Barotseland should stay away from Zambia's ongoing and imminent elections - Lubasi Lubasi

30 October 2014


The unfolding circumstance s in Zambia should be watched keenly, not that Barotseland is in any way interested in participating in the resultant elections or in who will lead Zambia following President Sata’s death but because we are dealing with people who are bent on keeping us within Zambia at all cost.

Despite having resolved to accept Zambia’s abrogation of the Barotseland Agreement 1964, Zambians have continued to act as if all was normal by imposing their administration and even conducting useless by-elections in Barotseland in the recent past.

With Zambia about to hold presidential elections within three months, a clear message must be communicated not only to the Zambian government but to all competing Zambian political parties that we do not need them to campaign in Barotseland as that is tantamount to campaigning in a foreign country.


Barotseland resolved to leave the failed unitary system with Zambia in 2012 and those who pretend not to know this fact will do so at their own peril.

There is no message that Zambian politicians can bring to Barotseland apart from that which attempts to continue holding Barotseland within the failed state of Zambia.

The only message that the people of Barotseland can entertain is on the disengagement from Zambia and this does not require politicians to come and campaign in Barotseland.

Time when Zambian politicians used to come to cheat people in Barotseland that they would restore the Barotseland Agreement if elected in office is long gone, and any politician who tries to do this is disrespecting the 2012 Barotse National Council (BNC) resolutions.

Should the Zambians force their elections on Barotseland then Namuso should mobilize the people throughout Barotseland to stay away from the foreign elections because participating would send a message that we are still interested in being part of Zambia.

Sensitization of our people should start now at all levels while the Zambians are still mourning their President. This should not in any way be viewed as being disrespectful because Barotseland has nothing to do with Zambian internal matters but merely reacting to Zambia’s actions in Barotseland.

Meanwhile we wish to deliver our heartfelt condolences to our Zambian brothers and sisters on the loss of their president Michael Chilufya Sata who died in London on the 28th of October 2014.

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