Barotseland records its first three suspected cholera cases in known history

14 January 2018
A UNICEF sponsored Cholera treatment centre in Lusaka, Zambia.


As rightly observed by the Ngambela last week, the cholera epidemic currently ravaging Zambia has now crossed Barotseland’s borders with three cases recorded in Kaoma and Senanga respectively in the past one week.

The victims in all case recorded so far are reported to be Zambian traders coming from the plagued nation’s capital, Lusaka, on their routine trading activities in Barotseland.

The first case was recorded on January 7th 2018, when a suspected cholera infected Zambian trader was admitted to Kaoma district hospital for treatment, while two others were recorded in Senanga on the 12th January 2018. Both patients are reportedly receiving treatment at Senanga District hospital bringing the total number of recorded cholera case in Barotseland to three (3), so far.

Last week, the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE), through their traditional prime minister, Ngambela Nyambe Mwenda, were concerned and appealed to the Zambian government to urgently consider setting up a health checkpoint at Mumbwa to prevent the spread of the acute diarrheal disease to Barotseland, given the frequent business and social interaction between Lusaka and Mongu.

Barotseland had never recorded any cases of the disease in its entire known history before now, with many Barotse hoping that the epidemic will not spread further in the kingdom.

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