to Zambia), being a plastic State, bore the name of its Father, Cecil John Rhodes while Barotseland is a natural and organic nation and acclaim only God (Nyambe) to be its Principal Founder, Protector and Defender.

4. Barotseland was and still is a peaceful and democratic Kingdom Nation whereas Northern Rhodesia is a draconian and lawless Republic.

5. Barotseland was a British Protectorate while Northern Rhodesia (Zambia) was a British Colony: a Protectorate and a Colony, however one probably wishes or thinks, are—regrettably—not one and the same thing!

6. Barotseland was not part of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland: for how could a Protectorate enjoying full legal protection enshrined in the various International treaties be a part of the Federation of Colonies? That is mere wishful thinking! Those with arguments should refer to the 1953 Northern Rhodesia Order-in-Council.

7. Barotseland had and still has a far much different yet democratic governance system from that of Northern Rhodesia (Zambia).

8. Barotseland signed the BAROTSELAND AGREEMENT 1964 in Great Britain with Northern Rhodesia as an economic ‘partnership’ treaty replacing the diverse previous Concessions between Barotseland and the Great Britain, and not as a union treaty: for there was no mention in the Barotseland Agreement 1964 for the dissolution of the Barotse government Systems but rather that the Litunga and his Barotse government would still be in charge of the Barotseland territory within the new republic of Zambia.

9. BAROTSELAND AGREEMENT 1964 never entered into force because it was unilaterally abrogated by the Northern Rhodesian Parliament partly in 1965 and fully in 1969.

10. The ‘unitary’ nature of Zambia was a declaration not a law; therefore, it is illegal!

11. If BAROTSELAND + NORTHERN RHODESIA through BA1964 = ZAMBIA, then without the BA1964 we can simply say: ZAMBIA – BAROTSELAND = NORTHERN RHODESIA. This is the simplest explanation of this scenario especially after Barotseland accepted the spiteful unilateral abrogation of that International treaty at the 2012 Barotse National Council.

12. Barotseland was deprived of its Sovereignty and its Nationhood arbitrarily by the Zambian Government, including the right to existence. Grave atrocities have been committed to the general populace of Barotseland. Hence the need for reversion.

13. Barotseland, as a lawful Nation, peacefully declared total Independence firstly on the 8th of September, 2011 under its current Administrator General, His Excellency: Rt. Hon. Kenny Mombotwa Afumba and Zambia did not legally react internationally to challenge that Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI).

14. Barotseland suffered injustice at the hands of the Occupier (Zambia) and had its (Barotzish) citizens massacred on January 14th, 2011. This is the major reason why the Royal Barotseland Independence struggle could not be reversed by anybody.

15. Barotseland held a historic Barotseland National Council (BNC) in 2012 which sought to legally accept the termination of a valid international treaty, BA1964, and to confirm the 2011 Afumba Declaration of Independence.

16. Barotseland made its people driven Emancipation Order 2012 (Royal Barotseland Kingdom’s Transitional Constitution) approved and signed for by over 20,000 indigenous Barotzish Citizens as per international requirement on Statehood. It is just over a thousand signatures that are required.

17. Barotseland is reflected in many early World Atlases. Many of the super powers know what Barotseland has been and currently is. We have our international identity already because we have been operating on an international scale way before 1964.

18. Barotseland formed the Royal Barotseland Government on August 14, 2013 and His Excellency Rt. Hon. K. Afumba Mombotwa took Oath of Office as the Administrator General of Barotseland, and he subsequently announced his Cabinet publicly on the 15th August 2013.

19. Barotseland attained international recognition as a Sovereign State on the 3rd and 4th October, 2013 by the Federation of Free States of Africa (FFSA) and the Union of Free States (UNFS), respectively. And after that the other recognition by the Unrepresented Nations and People’s Organization (UNPO) on 1st January, 2014. Barotseland consequently became a Member State of these International Organizations.

20. In March 2014, United States’ Secretary of State, Rt. Hon. John Kerry mentioned in his 2013 Country Reports of the existence of the Royal Barotseland Government. That on its own is implied recognition.

21. Barotseland has its media; Radio Barotseland and The Barotseland Post. All of which operate on an international scale, 24 hours’ service.

22. Barotseland signed about 48 treaties with the Great Britain but:

  • Was  never a British Province;
  • Was never ruled by Britain; and
  • That did not turn the Barotzish into British Citizens.
  • How could we, therefore, accept to be Zambians by the Agreement (BA’64) that never even entered into force?
  • How special is Northern Rhodesia’s claim over us and our territory without the BA1964?

Please, these above points are evidence that legally and rationally, Barotseland is FREE! This, however, does not mean we must sit by and calmly watch the enemy (Northern Rhodesia) carry out her illegal and provocative activities in our land. No!

Therefore, this is a wake-up call to all those who have not been living up to their potential, either for fear of being arrested by the illegally occupying forces or for the lack of patriotism. If ever there has been a suitable time for the youth to face the foreign law enforcement agencies defiantly head on, it has never been more appropriate than now!

We must also understand that Barotseland is not Northern Rhodesia, and Barotseland is not ‘western province’ but that in fact ‘western province’ is just a small part of Barotseland. The two, therefore, do not mean one and the same thing.

Finally, we must all unite and continue the fight against forced assimilation of Royal Barotseland by these lawbreakers in the name of Zambians. This is our one and only Barotseland, and we, therefore, should cherish, defend and be proud of it!

Long live the gallant men and women leading these foreigners out of our Motherland.


Chris Lubasi wa Luzongo
BNYSC National Secretary,
Department of Youth and Sport
Royal Barotseland Government.

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